We posted about it a couple weeks ago, but the day of The King of Chicago's [$1.99] is upon us. Originally released for ancient computers and given a graphical rework for the Amiga, The King of Chicago is a mob-centric adventure game where players do everything they can to increase the size of their game before ultimately making (or not making) a deadline to be included in the New York crime syndicate.

Staying one step ahead of the police, doing lots of gambling, shooting, and of course, bribing government officials are all things you've got to do while keeping your in-game girlfriend happy. Originally released in 1987, The King of Chicago is a bit before when I finally hopped from my NES to PC gaming, so the iOS version will be my first foray into this Cinemaware classic, as it likely will be for many iOS gamers.

screen1136x1136 (9)

Being Chicago born and bred, I think I know a thing or two about becoming King here. While they game might want you to be more of an Al Capone, if you want to be a true king of Chicago I recommend being more of a Dick Portillo.

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    Ha portillos

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    Anything that started out on the Amiga is an Insta-Buy for me.

  • Bloodangel

    I'm a old commodore fan... Had Vic 20, c64, c128, Amiga ... Loved this game... But my faves was wings, dotc and rocket ranger

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    What's a "gat"??

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        I suppose it was unlikely to have been a misspelling of 'cat'