Fans of cart racing games just got another must-download to add to their lists early this morning. Angry Birds Go! [Free] finally hit App Stores worldwide after being soft launched for quite a while in a few different territories. Angry Birds Go! is a downhill cart racer, that both nails all the elements that a good kart racer should have along with including all sorts of Angry Birds trimmings to make the game even more fun.

It's free to play, so I'm not sure why you wouldn't download it to at least give it a try. I've really enjoyed what I've played so far, and all the IAP seems to be unlock-based with stuff that you can slowly grind away at anyway. The game doesn't waste much time before offering you the $6.99 coin doubler, which might be a worthy investment if you enjoy the first few races as the longer you've got the doubler active the (obviously) more coins it's going to double.

We'll have a full review and TA Plays soon, but, since it's free and all, you should really just check the game out yourself.

  • Kane


  • Ramaz1234

    Got it this morning a lot of fun so far, Gfx are way better than I expected. If now only Ski Safari Adventure Time releases today for free I will get my coffee ready to play these games all night!

  • GaZ-OiD

    So much for originality, a massive step back for the lovable angry birds 🙁

    • nini

      Seriously, it's like they can't win. "They're repeating themselves and have gotten boring, they should do something new" and when they do something new it's "they should be doing something newer than this, where's the innovation?".

      • zergslayer69

        Maybe he was hoping for something like a card game, or maybe an angry birds MOBA (that'd be weird as heck)?

      • viktor4

        sorry but look at this game - just bake AO (ambient occlusion) to the textures and it will look much better (and without any lag) and also anti aliasing is completly turned off. I understand that this game was made for low end mobile phones but for ios I was waiting something bigger. Also UI is terrible and I am saying nothing about texture sizes beeing off-scale. 🙁

      • mclifford82

        Not everyone flip-flops their opinions. The guy you're responding to very well may have always had that opinion. I know benefit of the doubt isn't something that really exists on the internet, but try it sometime.

      • dariusjr98

        Well, based on the context, it looks like he loved the original Angry Birds formula, and somehow thought it was original.

      • dariusjr98

        And also, nini was referring to Angry Birds haters in general, not just him.

    • Boony Tuesday

      Technically, the original Angry Birds wasn't an original concept. There's nothing wrong with taking an old concept and making it fun again.

  • Edwin Ramirez

    And for the first time in my life I have to ask: when is this coming out for Android?

    • Lerandir

      Already out for everything.

      • Edwin Ramirez

        Thanks, two hours after this post I was downloading the game.

  • q8719

    Finally and congrats on another kick ass game

  • Zenfar

    Enjoy a good kart game, the birds are becoming the Mario for this generation of young gamers.

    • rpgmind

      casual is the new platformer!

    • AlexMilo

      Never thought about that, but you're probably right! :O
      The game is a lot of fun and a great alternative. I've gotten extremely tired of Angry Birds since Space came out, but Go is a lot of fun. I don't think there's enough goofy racers like this out there as it is.

    • viktor4

      you are wrong because - mario was resolution of high tech and was pushing gaming foreward while angrybirds is just game for kids and is pushing mobile gaming just backward 🙁

      • mclifford82

        Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man

      • dariusjr98

        Congrats, you missed the entire point of why he compared it to Mario.

        You win nothing.

  • videba

    Surprised in a good way, not to complicated but what is there works well

  • Hampus Jensen

    I'll certainly be downloading. Already one review though and they were not happy about the f2p mechanics. Lots of grinding and 'expensive' in-app purchases apparently.

  • sf49er

    it takes 20 minutes of wait time for a single 45 second race once your credits are used up. each bird has 5 credits, so that's 100+ minutes of recharge time for 5 races that will give you less then 5 minutes of gameplay time. other birds(racers) can be achieved over time adding the amount of racers available so that helps some but at its core, you are not only having to pay to have any significant amount of gameplay time with it but at 45 seconds a race, you are having to pay quite frequently to boot. the coin doubler helps quite a bit in kart upgrades but nothing but real money helps with the timers

    • SumoSplash

      Garbage. I've had bouts of constipation that were more fun than wait timers.

  • wildperson

    Can't get through a single race without crashing on itouch 5g

  • R Skse

    bird in the icon not looking angry enough

  • GaZ-OiD

    This could have been the same kart game with new characters but these well know characters are in the game to fleece as much money as possible. Call me sceptical, no call me dead right. I know it's all about making money for the devs but I don't understand while players give these f2p games the time of day. FREE is the new computer lingo name for RIP OFF!!

    • cuw

      This is valuable insight and not just the same drivel people have been posting in every f2p game review/preview/announcement since horse armor in oblivion.

  • whitestatic

    Any truth to the ludicrous timers? Early reviews say lots of grinding, and the timers are painful.

    • ssahnan

      Yes on timers, they increase in time too the more drivers you get so the amount of races that can open up over a set period of time never increases. The timers increase to offset the extra drivers you add

  • WhiteHadal

    Got the game today and I'm having plenty of fun with it so far

  • shieldser99

    I would actually prefer it was more like Mario Kart with grand prixs, laps and 8 playable characters etc. also auto acceleration in racers spoil the fun IMO. Repetitive downhill drag races one after another to collect coins to upgrade speed, acceleration, handling and strength. Other cars need to be bought and waiting times between races as the birds get tired. Wait times are the reason people eventually put down candy crush and where my water 2.

  • shieldser99

    Ps, go to your phone settings and forward the clock 20 mins, this will also forward the game clock so you can play straight away. This little trick worked with candy crush also but once you're finished playing and want to reset your clock to the correct time then the game will make you wait for hours, as CCS was connected to face book you could just delete the game and reinstall it and not lose you progress. FYI

    • madsci

      This was working, but they updated the app today to specifically close the loop on this trick. If you update to the latest version, I bet the trick doesn't work anymore.

  • gabriel

    Why is it not for i pod 4!!!!!I hate that, its so annoying when it tells me this game is not supported on this device!!PLEASE FIX THAT!!! I really want to play it.

  • spokentruths772

    Unfortunately this game doesn't support iPod touch 4g -_- ahh whatever it's not like I was looking foward to this anyway :'/

  • Jason

    Is it possible to buy any of the cars (other than the basic three) without using real money? I can't figure out how.

    • ssahnan

      Nope. In the next three areas you also have to buy another car in each. In those you can by the worst with currencies, middle level cars with gems or the best with real cash

  • rewind

    Wow, this game is far better than I had expected. It's full of content and the energy-refill thingy isn't an issue. The only confusing part is why you are scored with 1-3 stars for each race, when you can't replay them or even view your score. Still, an great game.

    As I like to say, this game is EGGcelent.

    • Womble

      O Rovio, Rovio,
      More free karts now, Rovio

    • falco

      Yes you can replay but you have to start the whole course 1 to 5

  • madsci

    Just for kicks, I went and picked up a pack of telepods. Found out that if you scan them into the game, then quit.. The next time you open the app.. The kart is gone. You have to scan in the kart every time you want to use it in the game. So if you wanted to use your telepod kart on the road.. You'd have to bring that toy with you.
    This essentially protects against you buying, scanning in and then returning for refund.
    This, plus the energy mechanic, plus the fact that they blocked the time forwarding trick, plus so much other greedy money grabs from this game have frustrated me to the point that even though I grinded out a day of unlockables.. I had to delete. I don't stand for this new iap bull-ish model and I hope none of you do either.

  • Mauricio Masferrer

    Its lagging for my phone 🙁