One of my favorite things about the App Store is the weird games that leak out of it every now and again. The Rivers of Alice seems to fall squarely inside of that category, with weird interactions such as picking up random sticks floating town a river to smack some kind of worm-looking sloth to see a weird series of images that have to do with dragonflies. I'm anxious to figure it all out, but, check out our video if you want to see what I'm talking about.

The Rivers of Alice is scheduled for a US release tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern. Our forums are filled with first impressions of the game, so swing by and check that out if you're looking for more than this video.

International App Store Link: The Rivers of Alice, $4.99

  • Lazer Kat

    Can't watch the video now.
    Can someone give me an idea as to how good it looks, the gameplay style, and if they seemed to like it?

  • toxiccheese

    The art style is very well done... Fits well with the weirdness. I'm in.

  • loox

    Thanks for this video. Made me want to get this game I'd otherwise have overlooked. Awesome! Thanks.

  • addicted2games

    Still unsure whether to purchase this game. The art style looks nice and goes well with the music but will the gameplay let the game down. I'll wait for a TA review and rating.

  • daniel schroeder

    Eli, you might be thinking of Shel Silverstein when talking about the art style.