Classic-style adventure game fans have something to get excited about, as Wadjet Eye Games has confirmed to Joystiq that they're planning on bringing their back catalog of point-and-click titles to iOS. Wadjet Eye is no stranger to the App Store, as they released a port of the excellent Gemini Rue [$4.99] earlier this year and more recently a port of Shivah [$1.99] just last month, which you can see in the trailer embedded below.

While Wadjet Eye explains that they don't own the rights to Emerald City Confidential, any of the other games in their library can be ported to iOS, and they'll be starting with the Blackwell series of games. That should mean Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence and Blackwell Deception could all be on the docket. And hey, maybe a licensing agreement can be worked out to bring over Emerald City Confidential someday too. Once we have more specific information on which Blackwell games and other titles will be heading to iOS and when, we'll let you know.


  • Topbeast

    Great!! 😀

  • fleshman


  • Kristen Stewart

    Shivah looks badass from the trailer and the TA Play. How does the combat compare to the combat in Gemini Rue? (also a great story, but the combat controls on iPhone made me ragequit)

    • qmechan

      You ever play the third monkey island with the insult fighting?

      • Kristen Stewart


        Downloading now, thanks.

  • TJF588

    Did not know ECC was their work. It's been sitting in my Steam "wishlist" for ever & a day, but now I've more reason to give it a hard look.