A few days ago we reported that Nintendo plans on "experimenting" with smartphones, meanwhile, Sony is… Oddly embracing the App Store to extend their brands to the world of iOS. First we had Knack's Quest [Free], a puzzle game, and now we're looking at Ratchet & Clank: BTN [Free].


It's an endless runner that also syncs up with the PS3 game Ratchet and Clank: Nexus to let you share your Raritanium between each title. Additionally, if you don't have a PS3 or the companion PS3 game, that's alright, Ratchet & Clank: BTN seems pretty cool by itself. And, hey, it's free.

  • lr1919

    It would be nice if they would embrace the Vita a little more...

    • peaThere

      ya dude I stopped at the psp they couldn't handle that

      • dariusjr98

        The PSP actually had a lot of good games. What a great handheld. I played mine to death, and still have one.

      • Franz Barrientos

        Cause guys like u didnt even gave vita a chance well atleast it sales is getting boost now remember psp still gets games now atleast in japan so vita has a long way to go.. Just as much as i i lovemy ipad cause of san andreas etc vita is a beast games like killzone and soul sacrfice makes nvidia shield a joke and thats my opinion

      • hakamhakam

        No, it's business. If the good doesn't satisfy the consumers' demand then it's not the consumers' fault for not buying it.

      • one.sixty.four

        If you are saying that the vita can handle better games than iPad, that is incorrect. The vita's chip is a little less powerful than the A6, not to mention the A7. So unless you have an iPad 1, vita is about the same or less powerful than iPad.

    • JD214

      Even Sony knows the Vita was a flop, no point of mobbing forward with it.

      • NOEN

        I love my Vita, but just like the PSP, the games are few and far between.

      • Xissoric

        You know they're planning on porting Borderlands 2 to the PS Vita? That alone would make it worth the buy.

      • godofodd

        Remote Play with the PS4 is a feather in its cap, as well.

      • dariusjr98

        Not a feather in the cap, but a clump of bullymong fur. (Only people who've played BL2 will get this.)

    • Bliquid


    • B3nlok

      Killzone, Uncharted, Tearway.... They did what they could but at some point has to be clear the platform is a dead end.

      • McBlink

        Disagree with "they did what they could". What they could do is, drop the price of the ridiculously high memory cards.

      • Xissoric

        Now that I agree with for sure. Prices are ridiculous for those things.

    • Fraz@TA

      What are you talking about?! The vita is doing just fine. It's a fantastic console with many great games available.

    • HansKaosu

      You can play all Playstation Mobile games on Vita.

  • PlannedObsolescence

    First iOS game i've ever installed that doesn't work, heh. just the scea black screen forever when trying to launch (and i did power cycle and reset my iphone). not surprised at Sony made this (i hate my ps3 as well - fading stars, they are). i have an iphone 4s. will have to try it on my 4th gen iPad.

    • Bliquid

      It's just bad luck. I love my Playstation products more and more, never failed.

    • themostunclean

      Hate is a strong word. Seems like you're just looking for an excuse to bash Sony. My launch PS3 has brought me fun and joy for the better part of a decade and I haven't had a single problem with it.

  • B3nlok

    Worthless. Goes straight to the garbage can. Sill looks a notch above of recent Ubisoft efforts on ios.

    • classykeyser

      Like Rayman?

      • Xissoric

        Just goes to show how some people have no idea whatsoever what they're talking about on this site. You have to take many of the things people say with a grain of salt.

      • B3nlok

        If you are ok with a crippled experience 'tailored for mobile phones' then fine. They obviously choose not to give you the whole Rayman experience by crippling the gameplay.

      • xx99

        I liked Rayman Jungle Run better than Rayman Origins on 360, having played through each. Origins is a blast and you can't deny the fun of multiplayer, but Jungle Run has tighter level design and more consistently provides challenges and thrills.

      • themostunclean

        They also keep the costs under $5 and create entire games that are optimal for touch screens. Ubisoft has been one of the most supportive big companies of iOS gaming. They consistently release quality titles built from the ground up specifically for the platform (and the limitations inherent in it). To say they see mobile gaming as a "cancer" is ludicrous. If you consider their contributions crippled, then you obviously just don't get iOS gaming at all.

      • B3nlok

        A few things

        -You might think "optimal for touch" as positive, but more often than not it leads to boring/simplistic mechanics that severely damages the overall package.

        -I'm sure the low price plays a huge role on their game design choices and its likely the main reason why their games looks so "Mobile"

        -Again, "from the ground up" doesnt mean anything. 99% of Appstore gaming collection is games that were done "from the ground up" to touch devices and they are still garbage shovelware. Much like almost the entirely Ubisoft IOS library.

        Last, obviously the cancer thing was hyperbole, but i stand by when i say Ubisoft has no interest whatsoever on the rise of the mobile segment as they see it as a threat to the AAA gaming industry i which they are a major player.

      • themostunclean

        I personally enjoy most of the titles but from your rebuttal it sounds like you have a grudge against mobile gaming in general. Most if us here are pretty loyal to the platform and are grateful for what it offers. There is a lot of muck around but the same could be said for PC gaming. Filter through that muck like any loyal gamer and you find scores of amazing experiences.

        It also seems like you have a very loose concept if what shovelware is. M&MCOH, the remastered Prince of Persia, both Rayman games are all excellent, premium titles. True the multiple U-play integration apps are a bit pointless but they aren't really games.

        Hyperbole or not, saying they see iOS gaming as a cancer is still ridiculous. It seems more like that's how you see it. I doubt that a company like Ubi would pour so much time, effort, and money into a medium that they considered pointless.

    • wildperson

      Ubisoft has done pretty well on iOS...

    • 21tigermike

      You're just hating on Sony bla bla bla


  • ImJPaul

    It's nothing groundbreaking.....but this sure is cool!

  • themostunclean

    Well it's free without any IAP so it's really pointless to complain about anything.

    • nini

      But it's a runner, a RUNNER!!

    • NinjaKitteh

      Though it is free and no IAPs. The fact there are a slew, a bevy, hell a torrent of endless runners that do nothing really to innovate the genre, it could be argued that it's a perfectly valid complaint to see a great franchise reduced to yet another blasé runner. If I may be so bold in saying so.

      • themostunclean

        I was actually thinking that the runner formula fits perfectly with R&C. The on rails (literally) portions of the originals have basically been directly copied into today's runners after all. Of course I've only played a few minutes so I can't say with any authority if they did a good job with it.

  • dariusjr98

    I would absolutely LOVE to see a Killzone game on iOS...at least an on-rails shooter, or similar to Killzone: Liberation. Liberation got a lot of undeserved hate at the time of its releas, probably because it wasn't an FPS, but that was one of the best shooters on the PSP, and the multiplayer on it was even more addicting than the multiplayer on its console big brothers. Too bad it doesn't really work anymore.

    • dariusjr98

      Why did I get a minus one?

      • B3nlok

        gryphon whith his proxy bots? That or N4g/neogaf completely took over TA....

      • themostunclean

        Someone who doesn't want another on-rails game on iOS, perhaps. I personally think it would be awesome. (+1)+(-1)=0!!

  • ZarieoZ

    Off topic but related to the hectic things that happens before the iTunes freeze. Disney just removed the energy refill system from where's my water 2. Do you guys think its worth it now. I mean it's still free, there should be a catch!!

  • clompah

    This game blows. Played it for 40 minutes and well just didn't like it. Controls were difficult. Couldn't hold and shoot without switching lanes. Im a pretty big rac fan but this game was probably better of not being made at all. Worse that quest for booty.

    • themostunclean

      You should tap to shoot, not hold.

  • Ramaz1234

    Sweet... Now hopefully Supernauts also releases before the 21st than I'm going to have an AWSOME winter break!