We already posted one freebie alert, but consider this what could be your last warning to download the fantastic RTS, Autumn Dynasty [$1.99] as the sequel just hit the New Zealand App Store. If things work how they usually do, this means we'll be knee-deep in Autumn Dynasty Warlords in less than twelve hours at 11:00 PM Eastern for $6.99.

Warlords sounds like a great sequel, featuring 4X RTS gameplay, promising "more than 100 hours" worth. Additionally, the campaign is non-linear which is always a favorite feature of mine in any game. Oh, and, there's randomly generated maps so you can play the game forever.

The developers have posted a video walking players through the game:

Here's the NZ iTunes link if you're in a region where the game is live, but, in the meantime you can hop in our forum thread where people are discussing the game.

  • Amenbrother

    I loved the art in the first one but still couldn't get into it even free.

  • anarchy in the app store

    Looks like nobody got shot in south central la, today is a good day

  • hourglass

    Honestly, this looks pretty good.

  • 61050

    my pockets aren't large enough to hold an ipad, but my phone sure fits nicely within them, so here's to hoping this is universal.

    • Pete Osborne

      It is 🙂

      • TokyoDan

        Got it here in Tokyo!

      • 61050

        sweet. honestly, i doubt id even consider this had i not grabbed the first one while it is free. good call on the promo devs cause you just got my 7 bucks for this one.

  • TokyoDan

    It's in Japan too and on my iPad.

  • Topbeast


  • http://www.tshombeisms.com/ Tshombe Sekou

    I won a free copy of this game for coming up with a name of a marsh town, but I found I did after I purchased the game: I'd like to give it away... TA, have any ideas? The name that one me this free copy is...Lóngzhigóu - Dragon's Knowledge Pass, a contest ran by pocket tactics