505 Games' action/crafting platformer Terraria [$4.99] is getting into the holiday spirit with its latest update. Just in time for Christmas, you'll now have the chance to score a Christmas ornament when chopping down trees.

If you're able to snag said ornament, you'll be able to summon Elfa, a new Christmas pet, and creating a brand new world will give you the opportunity to discover even more new pets.

Finally, the evil mobs in the game have caught the gifting bug, and will sometimes reward you with a present for killing them. That is a truly selfless act if I've ever seen one.


If this is somehow the first you're hearing of Terraria, this is an iOS port of the hugely popular PC title that combines the crafting and building aspects of Minecraft into a more focused, action-filled side-scrolling platformer.

The iOS version is quite a bit behind the PC version, which recently received a massive update that had been months in the making, but it's still a competent and fun version to have with you on the go. I'm fairly confident 505 will continue adding to the iOS Terraria too.

We really loved Terraria on iOS in our review, so be sure to check it and its newest Christmas content out.

  • Taclys

    I've noticed tons of apps updating for the holidays. Maybe it's worth doing one big article on a list of holiday updates?

  • Ramaz1234

    The games texture is the same as before? 0.0

  • GamerGuy

    The green and red stripes...not working.

  • repapermunky

    REALLY waiting on a multiplayer, which will probably be another year. From what I've read in the past, the MP aspect of Terraria is what makes it great/shine. But I've never had it on PC. I am really liking the NPC village aspect, though. That's pretty nice. JJX can get pretty lonely, with a really unreliable online community. Building is more fun with friendly beings/goals. JJX is pretty much kill innocent animals to live, get attacked by others. However, I don't prefer one over the other.

  • DrSurvey

    I don't really want a Christmas update. What I would like is to have the full Terraria experience on my iPad. I'm not asking for 1.2 content just yet, but at least give us everything that came before 1.2. What we have at the moment is quite a stripped back, fairly simple, version of Terraria that does not reflect the quality of the full thing

    • chamillion205

      It may not be the complete version as on pc, but it still a fun game and better than alot of other ios titles.

  • ooooh

    Sod all this junk!! Give us hard mode and 1.2 update!!!! Booooooooooooo

    • anabolicMike

      Brilliant man this man