Sega's Demon Tribe is a big of a jack of all trades, and I'm anxious to spend some more time with it to see which, if any, it's a master of. It's a little bit of a MOBA, a little bit of an RPG, and a little bit of a CCG. Either way, it's developed by the producer and director of the Panzer Dragoon and Yakuza series as well as Jet Grind Radio. That kind of resume buys you a hefty amount of benefit of the doubt any day in my books.

Demon Tribe will be available in the New Zealand App Store at 7:00 AM Eastern time, before it slowly filters through the various iTunes region and finally appearing for download in the US App Store at 11:00 PM tonight. Stay tuned for links to both download the game, as well as forum links to discuss it with members of the TouchArcade community.

  • TripMX

    Online only...*sniff*

    • ste86uk

      Same here, after reading MOBA, RPG and CCG I was very intrigued as soon as I heard online only I though well I should have really expect that and turned the video off.

    • KeKhan

      How can you have a Moba that NOT online?

      • ste86uk

        But it wasn't pure MOBA if it's parts of all so it could have been anything. I'll still take a look if it's free but I tend not to buy online as I live in the middle of nowhere with a poor connection

      • Sebastian Gomez

        Hello, neighbor :')

      • defunct32

        Where are you exactly? Just curious is all.

  • bobbstermang

    This looks very intriguing.

  • JJE McManus

    Looks like countless other Japanese cow clickers except with a different set of art resources. It seems to me that it's about a mile wide and an inch deep. Big pass.

  • kenken11

    Demon tribe for me this week only, I passing on others!

  • kenken11

    Can anyone tell me if this is coming to US today or not?

  • Trickoy

    Still not out yet?

    • sinmantky

      It's out in the US store for me

  • bored2death

    No. It's not even in the nz store

  • REkzkaRZ

    I'd def want to play a game where I can transform into a big Power Rangers MegaZord / Ultraman type and have some giant sized battles ...
    the gameplay of this thing looked like WEAK SAUCE.
    gotta pass.