Last night at Midnight Pacific time Apple started selling the new iPad mini with Retina Display on the Apple Store. As of this writing, the WiFi iPad mini is shipping in 1-3 business days, while the LTE models are shipping in 5-10 business days. There's also a personal pickup option to get your iPad mini with Retina Display in an actual Apple Store, although none that I've been able to find are showing any availability. Perhaps that will change throughout the day.

Apple's PR on the release also mentions availability through cellular carriers and authorized resellers, but until businesses start opening up we can't confirm any kind of availability. As it is, it seems like you're better off ordering from Apple direct, and if you can find one locally just cancel your order… That's what I'm doing, anyway.

  • Boobi

    Any specs up. Need to know if its iPad Air just smaller. Right now still torn which to get.

    • renatpl

      It's a smaller ipad air, same guts

      • blackbear219

        I've heard it may have less RAM. true? false? maybe?

      • dancj

        That would give it less ram than the iPad 3 and the iPhone. 5 - so I highly doubt it for a device with that resolution.

      • mclifford82

        Same RAM, slightly lower clock speed

  • renatpl

    I've been waiting for a long time to get a mini and this will be it but as a Brazilian, I have to wait more, maybe end of December 🙁

  • MkRwilliams

    Gawd dammit Eli!

    You had to shout it out to the world and tell everyone it was a silent release
    Thanks! - Apple

    Something like that ^^ XD

    Keep up the good work guys (and girls)

  • godofodd

    I've never been so happy to be up at 4:30am for work. I was expecting the late November release and having to do a mad dash to order one before they sold out. This silent launch worked in my favour.

    • Sojourn

      Were you able to get one? Good luck!

      • godofodd

        I ordered online and I've received an order confirmation stating that it's ready to ship. With any luck, I'll get shipping confirmation later today or early tomorrow.

  • Poo

    Bench markssssss. Can't order mine until the house I'm building is finished so if they're sold out ill just wait. Can't wait for shadow run to run smoothly!!

  • Fangbone

    I need $600 like now

  • one.sixty.four

    Awesomeness!!! My apple store doesn't open until 10 so I guess I'll be waiting to see the availability until then.

  • 72gaz

    How about quietly launching some control pads!

  • Kane

    Now that the security researchers can get hold of the Mini 2, we may see a Jailbreak very soon!

    • PresidentZer0

      Doesn't really matter. The a7 chip and th ios versions are all the same since iPhone 5s

      • Kane

        They still need to get there hands on all current devices, to release a fully working JB. Doesn't matter if they're the same, better to have a reliable JB instead of screwing mini owners.. In case something goes wrong.

  • Devok

    So ipad mini was like ipad 3, so ipad mini 1 is like ipad 4, that makes complete sense.

    • Atomos

      You have that backwards. The Mini was an iPad 2. The Mini Retina is the iPad Air, just smaller and with a slightly reduced clock speed.