jcs2titlebigTrue Axis has finally lifted the lid off of Jet Car Stunts 2, a sequel to 2009's absolutely phenomenal Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free], with a bunch of brand new screens. The original Jet Car Stunts was something of a mixture of racing and platforming, as you directed your rocket-powered car across all sorts of crazy tracks and through the air. It was challenging just to complete a track, let alone try to get the top time in doing so, and even more of a challenge trying to finish without wrecking. It's just one of those insanely fun iOS games. A sequel has been in the works for a looooong time, but with True Axis being such a small developer and having several other projects to tend to, work on Jet Car Stunts 2 has fallen to the wayside. They've since kicked things into high gear this year, and although there's no definitive release date just yet, we should be seeing the title hit in early January. Check out how insane some of the new levels will be in these screens.


JetCarStunts2_01 JetCarStunts2_03

JetCarStunts2_04 JetCarStunts2_05

JetCarStunts2_06 JetCarStunts2_07

Some of the details and features in Jet Car Stunts 2 will include 7 different vehicles each with unique characteristics, a whopping 120 levels with 3 difficulties for each, a Level Editor and the ability to share user-created levels, leaderboards with replays including those for user created levels, a user challenge system, and more. The way the levels will break down is this: 75 Platforming levels, 25 Time Trial levels, 10 Freestyle levels and 10 Racing levels. Yes, those Racing levels mean you'll actually be racing against other vehicles for the first time in Jet Car Stunts. Also, the way the Level Editor works sounds really interesting. Apparently, you'll just need to drive the path you want with your car and the track will auto-build right under your vehicle. I'm excited to see how that works.

At any rate, if you're a fan of the first Jet Car Stunts, then you've likely already thrown this sequel on your "must have" list. If you've somehow missed out on Jet Car Stunts over the past four years, all I can say is that you'll be in for a real treat. As mentioned, Jet Car Stunts 2 should be hitting in early January, and more screens and video are sure to come before then. Keep an eye out for more, and check out what folks are saying in our forums too.

  • bigrand1

    Wow! An insane-looking sequel to an already incredible game! Unreal! Can't wait to get my grubby hands on this puppy, I'll tell you what! Sure glad the dev got around to working on this! A must-buy!

  • weisome

    One of my favorite iOS games is finally getting a sequel. Just one phrase comes to mind: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    • C. Stubb


  • postmodernpilot

    For me this is my MOST anticipated game I can even recall! This shall be a masterpiece.

  • pauldavidmerritt


  • GaZ-OiD

    Original game was superb, I'm expecting big things from this and I have a feeling I won't be disappointed fingers crossed.

  • mrmyco


  • DeInit

    Oh yeah. Though they went the Mirror's Edge Trials look to achieve a good look relying on prerenderings on the original platforms, the new devices that have come in the meantime should allow them to make the new game to look even better. But I'd really settle for the same looks and deeper physics. The original game was a blast. Been waiting for this, will buy day one.

  • lr1919

    My favorite iOS game finally gets a sequel. Can't wait!

  • bigred447uk

    I've been highly anticipating this for years ! Can't wait ! The original is still on my phone, has been since release.

  • fleshman

    Instabuy!, but can you please add game center support for the first one like you said before? OpenFeint died a long time ago :/

  • thestapler

    no words. should've sent poet.

  • tomj315

    Looks great. They really took their time with this so it needs to be great. I'm a big fan of the original one and can't wait to download this.

  • Tjosansa

    Looks like alot of shortcuts.

  • free2play4eva

    Ill pick it up if it's free otherwise no deal

  • GertjeD


  • mistygio914

    Been waiting for like a thousand years to see if the original would get widescreen support for iPhone 5