Here's a freebie you don't want to miss: Angry Birds Star Wars II [Free] just dropped to the low, low price of zero dollars and zero cents. I really liked the game in our review, and the lack of a price tag makes it that much more appealing.

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone loves being boisterous about how tired they are of Angry Birds, but if you haven't tried one of the recent iterations of the series you owe it to yourself to at least spend five minutes with this one before leaving an angry comment on the internet. It's really good, and surprisingly clever when it comes to switching back and forth between the birds and pigs for light and dark side stuff.

  • BlueFalcN


    • seanodotcom

      There's a dollar you'll never get back. George, you will be missed.

    • seanodotcom

      But seriously, I hate when that happens.

    • ZarieoZ

      If you really care much about not spending then you should know better than to get anything when Christmas is just around the corner, seriously. It's when all the miracles happen.

      Anyway, kinda the worst Christmas for me though, cause I already had everything I wanted, only got 2 this sale.

  • theethanman2000

    I hate when this happens with an app! most ppl don't wanna wait til it goes free so everybody buys it,( including me) then like 2 or 3 months or maybe even a year or more later they make it free and by that time almost everybody has bought it... Except 4 maybe some dude that just wanted to wait til it went free... most apps only go free for a limited time but it looks like it's gonna be free permanently... So it kinda stinks that I bought when I could of got it 4 free but ah, it's just a buck... 😀 and besides it was totally worth every penny!

  • garret44

    No thanks

  • ErnestZ80

    Will join the dork side. Or at least download it. Play?

  • Thaumite

    Why did they make this sale? It makes no CENTS.

    • Eldgrim

      *claps earnestly*

  • dancj

    Downloading, but I've no idea why. I haven't played or wanted to play an Angry Birds game for years.

  • falco

    Five freebies alerts where the other 4 ?

    • dancj

      Five alarm not five freebies.

      Though really I don't think that yet another Angry Birds game going free is even worth of one alarm.

      • falco


  • Himanshu Modi

    I have the regular, seasons, and rio versions of their game (full price) and boy has rio become a ad-spamfest.

  • blakedaking

    Contra is free as well. I normally do not buy 0.99 games when they come out for this reason

  • rabidnz

    Still wouldnt bother with yet another cheesy cookie cutter bird title

  • Illuminerdy

    You couldn't pay me to play this tripe.

  • rewind

    2 angry birds games at the top of the charts. Woweeee

  • rtdc98

    It's a darn good game