You're excited for it, I'm excited for it, we're all freaking excited for it. What are we excited for? Why, Jet Car Stunts 2, that's what. One of the most exciting games of 2009 is finally getting a sequel, and the best part is that it's coming this week. Not long to wait now. However, developer True Axis has just released the first video footage of Jet Car Stunts 2, and once you give it a look, it'll make these last couple of days of waiting much more difficult to bear.

As mentioned, Jet Car Stunts 2 is launching this week on January 2nd. The pricing model for it is somewhat complex, but just know that this won't be your typical freemium game with gross in-app purchases. Basically, you'll get a big hunk of game with the initial free download, and then additional portions of the game can be bought as you see fit. So if you only care about a certain mode, you can just buy that particular add-on pack. If you're like me and already know you want everything Jet Car Stunts 2 has to offer, then you can get the whole shebang for five bucks. Sounds good to me. Look for more Jet Car Stunts 2 coverage later in the week.

  • JCman7

    Can't wait!!! This is going to be a great week!

  • rich_952000

    Hmm..I think I'll re-play JCS 1 in anticipation of this. 🙂

  • magnaguard123

    Dayum why DLC ?

  • pillzhereish

    "Once you give it a look, it'll make these last couple of days of waiting much more difficult to bear."

    This is so true.

  • navy2x

    Omg...can't wait

  • Jazzyjesus

    Dunno how i feel about the HUD. It looks a bit intrusive, plus it dont look that much different from the first?

    • Dammster

      Why it needs to look different?

  • iMario

    "Looks incredible" is a bit overrated. It basically still looks like JCS1. It doesn't even seem they updated the game at all apart from adding different levels and new cars, which would be a nice addition to JCS1 along with updates for the latest hardware and software.

    I was really looking forward to JCS2, and still, I will purchase it on launch day. Was just expecting a bit more since the game has been outdated for years... It's sad... Because True Axis was once of my favorite developers in the beginning of the App Store.

    • Matthew Rossman

      I was hoping for video of the level editor. Besides the UI and cars I would have thought this was JCS1.

    • Jared Nelson

      They have explained before that if they updated the original game for new hardware it would break compatibility for all the older hardware. Being that it came out in 2009 and I *believe* supports all the way back to the OG iPhone, that would be kind of messed up. Junk Jack faced a similar problem, which is why we got Junk Jack X. Besides all that there was a lot of issues tied to OpenFeint shutting down which left the original JCS high and dry. So it makes sense they'd want to start over with a brand new app.

      And, if you look through the update history of JCS, you'll see they did update it frequently for new hardware and iOS versions, all the way up until mid 2012. I think that's more than fair for a two dollar game and pretty darn good for a two person studio.

      About how it looks... I'm actually glad it looks so similar to the first. Playing the original right now and then watching the video, there are definitely visual improvements, but yes the style is mostly the same. But I like that. Plus with new modes, multiplayer, and a level editor and created level sharing, that's a whole lot of new stuff to the JCS formula. This really reminds me of what happened with Junk Jack, so maybe if they had named it Jet Car Stunts X instead of 2, expectations might be kind of different.

      • trueaxis

        Actually, in the end we chose to only support iOS6 and up.

        It wouldn't make any sense to have changed the style, it is what the game is known for, but the graphics have had a significant upgrade which is extremely obvious after playing JCS2 for a while, then going back to the original.

        Still, we did start off targeting earlier hardware, and although the cars have nice new high quality shaders, and now reflect the tracks, we might think about updating them with more detail.

  • tomj315

    I really loved the first game, but they seem to change just the cars and the levels, all the rest stayed the same.

  • Fnurgh

    Not sure "car" really fits the description of what these vehicles are doing.

    "Floaty Jet Glider" maybe?

    • trueaxis

      Just to clarify, 1 of the 7 cars can glide, and the cars generally should actually be unrealistically "fally". We increased gravity in both JCS1 and JCS2 to be greater then reality because we know from long experience making car games, that people generally have incorrect perceptions about falling speeds for large fast moving objects in video games. People often describe accurate gravity as being floaty. The problem is we are not used to seeing something big as a car do such a big jump.

      I guess the air brakes does reduce the cars terminal velocity as well.

      The physics is pretty different between all our cars, some have a lot of in air control, while some have very little. Some times it is possible to hover using the jet if you can get the car at the right angle, which is easier with some cars then others, and is always a balancing act.

      • Fnurgh

        What engine are you using?

      • C. Stubb

        "True Axis" is also the name of the physics engine they created. I don't know for sure if its what they used here, but I see no reason why they would not.

      • trueaxis

        We are using our own tech. True Axis did actually start out as a physics engine company.

  • Spudboy2012

    I always suck at games like this. Does look pretty cool though. I'll pass.

  • bigred447uk

    This looks awesome and the original is an amazing game to this day. I personally can't wait. These guys rock alongside Foursaken for putting their customers first. They spent their time on making a great game. Why try change what isn't broken.

  • ngajoe

    What's so special about this game, again?

    (Watches video)

    ...Oh, this looks good...

  • JD214

    Another one of those games that I'll download, play a few times, and delete.

  • sweetdiss

    Hmm... the obligatory backlash started sooner than I thought.

  • n8equalsd

    My body is ready.

  • Silent Rocco

    Game of the year material, right in the beginning of it.

  • DemoEvolved

    I like a game that knows how to take the best controls for its platform and the best of mirrors edge dlc and smash them together in a kinetic way

  • HelperMonkey

    I thought the first game was brilliant, but I absolutely sucked at it. Now the whole concept seems even more refined and tweaked and polished... And I'll probably suck even more at playing it. And still, for some reason, I must have it. It's masachism...

    • HelperMonkey

      Or masochism, I guess.

  • Defcubusal

    Aw man this looks great. Congrats True Axis on what looks to be another stellar release! I can't put my finger on it, but people get hyped for whatever game on whatever platform, this is my hype game for iphone and the day is almost here!

  • sonicino

    OMFG, I played the s*** out of the first game, and now finally the sequel is coming out tomorrow. I can't literally tell you how many times i've checked the website for an update to this game, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!