It came along later than the rest of the night's new releases, but finally EA's iOS remake of Dungeon Keeper [Free] is now out of soft-launch and available worldwide. The core idea of this Dungeon Keeper is the same as its 1997 iteration, to build up the baddest dungeon you can by setting traps and defenses up to keep out invaders who are after your treasure. What's not the same is that this Dungeon Keeper has a new art style and 3D visuals, and it's a free-to-play title.


That last point seems to be the chief complaint of those who dove into Dungeon Keeper during its soft-launch period, as the freemium system here isn't completely insurmountable but you'll definitely have to navigate your way through in-game timers and currencies. I've had games with that stuff that didn't bother me at all and others where it was the main thing that made me quit playing. I'm not sure how Dungeon Keeper will fare for me just yet, but I'm excited to give it a spin. And hey, it's free, so you might as well give it a spin too. Check out more Dungeon Keeper impressions in our forums.

  • Michael O'Connor

    Avoid like the plague. It's an embarrassing insult to Bullfrog's legacy and the franchise as a whole.

    • speedyph

      Lol funny guy

      • Michael O'Connor

        How exactly?

        The game removes proper challenge and gameplay for the sake grinds and iAPs. It's a "game" in the very loosest sense of the term, and not half the game it's predecessors were.

      • loophole

        Well, was gonna try it out but after reading ur comment I don't think I'm gonna download it. Timers really slow down the gameplay and that's why whenever I see a game having timers, I immediately say no thank you!

      • Michael O'Connor

        4 hours to break a block. That's how bad it is.

      • Kamakazie

        When does it get that bad? At the start of the game it's only 15 seconds to break a block.

      • Michael O'Connor

        It'll catch up soon enough.

      • Biowhere

        Medium stone is 4 hours and hard stone is 24 hours.

      • Kamakazie

        Got it. That's pretty shitty. It takes half the time if you keep smacking the crap out of your imps every 30 minutes, but that is freaking terrible.

      • bandophahita

        About 5 minutes into the game and I hit the timer wall.

      • gora

        When the best selling IAP is $20 you know the game is broken. And it's a consumable IAP. I don't mind unlocking the game for $99 - but for a consumable. F**k it. You're right.

      • Morgan01

        It's just another bad game by EA designed to bleed your wallet. Why are people even surprised anymore??

      • mclifford82

        "I don't mind unlocking the game for $99" -- whaaaat? There's an IAP to unlock everything for a hundred realbux? Goddamn.

    • Gavin Mitchell

      Disappointing news, but the original was overrated anyway. A fun concept and a game I enjoyed, but not a patch on other Bullfrog games. Give me Syndicate any day.

      • NinjaKitteh

        Syndicate and Syndicate Wars were both awesome games. Though I dread the thought if what EA would do to the franchise if they made a new syndicate.

      • Bool Zero

        You do realize that they already did make a new Syndicate, right? It was a decent shooter with some of the originals ideas translated into a FPS P.O.V. but many complained that it was Syndicate mainly because it wasn't top down. As a fan of Syndicate and it's sequel I liked the new games take and direction as I always thought of the series as a tactical FPS that just happened to be played top down.

        Anyway, the game didn't fair too well since it emphasized coop multiplayer and had a bit of a learning curve and higher difficulty than the typical FPS crowd was used to so teamwork was paramount, leaving the game not preferable to the typical CoD crowd. It could take a couple of hours to finish one map for an for the initiated or uncoordinated team while a veteran team of players with the right combo of class and powers could take out a typical level inside of half hour or a little more depending on the map.

      • JoeriD

        Overrated how? You saying that all the credit, back then, and now still, is "rating" a game too highly? I've enjoyed the heck out of the Syndicates as well, doesn't mean I have to diminish the one that was not my personal favorite son.

      • Gavin Mitchell

        Yes, the credit it received was in excess of how good a game it actually was. Strip away the brilliant concept and the game itself isn't all that amazing. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, think it's poor or am "diminishing" it - I spent many a long hour on it - it was just rated too highly in my opinion on the basis of its the novelty. A bit like Creatures, but not to the same extent.

      • 61050

        glad to know im not the only one who plays favorites amongst my children.

  • Funem

    Great game has become a grind with IAP's and timers. Example, It takes an imp 4hours to dig one square outside the dungeon area unless you pay gems to speed it up. Potentially days to dig out a sequence of squares. EA should be ashamed, but the truth is, people pay so its profitable for them. Very sad but true.

    • Fnurgh

      From EA? I'm shocked. SHOCKED.

      • Funem

        Some IAP's and times I can live with but they have really pushed it this time. It really is the flagship for how to squeeze money out of a game to the point of being unplayable. I think even Gameloft would look at this and shake their head in disgust.

      • speedyph

        Wow gameloft WUD shake dey head lol

    • gora

      Don't you agree that the game should unlocked in the fullest sense for whatever price the devs think is reasonable? The problem is only a handful of us will buy it. EA will make tons of money selling consumable IAPs.

      Since when did we allow the cheap hoi polloi to dictate the price of games. I seriously don't mind paying double digits on a game, when I bought SNES titles for $60. It's really a shame that the King/EA model is the norm now.

  • gamer1st

    I'll just go back to the PC version.
    It runs great on 7

    • Boony Tuesday

      Runs great on Mac too. $6 on GoG.

      • bobaferret

        Yup. I'm deleting the app and will gladly play the original. Not only is it unbearably slow, but it crashes constantly and the Imp redesign makes me sad.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Never played this, really wanted too but won't bother now.

    I won't encourage these greedy companies or give them a penny for these types of games!

  • bashnasha

    Why is it not avalible in sweden?

    • B30

      'Cause swedish people apparently are the lucky one's!

    • Funem

      Quality control

    • gora

      Your gov is saving your wallet from consumable IAPs. Smart

  • Ramaz1234

    It's not that bad

    • B30

      No, it's "badder".

    • NinjaKitteh

      It's not Dungeon Keeper, doesn't play like Dungeon Keeper. You're right though, it's not bad. Its worse than that. It's a terrible joke on an excellent franchise.

  • Ramaz1234

    Ya nvm you guys are right. Game is disappointing.

    Can't wait until my hatchery is done being built...tomorrow....

  • bigjack66

    It's boring it's just a variation on the TD games! And it's online for no reason I hate playing single player games online they just suck up power. It's different if you're playing multiplayer.

  • fearlesskk

    I know the game suck (no matter what the theme is) but you guys get so mad for no reason. It's funny

    • B30

      We're not mad, we're just pointing out the obvious.

    • Ramaz1234

      I feel the same way to a point. The game has faults but the fun factor is there. I gave it a 3/5, but I'm planning on keeping it on my itouch for a long time.

      • CzechCongo

        Sounds like you'll need to have it on your device for a long time, if it takes a day to dig one block.

  • Lexina

    Waited for it for six months. Was really excited. Installed it, played the tutorial and deleted it right afterwards because of the shameless IAP.

    • gora

      Yup. Because Candy Crush has every company chomping at the shameless IAP bit. We can save mobile gaming by not playing these types of games. If we cave, we'll never shake it

  • TSP

    This is one buggy puppy. Lost my progress twice in three hours time. And it is available in Sweden now, sadly. I loved the original, and all I can hope is that the devs get a visit from Horny.

    • houseofg

      Fortunately, it sounds like 6 hours lost only means about a block and a half. 😉

  • Kevin897

    A Free game by EA?? No thank you!

    • gora

      I've come to realize girls are freemium also. They "love you", because you can't buy love. But oh it's a freemium model that you pay in perpetuity.

  • pauldavidmerritt

    What I don't like seeing is the "...Hey, it's free, so might as well give it a spin", unbiased and safe marketing style.

    It's kinda hard to decide what writers and reviewers REALLY think about titles like this, outside an unbiased review stance.

    • NinjaKitteh

      When the majority of media sites that review these games either blow off the IAP model or actively say it's fine nothing is going to change. That's half the problem.

  • nadav bar kama

    give it chance ... its cool to play for free and even spend a few bucks on a great game ... but you have to give it a chance to see if that balance is fair.

    • nadav bar kama

      ok played for an hour ... having technical problems ... my imp`s go places i haven't meant them to go dig ... (still positive, still trying ..)

  • Intendro

    If you want a good game where you fight off heroes in a dungeon, check out Castle Doombad. It's a tower defense sort of game.

  • mw1

    Personally, what I loved about the original DK games was starting a new dungeon from scratch in different maps. So in addition to all the IAP and timer issues others have made excellent commentaries about, my issue with this game is that I'm only stuck with one persistent dungeon.

    Although as a side note, one feature that has been created which I wish I had in the original games was the ability to refill a space with dirt.

  • Wizard_Mike

    First Ultima, now this...

  • JoeriD

    One giant hump of dung(eon keeper)..

    Just IAP's or endless waiting. Doesn't even come close to the DK feel.. The frikking imps don't even look how they should have..

    On top of that. Ofcourse EA is aiming for the masses. But this kiddy lingo in the game is just bad (the Dutch translation is even worse).

    The developers took one thing over from the original games, and must have interpreted it wrongly. "It's good to be bad" does not apply to this abomination.

  • droidizzy

    Check the licence-agreement and see what EA wants to know from you. No thanks.

  • Chris Overbee

    Love the franchise. It's charm and cool ideas keep me still playing DK 2. I however hate EA's running of it: the humor is gone, the IAP completely ruins the difficulty one way or another. Not to mention EA's other normal bull.

    That's yet another one to add to my list of "games ruined by EA's mobile system."

    • gora

      While EA ruins games the plebs will continue to play their games. It hurts the consummate gamers like you and me.

  • FRnchFRy

    So the verdict for me (as most people are thinking) another great game ruined by EAs lust for more green stuff. They turned a great game filled with strategy and hours of fun an humor into a casual, time (and money) consuming, lifeless, machine.

    Good job EA...

  • DemoEvolved

    I want everyone to take a moment and imagine the success Minecraft would not have had if it took between 4 and 24 hours to break a single block

    Now you can return to talking about Dung$on K$$p$r

  • gora

    Ugh. Apple's featuring this game. Tons of 5 star reviews in the App Store. I only trust fellow TA members. We tell it like it is.

  • dariusjr98

    Dat chin doe...

  • Spamgristle

    I don't think the emotional outpouring over the game's IAP model is all that warranted. If you're that nostalgic about the brand name, buy the original games on GOG. The real freaky thing about the game is the License Agreement. Read it. Or at least the part about the data you permit them to glean from your mobile device if you install the app. The game is a data probe designed for our nostalgia holes!

  • northstar

    Another good game ruined by EA grrr

  • who_is_daniel

    I was excited when I heard about this game conning to iOS. I am vary disappointed about the timers. Ruins the game. If they want in app purchase that's fine (I don't like it but I understand they need to make some money, but I would rather pay upfront), as long as the game is playable without using in app purchases. The timers completely repulse me. I might download it so I can give it a one star review.

  • Katy

    Random "can't connect to server" halfway through the tutorial. This *is* a single player game, right?

  • bandophahita

    I really wanted to play this. The IAP is ridiculous. I am all about paying for content. I would have dropped $20 on this to be rid of the freemium walls. I JUST want to play DK.

    They have a option to boost everything but it's something like $7 for a week. And it doesn't even adjust the timers. It's really disappointing.

  • Dammster

    Oh my god, this "game" is so bad... Deleted after 15 minutes.