Crytek just announced a free to play mobile shooter called The Collectables. As you can see from the trailer, Crytek seems to be living up to its reputation when it comes to pumping out crazy graphics, as their mobile free to play debut looks pretty awesome:

Details are vague, but according to Crytek the game involves "commanding a squad of elite soldiers and lead them into explosive combat with strategic precision." So far they seem to be leaning pretty heavily on the free to play social stuff, which isn't much of a surprise given the ties to Mobage and DeNA. If you sign up on their web site you get access to a free in-game character and "exclusive" equipment, which we've seen DeNA do before with other games.

The Collectables is "coming soon," and with the iTunes freeze upon us I'm guessing "soon" means "the 18th," but we'll have to wait and see.

  • iammane

    I mean. Premium would have been nice. But... Well ok. Will give it a whirl 🙂

    • Scot Damn

      That's how they get ya.

      • iammane

        Yeah. I'll counter by not opening my wallet lol

      • pauldavidmerritt

        I'll wait to read impressions first, but I'll tell you right now: I'm so dang tired of Freemium. Keep that crap off the screen while I play. Geez.

      • Boris Nguetie

        I dont have anything to give them anyway lol! So i'm giving this a try! It jst looks too good!! (Visually)

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Agreed! Looks like a good one, but I won't budge unless the iap's are non-invasive on the dang screen. I don't support f2p cheez. Period.

  • androphene

    Just pre registered. This looks pretty interesting and could be a cool time killer.


    Release is 2014...

  • blackout845

    Amazing is not even the word to describe what I just saw..can't wait to se this running on my iphone 5s

  • Rusty

    I think this was the game Apple and Crytek demoed to developers at WWDC when showing off the new gamepad API. So, expect this to have gamepad support. 🙂

    • mothman99

      I'm pretty sure the guy playing it in the vid was using a controller

  • speedyph

    Looks good

  • Марат Биктимиров

    In a jungle. Go figure.

  • dariusjr98

    I'm calling it: you have to pay real cash for the "collectible" characters.

    It does look awesome they have my interest. But they'll need my attention.

  • Pray For Death

    I was interested until I saw Mobage

    • harishamir

      I think crytek is with ea right?why this game works with that crappy company?*sigh*thanks mobage for destroying the game again.......

      • Pray For Death

        EA published Crysis, but Crytek is not part of EA. They made Ryse with Microsoft, for example.

  • tylerandjennifer1

    Looks good. i'll give it a shot.

  • H4nd0fg0d


  • free2play4eva

    I'm happy for the premium model to die, freemium FTW!

  • Mr2far

    When is this coming out like I have about 8 games on my watch list I'm getting impatient lol. I reall am started to get excited for games to release on iPhone I feel like I have no life at this point hahaha

  • Kirs

    Guys, it's out in the AppStore! Published by Mobage.
    Extremely goodlooking game. The grass....oh my...
    No framerate issues here(ipad 4)