Rovio has taken to their Twitter account today to reveal a teaser image of what they're calling a "big adventure with new birds." Though there have been a couple of new birds added to the mix as well as modified versions of birds in the Angry Birds Star Wars games, the core lineup of Angry Birds has remained the same across all the various iterations of the game. Although the teaser doesn't offer much information, at least it's nice to see Rovio considering introducing some brand new characters.


A follow-up tweet states that more information, including the name of this mysterious adventure, will be revealed tomorrow. Nothing indicates that this new adventure will even be a game, as Rovio has cartoons, a toy line, and all sorts of other branches of their Angry Birds empire that this could apply to. But my gut tells me this will be the next title–not just a spin-off–in the Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds 2 perhaps? We'll find out more tomorrow.

  • xzeldax3

    Looks like a gritty reboot of Angry Birds.

    • Ethan Corey Cathcart

      Almost gives off a Tim Burton feeling... Almost.

  • h_A_Z

    They should make a LOTR themed AB

    • one.sixty.four

      And a Harry potter one.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Angry Birds Tron edition. Not the movie either, the Dave Chappell character.

  • nini

    Even for all the hate for the games, I still have an awkward soft spot for the characters and want to see what this'll bring. I'm hoping for something new again because the whole basic AB concept has been iterated on so many times that Rovio can't go back there unless they have far bigger plans than we've seen from them.

    Might even try for a Rayman Origins sort of reboot for the franchise, who knows.

  • swisssk8er1

    Angry Flappy Bird

    • sokae

      You have my vote

    • thiagovscoelho

      What's that you say? This was upvoted by Mr. Joseph Nguyen? How quaint!

  • AlexsIpad

    Another one yay...

  • Arcite

    Rovio can only wish they had the Flappy power.

  • rich_952000

    If it's a proper AB physics game I'm in!

  • Boris Nguetie

    Any chance its a FPS??!

  • kjmathew

    This makes me sick.

  • AlexsIpad

    There is a new 'angry birds land' coming in March at Thorpe Park, a theme park in the UK, so perhaps this is a reference to that?

  • Ramaz1234


  • ineptidude

    Their preview had silhouettes with like swords and mage staves and wizard hats. I hope it's some kind of RPG

  • josh nolan

    Rio 2

    • josh nolan

      Called. It

  • McBlink

    Heres hoping it's Angry Birds Partridge Family.

  • spokentruths772 least it's not about flappy bird so

  • Dammster

    Stopped playing these ages ago. 🙂

  • christopherrocs

    Clearly a Halloween themed thing, pumpkin, spider and bat I can clearly see

  • TJF588

    "We interrupt our Flappy news for a breaking bulletin from the former president, Angry B. Irds."

  • Kane

    If we could marry apps, I would tie the knot with Angry Birds. Till death do us apart...

  • Ramaz1234

    I'm so excited woo

  • Womble

    Angry birds was fun before Rovio started getting greedy with ads and iaps. Angry birds go was of almost EA levels of piss-taking.
    Hopefully if they do make a new game, it will be pure and fun like the original.

  • estamas

    Rio 2 i think.

  • Vexka

    I know they will (I hope they do...?) but can't they just keep updating Angry Birds Star Wars II? That (for me) is the best Angry Birds game and just has a really cool concept! (I for one really love Star Wars :P)

    So now they bring out another one... I can't remember the last time I bought one... Well I just wait till a free drop.. (Just me that's all) *Sigh*

  • oooooomonkey

    Unless it's angry birds "transformers G1" then I don't think I'm to bothered.

  • Ramaz1234

    It's called Angry birds Stella

    • Mess

      Do you think that's all we are going to find out?

  • shieldser99

    Angry Marvel Superhero Birds