Kairosoft has just released their latest iOS game Ninja Village [$4.99] ahead of the normal weekly release schedule. Ninja Village has been available on Android for nearly a year, and now iOS device owners can get in on the action. If you're familiar with Kairosoft's games then you probably know the deal here. Ninja Village has you creating a village where you'll train soldiers for your army, take them into battle, and unify feudal Japan.

ninjavillage ninjavillage2

So far, early impressions in our forums feel that Ninja Village most closely resembles Kairosoft's previous game Epic Astro Story [$4.99 / Free] in terms of mechanics, but with lots of ninjas. If you liked that game, or really if you just like Kairosoft games in general, then definitely check out their newest release Ninja Village.

  • Donny K76

    Yawn...just another fresh coat of paint. Didn't they used to develop space shooters for the PC?

  • bunphotc

    Must buy !!!

  • PallaZ


  • TimTim92

    Wish it was FTP like some of the other games.

    • RegularStormy

      You don't hear THAT very often...

      • Zaraf

        Kairosoft does F2P pretty good actually. Just look at Beastie Bay and that Dream house one.

      • TimTim92

        Lol I know right? I surprised myself even!
        Usually hate most FTP because of the same overused mechanics, but Kairosoft is pretty reasonable about it.

  • mutts

    While i have a soft spot for kairosoft games.
    I don't like the increase in price, wich was steep for what they offer before.
    So i' ll pass

    • shadax

      They're weighing out the cost and their increasing demand.

      Smart, but they'll see a drop in sales this time around.

      Keep an eye out for a price drop on it. I give it two weeks.

      • mutts

        I think you got a point.
        Although at the moment anything above €1,79 is just not worth it.
        But i would be tempted, if it is 0,89 € then it is a must buy.
        If they would be more creative or show some innovation i might pay more.

  • cymsdale

    This is probably blasphemy but I'm getting sick of Kairosoft games. All I really want from them is a new game dev story, but I'm afraid when it does come out (if ever) it's not going to live up to how awesome it would be in my mind.

    • NickyNichols

      I would love to see Kairosoft evolve, instead of releasing games that are pretty much the same as the last one.

    • mutts

      It's not.
      They have three or four bleuprints and those get recycled.
      I do like the games but atm it,s not interesting enough to fork out €4,50
      Reasonable would be €0,89 since there games are sadly not innovative.

  • TheRybka

    They can charge $5 but they can't be bothered to actually format the game for the iPhone screen? No. A thousand times no.
    I loved GDS but I refuse to support a company that is too lazy for simple necessities such as screen size...it didn't even fit the iPhone 4's screen, and that's unheard of.

  • TSP

    First Kairosoft game I didn't finish. Been around for ages on android. Slow, and not particularly fun. At the current price I would not recommend it.

    • cameron331

      Really? I love it. It's one of the first Kairosoft games in a while that caused me to lose a lot of sleep.

  • Wiggles

    Be careful, complaining about the price increase is sure to guarantee ninja attack. You have been warned!

  • GameTaco

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that the price is a dollar higher than usual.

    But: Ninjas. How can I resist?

    The screenshots make it look really fun, so it's going to be another impulse download for me, even though I have such a bad Kairosoft backlog. Haven't played one since Dream House Days and I don't think I've actually finished one since Grand Prix Story. 😛