supernautsOur planet is doomed, that's just the way it is. Whether it's a meteor striking Earth and wiping out humanity, dinosaurs resurrecting and looking for vengeance, or the polar ice caps melting and flooding the planet, our time here is limited. If that last scenario comes to pass, Finnish developer Grand Cru has an optimistic take on the disaster as evidenced by their upcoming mobile game Supernauts. The planet floods rendering current civilizations uninhabitable, but hey, luckily there's a group of superheroes ready to rebuild our civilized world on the water, in the air, and in space. See how it will all go down in the official trailer.

I don't know about you, but I get a heavy Minecraft vibe from Supernauts, even though it doesn't look a whole heck of a lot like Minecraft. But building your own creations like that giant computer or a replica of the Sphinx, especially with friends, looks incredibly fun and reminds me of some of the good times I've had building crazy things with buddies in Minecraft. Supernauts will be free-to-play and is scheduled to launch worldwide early next year, but Grand Cru will be releasing the game early in Finland tomorrow in order to celebrate Finnish Independence Day. So, if you're lucky enough to live in the beautiful land of Finland then be sure to keep an eye out for it, and for the rest of us, we'll let you know when Supernauts sees a worldwide release next year.

Update: Supernauts is also soft-launched in Canada, check out the forum thread for more.

  • B30

    Looks neat.

  • darnoc703

    A Finland apple account has been created!

    • Gucciipad

      I'll be making a Finland account too

  • Boris Nguetie

    well its free 2 play....and i'm tired of giving them a chance no matter how good the trailer looks the max i can do is play it for 30mins and delete the shit out of!!!

    • 61050

      dude, totally. i mean, what is with the developers trying to make a living anyway? los bastardos, eh?

      • Boris Nguetie

        Sorry english is not my first language i though my comment was simply implying that i dont enjoy freemiums and not that i'm hating on devs because they're trying to earn money....

    • anabolicMike

      Booyah buddy Booyah

  • HelperMonkey

    Global warming debate time!

  • .:Numero1:.

    Sorry, i can't find the app in appstore ^^'

  • Morphzeus

    Hope at iPhone 4, and not iPhone 4S

  • Morphzeus

    Ohhh, and the Game looks really interesting!

  • Shifaan

    Geez when is it releasing in Australia already?? Haha I can't wait! Anybody have any idea when it's releasing universally?

  • spokentruths772

    When is this game coming out?!?!? Lmao I've been waiting for so long for it to release and I haven't heard ANYTHING about the game since this article