We've been teased out the wahzoo with ZeptoLab's highly-anticipated sequel Cut the Rope 2, and with the game all set to launch next week we're finally getting a nice hearty look at the actual gameplay in the game thanks to a new trailer. As you'll see, the trailer shows off some of the new environments in Cut the Rope 2, as well as the helper characters called Nommies and how they'll help you accomplish your goal of stuffing OmNom's adorable face. You'll also notice that OmNom is a lot less stationary this time around.

Basically, it looks like the Cut the Rope we know and love but much more action oriented and lively. I like it. We'll have more on Cut the Rope 2 next week, and look for it to hit most likely on Wednesday night with all the rest of the week's new releases.

  • Steve Green

    Though I planned to buy it trailer or no trailer.

  • swisssk8er1

    Looks like fun.

  • HansKaosu

    Om Nom <3

  • Deixa

    Got to admit it does look good

  • Menel

    Time machine double update this week + this next week. Merry XMAS to me!

  • BrettArchibald

    Now *THAT* is what the word "instabuy" was made for!! 🙂

  • Taclys

    Worthy of a sequel, not an update or knock off. I'm excited!

  • Park Pill

    Just perfect.

  • rewind

    Well there goes the actual concept of cutting ropes....

  • free2play4eva

    They should make it free so everyone can enjoy it 🙂