After finally earning enough jewels to hire a third imp, I booted up Dungeon Keeper [Free] and found the price had gone up by a good measure. Welcome to the dungeon, keeper. It has been determined that previous training exercises for prospective evil lords, released for computers, were 87% too satisfying and 100% too entertaining. Not to worry, however, as some of the underworld's most diabolical minds have been working double overtime (unpaid, naturally) to ensure that keeper cadets will enjoy themselves as little as possible in the new mobile version of the simulator. Personally, I think they've outdone themselves.

It's been a very long time since gamers last saw the well-regarded Dungeon Keeper series. Dungeon Keeper 2 was released in 1999, but a planned second sequel ended up canceled and the IP went dormant, like many other PC-centered IPs owned by EA. I suppose with the booming popularity of both castle/tower defense games and construction games on mobiles, EA saw a good opportunity to bring Dungeon Keeper back. This joins SimCity and Ultima as long-slumbering EA franchises that have made a recent return, and unfortunately, it's got a lot of things in common with those revivals. This new Dungeon Keeper game is a free-to-play game with very aggressive monetization elements, and though it retains some of the things that made the original games so enjoyable, it's neither a very good Dungeon Keeper game nor a particularly good competitor to similar games like Clash of Clans [Free] or Game of War [Free].

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First of all, to the Dungeon Keeper fans out there: just walk away. This game isn't doing any element of its design better than the original games did, and the new aspects are almost entirely negative and incredibly overbearing. The maps are smaller, the systems are less complex, and as a result, the strategy is considerably weaker. It's a far worse game than its forefathers, and that's not even going into the monetization techniques. It reminds me a lot of the recent SimCity revival in this respect, where even if you took away all of the issues external to the gameplay, the game itself is a poor successor. As in that case, you're probably better off playing one of the older titles if you want to revisit your happy memories.

A new installment in a series can lack appeal for the fanbase and still stand on its own as a decent game, however, so I've decided to base this review less on how this fails as a sequel and more on how it fits into the current iOS landscape. I'm not surprised at all that EA chose to take this game in a F2P direction. Much as it might not be what core gamers want, the big money on the platform is being made with games of this ilk. EA themselves have had a taste thanks to the highly successful Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free], and with Dungeon Keeper's broad design having so much in common with some of the most popular F2P games out there, it was a logical move. The problem is that this just isn't a very good game, even in that narrow context.

Photo 2-5-2014, 16 32 24

I've played a lot of those F2P simulation games, enough to say without a doubt that there are good ones and there are bad ones. Games like Clash of Clans don't just take a top spot and sit there for months or years on pure luck. Rather, they're pretty good at giving players just enough to do to fill in a few minutes in a way that still feels meaningful in some way. It might take you hours or even days to build something, but when it finishes, you've got a shiny new building to look at, with new abilities and options at your disposal. While it's building, you've got lots of other things you can tend to. While your options are limited in the beginning, things move pretty quickly, so there's almost always something to do. That's how to pull off a good F2P construction game. If you want to pull off a bad one? Have the player tie up all of their building capabilities for 24 hours to dig out two blocks.

In case you're totally unfamiliar with Dungeon Keeper and can't quite parse out what the name implies, in this game, you are the keeper of a dungeon. You have minions who you can put to work to build various structures, gather resources, lay traps, and create your dream dungeon. You can opt at any time to defend against enemy attacks and go on raids of your own. This might sound rote in 2014, but in the 1990s, it was a pretty fresh idea. In this iOS version, there are a few different things that will clog the pipes for you as you play. First off, you need to have the correct amount of resources to do most things. There are three resources, with one of them being a premium type that trickles out pretty slowly. The other two resources are capped by how many storage rooms you have, and that in turn is capped by the level of your dungeon heart.

Photo 2-5-2014, 16 32 18

Everything you will want to do with regards to construction needs to be carried out by your imp servants. After playing through the tutorial, you will have two of these little fellows, meaning you can work on two things at a time. Hiring another imp requires a fair amount of the premium currency, but I can't tell you how much it would be as you read this, because EA keeps changing (increasing) it. So, you're probably stuck with two imps for a while, unless you dig into your real life gold reserves. You'll need an imp on hand to do so much as even dig out a square of dirt. The dirt comes in different varieties, and you'll almost instantly hit the dirt type that takes four hours to dig out per square. Awesome. It won't take you long after that to hit the stuff that takes a full day to dig out. Once again, per square. It's easy to tie up your imps just trying to dig a little hallway, and when you come back the next day, all you'll have to show for it is a couple of empty squares. Not exactly satisfying.

The paywalls come fast and hard in this game, that much is clear. However, even when things are moving smoothly, the game still can't compete. The potential size of your dungeon is not very big, so there aren't really that many interesting dungeon ideas you can build. Moreover, some poor balancing on almost everything means there are really only one or two optimal ways to build your dungeon. You will be punished if you attempt to get creative. It makes the game feel incredibly tiresome very quickly, even if you're patient with timers. If you take away the fun of making weird dungeons, throw up timers longer than other games, and give less enjoyable results, what leg does this game really have left to stand on?

Photo 2-5-2014, 16 32 11

Well, it's funny, at least. The humor has survived intact from the older games, giving Dungeon Keeper that cheeky vibe that Bullfrog's games were well-known for. The game even hangs a hat on its more questionable monetization tactics from time-to-time, with most of the comedic punch being delivered by H.R., the narrator. As in the old games, you can slap your imps around to make them work a bit harder, and unlike the old games, there are no ill consequences for doing it, so have it at. The game also looks and sounds pretty good, delivering the kind of presentation you would expect from a publisher like EA.

One more thing I should mention is that EA has been adjusting things constantly since the game's soft launch several months back, which would normally be a sign of hope. However, in this game's case, most of the adjustments have worked towards making iteven more unfair and grindy. In the short period since the game's official wide release, prices have gone up on a variety of things, even. I can't imagine why they feel the need to turn the screws even harder on this one, they're already incredibly tight.

In the end, I can't imagine Dungeon Keeper is going to satisfy anyone very much. If you loved the old games, you're going to be pretty unhappy with how much the game's been simplified and monetized, and if you just like a good F2P construction/war game, you're going to find this one severely lacking in a variety of ways compared to the best and brightest in the genre. If you're in the former camp, go check out Castle Doombad [$2.99], as it's a great take on the genre in the same spirit. If you're in the latter, stick with Clash of Clans. Apart from a dash of charm and wit, there's little happiness to find in these dungeons, keeper.

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  • koryc

    Good call on this one Shaun,such a letdown

  • nadav bar kama

    balance, its about balance ... SC have been testing Boom Beach for weeks ... tweaking and testing and adapting ... apparently EA didnt bother to find that perfect balance that makes F2P great ... (a part than just being a great game). 🙁

    • Hampus Jensen

      Which is weird, because they nailed it with PvZ 2. Then again, same publisher different developers.

      I guess it's also possible they ramped up the timers and costs a bit so that it'd take you a bit longer to noticed that even if there were no paid aspects it still wouldn't get any good since the core mechanics are all very shallow and there's just very little actual gameplay to be had. That is by far the biggest issue with this game.

    • Nick Smith

      There is nothing that makes F2P great. Even when it is balanced entirely in the favor of the gamer, it is an amoral business practice that probably shouldn't be legal. Do you know why some major game companies have psychologists on board? Because they're trying to prey upon basic human compulsions to work anti-game mechanics into the product to make you feel the need to spend money in a medium we're used to paying once and getting everything. Please keep it the way things are. Having to pay realistically upwards to hundred+ dollars just to fully enjoy a so called "free" game is complete nonsense and should not be defended by anybody.

      • BrothaMann

        Nick, unfortunately, lumping all F2P together is false premise. If you have not downloaded Bug Heroes yet, or Heroes & Castles Free, you will see that it is simply wrong. Jetpack Joyride... other shining examples and minor ones across the board... these do not have "anti-game" mechanics. You get more content if you pay for it, and because the main content is awesome fun, you want to support it.

      • Bool Zero

        The problem I find it's this argument is that all of these and the ones not listed are not the "rule" of thumb but rather the expecting to the rule. Dig through the hundreds upon hundreds of lesser known tiles that don't populate the top one hundred free list and you will find that to varying degrees, the common trend to toward an aggressive implementation of the model...

      • webman2k

        Good grief. Really? F2P can absolutely be done right. All of the king games for example. They are incredibly addictive, and don't require any money to play.

        I don't understand the hate for this model! Try it for free, get into it. If you like it, pay in what you think it's worth. Is that so bad?

        People forget this model is hardly new. Nobody complained about throwing in $20 in quarters to beat TMNT in the arcades. And stop bitching about timers. Some developers have discovered that people are impatient, and try to make money off of it. If your locked out by timers, play another game or do something else for a while. Guess what, you won't have to pay a cent.

        Rant over, sorry.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Except the two models, arcade quarter chugging, and free-to-play aren't comparable models. Sure in an arcade game you spent a lot of money, but your individual skill got better. I could get through TMNT in one quarter when I had played it enough. My dexterity and hand eye coordination improved over time. Pattern memorization. This bettering of personal skill doesn't translate to f2p however. DK is a great example, the only thing pumping more money into it does is let you win by affluence not because your skills are slowly getting better. Specially since there really are only a couple dungeon designs that work.

        The argument they are the same is irrational.

        I will say there are better versions of f2p than DK. Though in my opinion it's the demo model where you eventually open the game entirely with a one time IAP. Timers though, are complete anathema to what a game is. A game is meant to be played, not waited on. I mean, how would you feel watching a sporting event, only to have to wait til the next day to see the second half of the game? Nobody would put up with that because it's dumb.

        Though I agree with most that at this point complaining about heavily monetized f2p games is pointless. DK's version of it is just the inevitability of what started with the Zyngas of the world. Humans are greed based. Humans are addicts. F2p feeds both the needy and the greedy so it's absolutely here to stay. I'd imagine we will see even more games take DK's example in the future.

      • VibrantMidwest

        Great points and I'd add, arcades are social hangout spots. Like movie theaters and amusement parks and bars and whatever else, you're paying a nominal fee to get out of the house and be around other people.

        So those hypothetical TMNT quarters were renting your teenage self a place to go meet up with friends, show off your rad game skillz or lack thereof, and, if you happened to live in an 80s movie, maybe even fall in love. An IAP-loaded game gouging you for consumables almost feels like the opposite of that to me.

        I can only get so mad at EA and other developers though when the model is so successful. You have to point some of the blame at people feeding their cash into this system as well. Or maybe not even blame, I mean, it's their money-- just bewilderment.

      • NinjaKitteh

        I actually missed the social aspect of arcades when they disappeared. It really was a "scene" most of the time at arcades. Totally forgot about that. Excellent point. Even playing PC games online truly lacks the comradery that was to be had hanging out at arcades.

      • kevin1d

        your so right

  • Bruciato

    Perfect review, I'd give even less than 1 star if possible.

  • Broli95

    EA=CANCER, not the first time I say it -.-

  • Maglor

    Screw EA. I'm NOT EVER going to buy and play your game even on F2P. They even not gone free 'Monopoly Millionaire' on US and Canada Store, whereas other countries gone free. This make so stinks.

    • christopherrocs

      ENGLISH man

      • MrSpud

        Let's make fun of the guy who's trying to speak your language! Lame, I dealt with people like you when I learned English but never got discouraged. He's the one speaking your language so you can understand him. Typical monolingual narrow-minded attitude.

    • Hampus Jensen

      Here's a general tip for you. Stop focusing on the publishers. Rather, look at the developers and more importantly the games. Get and play the good games and avoid the bad ones.

      Sure, EA might have a bunch of shitty games but they also have plenty of great ones and this goes for most publishers, particularly the big ones.

      • Stormourner

        and yet no one is listening -_- I do agree that EA has a better games like Dead Space until they start throwing freemiums

      • Themostunclean

        Thank you! So many people have this ignorant blind rage to anything under the EA name. It's sad that they can't distinguish between developer and publisher. Their loss, I guess.

  • dv8godd

    1 star? Being generous today, aren't we?

    But in seriousness, it is good to see firm pushback on this style of monetization. Especially on franchises like this. It's just utterly uncalled for.

  • Ramaz1234

    148apps had a better review. They have the game 4/5 stars and I agree with them.

    • Cheeseball

      The justification for that review is to treat it as a freemium game based on the Dungeon Keeper universe and not as a true successor to the classic.

      I can agree with that.

      But if I'm going to judge this game from a freemium perspective, then it still fails on a few points:

      - Requires constant online connectivity
      - Extremely lengthy waiting times
      - Exorbitant prices for the IAP

      • Hampus Jensen

        Even judging it as a freemium game I wouldn't give this more than 2 out of 5, and that'd be on a generous day. Even if we completely ignore the paid aspects and the timers we're left with very little actual gameplay.

        There is a nice gameplay concept here, build your dungeon, build a defense to keep invading players out and raid other players dungeons. It is a nice concept and if it intrigues you I'd suggest maybe take a look at the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot on PC, it's also a F2P game but there is way more gameplay to be had and it executes the concept a lot better.

    • Boris Nguetie

      and its your choice...but just take a look at the reactions in the comments!! and also what do you guys like in the game mechanism??? (simple curiosity)

    • Themostunclean

      148apps has wildly inconsistent reviews. Whenever you see an awful app with a good review in its description, it's always from them. They're the last site I'd trust for game recommendations.

      • ZarieoZ

        Yeah I never trust their reviews either. I see it as a really subpar review site. I only read TA & also Appspy video reviews.

  • Boris Nguetie

    0.5 stars would be more accurate but nice review!

  • Funem

    I feel lucky, I played the really early version on my Android device, then deleted it. I installed it again from the play store when it went live globally and I automatically had three imps instead of two and the dungeon I had created. That's about the only plus I can say about this game though, I'm one imp up.

  • speedyph

    Wow 1 star

  • rewind

    1 star is a little low, and I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. Shaun is still my favorite part-time TA reviewer though.

  • cramberry

    I WAS excited for this game but then it just made me delete instantly when AFTER I downloaded it, it said "sorry your device is not supported." really. Why did you let me download it then? So I didn't even play the game and already hate it. Horrible waste of time.

  • ikari_paul

    1/5? generous

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Never gave it a second look. Sad.

  • Biowhere

    I'm shocked they have increased the prices for imps/buildings yet again. They already had some significant price hikes during the Canadian soft launch, with prices being effectively doubled or worse.

  • Xaintrix

    The sad thing is that EA has built quite a track record at being shady with many crappy releases and business practices with games that could be amazing but they cut corners or get greedy. SimCity PC is what broke me and I refuse to buy another of their products. Again with always online, weeks of server issues rendering it unplayable, shrinking lot sizes, etc,

    Then we had Battlefield 4 which was more of a glorified Beta, execs cashing out company stock because they knew the game would under deliver, and promised content delayed because they have to spend months getting the game working correctly.

    Now we get this bastardization of yet another beloved franchise? I don't mind F2P - Dragon Era and Plants vs Zombies 2 (especially this) have just the right balance to encourage you to spend but is still VERY playable without IAP. I'm not opposed to grind, but 24 hr+ timers for a dig, etc is nuts.

    • Morgan01

      I haven't spent a dime on any EA games in over the past two years. Only now are people seeing and realizing the issues I've been seeing for a long time.

      • Themostunclean

        Dude, people having been bitching about and boycotting EA for half a decade now. 2 years isn't exactly ahead of the curve.

      • ZarieoZ

        Yeah I second that, most of the people have been seeing that too, don't forget EA got the golden poop award a few years ago.

    • Hampus Jensen

      I really don't understand what everyone's issue is with BF4. Sure, I got it about a month after launch so I can imagine I dodged some launch issues but I really haven't had any issues with it and I'd say that it is without a doubt a better game than BF3 was and that game got nowhere near as much flak.

    • rewind

      It takes 2 weeks for some Clash of Clans upgrades..... 24 hours is nothing

      • Spiffy

        The buildings in in DK can take up to two weeks as well. The 24 hour time is just to dig out a single block of space to build in. The smallest room available is 3x3, the largest is 5x5, and all the buildings can be upgraded 5 times with the final upgrade being 2 weeks or so, so that's 25 days just to clear enough space to build, and then approximately a month to build and upgrade your new building. That's two months for a single room, and that's without mentioning that this ties up your imps, who you require to build traps to defend your dungeon, otherwise other players can steal your resources.

  • mw1

    As the review mentioned: the one good thing about this is the humour. I remember the old DK had a few cutscenes that were fairly entertaining. Now if only we had some sort of DK shorts, similar to Cut The Rope's Om Nom Stories...

  • TheFrost

    Its so sad to see EA destroying all those great franchises... Not buying anything else from them until they abandon the rip the player off model...

  • echo_pdx

    Saw a term on another gaming site (neogaf) that I hope to see widely used to describe these types of "games" in the future: ransomware.

    • Pray For Death

      I dunno, ransomware usually refers to viruses that encrypt all your hard drive data and ask you to send money to give you access to it. Is the new Dungeon Keeper really that bad? lol

      • ZarieoZ

        Lol you kind described freemium, they lock the game contents (instead of hard drive) & ask you to pay money in order to give it to you. Both are not acceptable, specially since games are supposed to be fun, or what's the point then.

  • leehomf

    The way they ask for money is shameless and amazing, I am not even mad.

  • Dammster

    They should be ashamed. This "game" should have never seen the light of day.
    However don't worry guys. We have War for the Overworld!

  • K Monkey

    A huge shame that this game ended up this way... love the originals and there's still hope that someone out there will make a true successor without thinking of making it a F2P game

    • mw1

      Look up 'War for the Overworld'. It's still in production though, probably being released only later this year. For PC/mac.

  • owen

    Great review, really well written, Shaun. More from you please! 😀

    (PS what a crying shame they wasted this license on this trash)

  • NinjaKitteh

    EA = Extravagant Assholery

  • falco

    So weird and people likes it on the appstore.

  • RNineSix


  • Lohengriehn

    Deserved! Appstore ratings possibly bought by EA or its employees me think.

  • Poo

    I played the original DKs back when they released to PC and even though this is a real crap game I'm enjoying it on my phone cause everything takes so long I can play it through out the day at work. But I won't waste my time on my mini with this....

  • shcgzb

    I give it 5 star, 6 star if I could! So far I spent 0 cents, and dungeon heart at level 4. I played for few days now. It is too much fun!!!

    Smaller map and fewer resource pushes you to be really creative! Especially knowing the minions behavior like "closest room", "resource room" make you plan your traps, hallway, rooms accordingly to lure them to their doom!

    Waiting time? It is a construction game also summoning monsters, so what if it takes time? What is the hurry to finish the game in few days and move on to the next game? It is like a digital pet game but it is a dungeon instead! Leveling everything up to level 10 in few days isn't fun to me without challenges of others raiding my dungeon in between constantly.

    It force you to level up your traps and design it reasonable well so when you get raided, you lost very few resources and get cave-in time for resource replenishment. Continue build up in a struggling fashion. That is what a good game is about! It is not like a typical RPG, mindlessly upgrade without challenges. It is about survival in the underworld while others lurking in the dark waiting for you to disconnect....!

    It is a ugly ugly world down there in the dungeon world. Only the fittest will survive!!! For the others find this game too harsh, go play paid game which the designer makes the game for you to win in the first place. I love F2P game which you have to try very hard to move forward without PAYING.

    Enough talking now. I have to step on other minion's corpse to get my dungeon in better shape. Mwaaahaahhhahhahahaa!!!

    • Damaniel

      There's no way you've built up a level 4 dungeon heart in 'a few days' without spending money. After a few days, you might be lucky to have a couple medium-sized rooms dug out, assuming you stuck to regions of the dungeon where a single square only takes 4 hours to dig out instead of 24.

      Not having much of a nostalgic feeling for the original Dungeon Keeper, I'd be fine playing a supposedly 'dumbed down' version of the original. But when the game is designed around the monetization scheme first and foremost, and the publisher keeps on increasing the prices of already overpriced components, the 'game' will never end well.

      • Zeillusion

        I did I eventually bought my third imp & 500 diamonds. I WAS enjoying it

      • shcgzb

        Other than the 4 easy gold and stone resources, I just got to 1 other gold and 1 other stone resources yesterday and day before(diagonal only require dig 1 or 2 hardest stone). I didn't even have the 3rd imp! 2 impl only. The trick is to raid other players and spend 50 gold to pass until see a big one. And careful on the spell mana, don't waste them. I am able to get a lot of gold and stone before running out 200-250 mana. I still have 400 gem left. I use some when I am really close to my target but don't want to take a chance wait anymore. Didn't pay 1 cent, I think I first start playing it last Thursday or Friday?

        I am very good in gaming. I start playing non stop for many decades, all genres. Only hard game attract me. Fightback is another F2P, I finished in 3 days without paying 1 cent even it has a timer. I enjoyed it a lot, it is somewhat hard, but it is too short.

      • shcgzb

        Oh, the left 1 gold and stone resource require 4 hard stone removed each which I will wait since I am make a lot of gold and stone each raid season (no dig-in boost time from successful attacks), keep raiding until I finish all my mana for each season.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Or they could have just made an actual Dungeon Keeper game. That was always an option as well. Instead of the Clash of Clans clone they draped with Dungeon Keeper trappings. I think you're missing the point of a lot of people's issues with this game.

      • shcgzb

        You got a point there, if people's expectation is a clone of the original game. Yes, I understand they are pissed. However, I find the new game more exciting than original one because of online play! It is more enjoyable than the campaign I played.

        However, why rate a game base on past impression and expectation? Game should be rated independently whether it is good nor not. People don't have to pay to play the game. To me, paying is breaking the game, it is like cheating. Play it without paying is soo much fun to me. Everyone is different. Just showing why I love the game so much.

      • Jokerz

        You do know the original have online play...? That is fun.

      • shcgzb

        Didn't know that. Well, EA could remake the original. Will not make as much compare to this money grabbing beast.

        Since it is free and fun, I am not complaining. That is just me.

  • OneBagTravel

    Ya blew it, capiche

  • Zeillusion

    I wanted to love this, I wanted to like this. I tried & tried. I was having some fun until I went to get a defensive building that all other players have. I went to buy it last night for 100k stone. (Can only hold 130k) , got kicked off and woke up this morning now realizing its 6x the price. It's 600k now and I can't afford it. I can only hold 130k so now I have to spend a week upgrading warehouses and my dungeon heart. Fudge EA and there greedy unfair antics. So everyone I raid on par with me had this awesome defensive building and I don't. So now when I get raided I'll get owned because I have to wait weeks to get this items that everyone has including people who are lower than me. I quit , it's not soft launched. Bugs need to be fixed and more content needs to be added now that it's a world release. Not RAISE PRICES by 6 fold...

    They just lost a massive customer.

    • shcgzb

      You are too focusing on what earlier gamer get, and what about all the late gamers who just started? Yes, they made it more difficult, is it more fun to play a harder game? Can you just assume all the players got the building played couple more weeks than reality? Think about all the buildings and upgrades they didn't get that have price hike as well.

      If you like the game, you want play it longer. Once level 10 is achieved on everything in your dungeon. Then gold and stone has no use and pretty much game over and move on to another game. I don't want that happen too soon. I like they make the game harder. Just my 2 cents.

    • shcgzb

      If raiding percentage is too high. Then I will admit the game is broken. It was not, and the newest update actually make the raiding percentage lot lower than before. That means keep increase your resource just got a lot easier. I think that is why they increase the price since it is now easier to hug resources and let it grow.

  • Jolly_Postman

    Easy review. Just say what you think the readers want to hear. I'm getting tired of toucharcade...

    • dariusjr98

      Are you serious?!

      There is no winning with us TA.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Than leave. No one is keeping you here...

    • owen

      "Easy review" - if you say so. But the guy had to play this POS before writing it, and there's nothing "easy" about that.

      "Just say what you think the readers want to hear." - clearly you wanted to hear something different as you're a big EA fan with no sense of self-respect. But how about this radical notion: what he had to say just so happens to match what the vast majority of people who've played it believe about the game?

      "I'm getting tired of touch arcade…" - so stop reading it then you silly boy.

      What exactly would you have preferred this review to say? Why don't you write your own version and post it in the forum then come back and post a link so we can all go laugh at it? Er I mean read it seriously and offer constructive criticism, just like you did.

      • Jolly_Postman

        This game is currently number 30 in the 'Top Grossing' chart on the AppStore. It must be a small minority of people playing and enjoying it then...

  • Piph

    Good on you guys for taking a stand on bad design and horrendous F2P practices.

  • gora

    92% of the App Store revenue comes from freemium games. Apple takes their cut too from those IAPs.

    • apolloa

      Yeap, a glorious 30% from EVERY SINGLE sale in app or in the store. And many will tell you Apple doesn't make money from the app store...

  • Chiller ONE

    One of the best Dungeon Keeper reviews I've read so far.
    The reviewer actually played the game and didn't just write something like "f2p is the cancer killing the video game industry" or there like (which he could've done and called it a day).

    I've read on other sites that DK is actually a good Clash of Clans type game when you get past the fact it isn't the DK we so fondly remember but during my short time with the game I found that that is not the case.
    The fact that it is mentioned here proves that the reviewer actually played for more than 5 minutes.

  • DemoEvolved

    What's this I hear about ea manipulating store reviews by asking you to indicate your star rating within the app and only forwarding you to the store to post your score if you rate 5 stars??? For real? That is really out of line and needs a whistle blower news story.

    • Himmat Singh

      Can you confirm it? Post to the forums and tip the site editors.

  • Ultima12

    This game really sums up EA as a whole. They are down right disgusting...

  • Papa Deuce

    I think I may refuse to buy any EA game in the future. I can't tell you the last game I enjoyed by them on any platform other than Madden, and at this point I haven't bought a Madden game in several years anyway.

  • AppStoreNinja

    EA turns everything they touch into crap these days...quite predictably.

  • Sterling Archer

    The game is solid. If it didnt have souch crippeling cooldowns, as a resault of the F2P model. That EA, the publishers, demands to use in all new mobile games. Saying EA is not to blame is wron IMO. The developers made a good game. Destroyd by EAs buisness model.

    It's important that critics crackdown on F2P when it's this severe.

Dungeon Keeper Reviewed by Shaun Musgrave on . Rating: 1