When Dead Trigger [Free] first came out, it was an instant hit. It had amazing graphics, and it was fun to kill zombies. It was so popular, that the Android version was eventually made free due to the amount of people sideloading it. The downfalls? Extremely repetitive gameplay, enemies that pretty much were cookie cutter of each other, and an annoying paywall grind. But… it looked good.

Madfinger has recently released Dead Trigger 2 [Free], and while it is a great improvement over the original in almost every way, there are still some issues, most of which existed in the first game as well.

After an unskippable and fairly boring video which introduces you to the very basic backstory (that serves as little more than to warrant being another game with zombies, really), you begin in the grand ole U.S. of A. Eventually you’ll trek to another continent, where, surprise surprise, the same thing is happening.


One of the biggest new features is auto-firing. Upon starting the game, this method is defaulted. You don’t aim and shoot at zombies, you just aim, and your weapon will fire automatically. I have zero clue as to why this control scheme was implemented, much less used by default. It’s easy enough to swap to a normal control scheme, but the question of why is still lingering.

Just like the original game, Dead Trigger 2 is graphically very nice, and just as bloody and gory. There are finer details too, such as walking under a leaking spout and having water droplets fall in your vision. Madfinger has also baked in gamepad support, so if you’re the type who enjoys these games with a controller of some sort, you’ll be able to.

The sound throughout the game is decent, from the firing of your gun to the satisfying thwack of knocking some geek in the back of the head. Atmospheric effects are what you’d expect, as is the voice acting; there isn’t a lot of it, but they all sound chipper, considering the situation, which doesn’t fit with the environment they’re trying to create.

Throughout the course of the game, you’ll get to take on zombies that come with a bit more variety this time around, making the world feel a little more alive (hah) than in the previous game. And you’ll be killing these new zombies in new mission types. You’ll have to escort people, or locate items, while still having some of the original mission structures to contend with (kill x amount or survive x amount of time). It’s definitely a nice change of pace. You’ll also be able to control turrets, and go up against super zombies on your mission to save mankind until the next forthcoming zombie apocalypse. Luckily this time around, there is no energy meter that might deter your progress, and you’re free to play to your heart’s content.


Another new feature in this installment is the hideout, where you can build workstations and upgrade items. You can craft medical supplies and explosives, to name but a couple. Each item you craft requires time to produce. This adds a new dimension to the game, as each upgrade increases efficiency, which makes you a faster, better killer of the undead, but because Dead Trigger 2 is a freemium game, you can expect to either spend hours grinding for the necessary cash and parts (such as blueprints, which are random drops), or spending some real money.

The IAP is pretty much the same as in the original, where you can buy gold and cash. You aren’t harassed to buy any either, however, nor are any aspects of the game behind a forced paywall.

Oddly, the game requires an internet connection. For a game with no multiplayer (yet) and no worthwhile online component, this seems an odd choice.

At the end of the day, while Dead Trigger 2 is a nice improvement, it’s still overly repetitive. The new variety of enemies and different mission options are nice, however, the basic structure is still the same, and if you found yourself getting bored quickly with the first one, you probably will with this one.

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  • MkRwilliams

    Somone, please enlighten me on what IAP means, thankyou 🙂

    • Lazyninja7

      IAP Means in-app-purchase, being an in game currency or object that you purchase with real money, through your apple account 🙂

  • Based Xatu

    This game makes me feel like a rich toddler, it's always holding my hand and asking for money.

    • themostunclean

      You mean feel like IT's a rich toddler?

      I'm picturing a little brat in a little tuxedo and monocle with Pomade-slick hair and a fat cigar dangling out of his mouth.

    • dariusjr98

      Didn't someone already post this somewhere else a while back? Are you just reposting this to get a bunch of likes?

  • liverpoolfcxx9

    i deleted it within 10 minutes of downloading... for a game with so much potential they ruined it... they should actually make a real story instead of little missions with basic objectives

  • Lazyninja7

    This game is more feature-rich than it's predecessor, but oddly enough, I feel like it looks a little worse than the first one (Same device both games; IPod touch 5G). Anyone noticed this?

    • https://weheartit.com/cantst0pfallinginL0ve ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

      yes, and DT2 don't even have iOS game center support like 1 did , which gives me zero incentive to grind & kill any more zombies , since my friends can't compete with each other & challenge with achievements & ranking

    • https://weheartit.com/cantst0pfallinginL0ve ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

      Gunner Z is my new fav

  • Elmo Rabisto

    Haha, they didn't buy ads here @ TA, eh?

    • themostunclean

      Always gotta be that one idiot....

      Just to shove some reality in your face- the first DT game was advertised all over TA yet still got poorly reviewed.

  • aesthetical

    This is actually the game I've been waiting on. Absolutely love the auto fire (I've always found that having a separate button for fire makes it feel like a resident evil game...stop shoot run stop shoot etc).

    *Semi spoilers*
    I can understand why there's confusion around the online requirement...I think it's related to the part once you get to the next continent there's a group tally of kills and whoever participates in the event is rewarded once the final tally is achieved.

    • Adsinjapan

      I only own the wifi ipad and tend to play games when I'm away from a connection. Should I ever reach the second continent, I doubt I'd be all that fussed to participate in a competition and rather have the choice to opt out of it completely if it's only going to eff up my playing time.

      • themostunclean

        Actually, that original post is wrong. The only reason for online connection is digital rights management (prevent piracy and IAP cheats). It's annoying but unfortunately the way things are heading for the whole industry.

  • http://www.thomadaneau.com/ Thoma Daneau

    I played the game 3-4 hours and... It's a grinding galore. When you get your guys to level 2 and want to produce a new weapon.. You have to do all this :
    Get the tech guy to level 3, upgrade the gunsmith to level 3, produce the gun.. All this is like 20k... and you get 1,4k per mission. Seriously.

    Love the auto-aim, easier to play.

    Graphics are cool and everyrhing.. but also feel repetitive.

    • Lamarrwoodleys Bluntforcetraum

      It gets better in that respect. Im at level 39...all but engineer is level9.....getting 30,000 a mission (due to a one time 4.99 purchase for money booster thus doubling the 15,000 per mission on hard)...the time wait sorta blows but the better guns rock. Im wondering what will hapen when I have all techs at level9 and have all weapons upgraded?

  • metalcasket

    Before the internet implodes, keep in mind that (according to TouchArcade, at least) this is just as good as LIMBO. Think about that. 😉 😛

  • Taclys

    I actually quite enjoyed it, but then again, I like Call of Duty zombies. This has a similar flavor n

  • mako9227

    I like how TA noted that it was an "odd choice" to require an internet connection in order to play. Just to clarify, the ONLY reason that an internet connection is required is to force players to actually WAIT FOR TIMERS or be forced to pay. When I realized this I lost all respect I had for these "developers." When a "developer" chooses to add timers it shows that they no longer care about the quality if their game, but instead are focused solely on profit. The fact that they have to police players from cheating timers IN A SINGLE PLAYER GAME is just sad.

    • wildperson

      "Only reason".
      Oh that's cute

    • rogel5

      I didn't realise that's why they made these freemium games require a connection but it makes sense.

      Sadly this means this game joins a growing collection which I have downloaded, and then the first time I have come to open them is on the tube or a flight or somewhere else without connectivity so they can't start. Insta-delete.

      Such massive downloads should be held account for crimes against the internet pipes if they don't mention the requirement clearly in the description. Me, I have learned my lesson and won't download any more freemium, I promise.

    • themostunclean

      Just to let you know, preventing timer cheats is the least of the reasons for online connection. A huge issue with mobile games is piracy, the online connection is mainly for DRM and to prevent hacking of the IAP system. The fact it keeps people from cheating timers by manually setting their device date/time is secondary to this.

    • themostunclean

      One more thing. The developers make an easy target when you're frustrated about this type of thing but you're way off base.

      I have no love for DT2 at all but if you want to know where the blame really rests, look at the scumbags who would rather pirate a $2.99 mobile game than pay for it.

      These people are a big part of the reason devs are moving to freemium (the other part being idiot casual gamers with too much money) and including required internet connections in their games.

      • dancj

        Really on iOS only a small percentage of devices are jailbroken and a smaller (don't know how much) percentage of those will be pirates so I doubt that's really the problem.

        The bigger problem is that the App Store is so massively over-saturated and cheap that there's beer a reason to pay more than 69p (or in many cases anything at all) for a game.

      • themostunclean

        Being that many games are cross-platform, piracy is definitely a consideration. The ease of stealing games on Android definitely effects those of us on iOS as well. Although your point is equally valid, the glut of cheap games and clueless casual gamers with money to burn on IAP is definitely a major force.

      • dancj

        True. Piracy is a much bigger problem on Android and for something games that will have a knock-on effect on iOS.

        Dead Trigger was always a freemium style game even when it was paid though.

      • t0panka

        Actually first DT was at first for 1$ but then developers decided to make it free because 95% (or some EPIC number like this i don't remember exactly) was pirated! I think that madfinger write it somewhere here on TA. Also i remember RocketCat games who made all those "hook games" fell on mouth with one game only because almost all of their downloads was pirated! So themostunclean is totally right and i fear that freemium is spreading everywhere (wait for movies for free but you need to pay to see second half or something like that or games for PC or consoles for free but with freemium like RR3 .) so we are doomed only because piracy and dont get me wrong i do this myself with movies or TV shows because there is no way i can watch or see that in my country. On iP and my mac is everything paid for

  • Adsinjapan

    Three stars is probably about right.
    Although I wasn't as much a Dead Trigger diehard fan as some, I still enjoyed the occasional round or two of zombie killing. Let's face it, there are few decent looking FPS games on iOS.
    Since the new game came out, my interests were piqued a little more, but soon dropped down to usual levels upon discovering the internet connection requirement .
    If the devs ever want to improve the review scores of their sequel, then they REALLY need to drop the internet only aspect.
    Right now, I'm barely touching the game because of it, and it looks like other iOS devs are doing the same, which is greatly disappointing.

  • Wave_Rider99

    Love this game, the new auto shoot feature is excellent and deals much more natural on a touchscreen device, i tried turning back to the manual shoot and died instantly. My only problem with this game is the internet requirement. 4 or 4.5/5

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    "I have zero clue as to why this control scheme was implemented.." Do you not realize how terrible FPS games are on a touchscreen device? They get mocked they're so bad. I'd link an example but this comment wouldn't get posted if I did... Game developers have tried like crazy to make them better, (The Drowning, Deus Ex, COD) and you start out saying such a thing with your review? Touchscreen devices are not equal to traditional gamepads or mouse and keyboard setups. To me, they aren't even acceptable.

    The main part holding a touchscreen back is the fact that you have to take your finger off your "look" area to fire your weapon. This results is fumbling with the controls which turns most potential FPS players such as myself away. There is little room on a touch device and no triggers on the back of any iDevice that I'm aware of. I think DT2 got it right with auto-fire (not to be confused with auto-aim which sucks). I would fire once I lined my shot up anyway on any other acceptable platform, so why not eliminate the one step that makes touchscreens so inferior?

    Than you go on to say it being a default is a lingering question. I'll take a wild guess here, so that they can introduce this new feature to all new players? Perhaps even getting new players who normally wouldn't give a touchscreen FPS the time of day? If you couldn't change it to another scheme, that would be one thing. But you can if you so choose...

    I'd like to see future FPS games implement this feature as at least an option.

    • sticktron

      You can switch to your left thumb for looking/aiming while your right thumb is shooting. That is if the touch zones are split well (1/3-2/3).

    • dariusjr98

      Jesus, calm down.

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

        Are you slow? There is no tone in text. Contribute or spare me your waste.

      • dariusjr98

        What is your problem? This is the reason you're one of my least favorite TA users.

      • dariusjr98

        What is your problem? This is the reason you're one of my least favorite TA users.

      • SluttyMary

        Jesus is dead Jim. He's a zombie now

  • soundshaper

    I find the auto-fire feature spot on for touch screen devices (when no controllers used)

    Is it that NOT obvious? you can always choose to deactivate it, sweet! But for FPS with little strategic/tactical gameplay, I find it even mandatory ! Hope this option will be wildly implemented in more and more Shooters !!!
    Deaf Trigger is pretty cool, I enjoy blasting zombies in short sessions (like for a few missions...) keep it short, come back later and kill more zombies. Enjoy the free game 🙂

  • renatpl

    I love this game but i will get bored once i get the most powerful weapons and then, move to my "Gamed" folder waiting for updates

    • t0panka

      That will be sooner than you think. Go to page 44 in forums for DT2 ... i can't wait!!!! .)

  • ste86uk

    Deleted due to Internet requirement for no apparent reason

    • t0panka

      Go to page 44 on TA thread for DT2

  • Dammster

    I love the new auto-fire feature! The game feels much better than other games which require to lift my finger to separate button because at that moment I CANNOT aim.
    I really hope for more games to implement this at least as optional feature.

  • jonnyboi51

    The reason they add the auto fire was because so many people complained about to many buttons, not enough space for your fingers and bad aiming control. I don't see any other free game, that doesn't shove IAP in your face, and look this good out there.

  • jonnyboi51

    The reason they add the auto fire was because so many people complained about to many buttons, not enough space for your fingers and bad aiming control. I don't see any other free game, that doesn't shove IAP in your face, and look this good out there.

  • CzechCongo

    Never installed, requires iOS 7.

    • https://weheartit.com/cantst0pfallinginL0ve ⭐沛霖⭐㊗

      who likes to use outdated old looking stuff, its your own problem , its people like YOU dragging down everything ! fuckface

      • SluttyMary

        lol... ios is substandard in virtually every way... it just costs more to get fucked over.

  • http://crazymikesapps.com/ crazymikesapps

    James, nice article and fair depiction. I am pretty sure (like the dumb news guy from SNL) that they should be adding multiplayer gameplay. But the original roll out of this game was rushed IMO. Also, a tip for anyone who does purchase In App Purchases. If you delete the game through a restore without backup you do not get any IAP purchases restored. Also, a tip for the sniper gameplay: hold your right finger on the screen and you can guide the bullet, makes this game shooting mode a lot easier. Enjoy!

  • Lamarrwoodleys Bluntforcetraum

    What happens aftee all

DEAD TRIGGER 2 Reviewed by James Paterson on . Rating: 3