Here's a nice treat if you're looking for something to do this weekend. Farseer Games' quirky physics-based, stunt-skiing, evil robot-killing game Krashlander [$1.99] is free until Monday. Krashlander originally launched way back in February of this year, and you may remember that we took it for a spin in a TA Plays video where we showcased just how much we sucked at the game. It wasn't just us though, as Krashlander used unique mechanics that relied heavily on the position of your skier and the physics system to accomplish what you needed to do for each level. In fact it was such a tricky game to grasp that the game's developer Jeff Weber offered up some tips to try and help players click with the game. Krashlander was such an interesting and unique game that it was worth putting the time into understanding how to play.

Well, it was a long, long time coming but this past week Krashlander received its first ever update which, among adding a brand new Orange World with 10 new levels, introduced a more friendly tutorial system and three different difficulty settings to help novice players warm up to the game more easily.

The Novice difficulty gives you better control of the in-air rotation of your skier, and makes it much easier to stick landings, though at the expense of realism. For using this easier system you'll only earn a single point for each evil robot you destroy in a level. The Expert difficulty is keeps everything the same as the initial version of the game, which as we all know has a steeper learning curve and more demanding physics but will net you two points for every robot you kill.

Finally, a new Elite difficulty gives no assistance for aerial rotation or physics and is much, much more difficult, but rewards you with a whole three points for every robot that's destroyed in a level. Believe it or not, some people actually clicked immediately with the original version of Krashlander and found it too easy, so this mode gives them something more difficult to master.

This latest update also adds the ability to record and share replays of your runs as well as fixes some bugs and makes general tweaks to improve the overall Krashlander experience. With its clean visuals, unique controls and physics system, and clever level designs, Krashlander is one of those offbeat games that feels like a great fit for mobile devices. Now that it's finally received this big update, it's also a more approachable experience for newbies, and even offers up some new challenge to veterans. Definitely give it a download during the free promotion.

  • 2banrey7

    Downloading because it's free and no memory that large thanks for this

  • MoHeyNow

    This game is AWESOME! Finished the new levels and already can't wait for the next update!

  • Elmo Rabisto

    The first four levels were ok, then I stopped.

    • 2banrey7


    • Zeldaniac

      It doesn't get really fun until the second world when you really "get" the controls. Persevere!

    • otawong

      Same as well. I get the feeling that this game is pretty love it or hate it.

  • WhiteHadal

    it's actually very fun (:3)

  • cloudpuff

    I tried this a week or so ago and just couldn't "get" it. I'm hoping I had the version before the update, if so ill reload and give it another go. It looks really fun but it kind of felt like hard work trying to click with the controls and there are so many unplayed games on my device that I end up moving along.

    • JeffWeber

      Hey cloudpuff,

      I'm the developer of Krashlander. Be sure to start out playing the Novice levels and really pay attention to the in-game tutorials in the Blue world.
      The game controls feel VERY un-natural at first, but if you stick with it you will find they soon become very fluid and intuitive.
      And if in the end, the game just isn't for you I don't blame you for moving on to one of your other games. 🙂 No shortage of those in iOS.


      • MonkeyChunks

        Strange that sound is coming from the wrong speaker. Shouldn't it be coming from bottom speaker of the iPhone or iPod? It comes from the speaker that is used to speak on the phone instead.

  • rco

    Made it through level 7, then gave up. Jeff, I think you're going to lose a lot of people there. The physics in Krashlander seems a bit, erm, idiosyncratic, and as of level 7 I don't see a way to figure it out besides trial-and-error. Looooots of trial-and-error. Which is sort of the opposite of fun.

    • JeffWeber

      Thanks for the feedback, rco. For the record, on level 7, to get the guy on the right, do nothing... just stay crouched and you will go over the peak on the right.
      For the guy on the left, stay crouched and at the top of the hill, jump by lifting your thumb of the touch pad and tapping the top of the screen. This will push krashlander over the peak on the left.


  • iamspence

    Somehow it's reflected as SGD$1.28 on Singapore's AppStore. Is the sale only for selected countries ?

    • JeffWeber

      I think it's probably because it's actually Monday in Singapore. Sale is only fri, sat, sun. Sorry.

  • ebog

    It plays a role for regular skiing. I actually find it fun, stress relief is. really is a game worth playing

  • moeTi

    I bought it on the first day when it was released and got 3 stars on all levels. I was really excited about the update and now 3-stared all levels in all 3 difficulties again. Really a good game, I like the trial'n'error stuff and the experience you gain with every level.
    Definitely not for everyone, but I had a lot of fun with it

  • Lazer Kat

    I guess I just don't get it.
    I can't think of any reason to make the controls much more difficult and less intuitive than they need to be,

  • MonkeyChunks

    Why on earth does the sound in the game come from the phone speaker and not from actual audio speaker on the bottom?

    • JeffWeber

      Hey MonkeyChunks.

      Sorry about the sound issues.

      I've had a few reports of this. I'm looking into it. I think it only happens on certain devices. Which device are you playing on ?

      • MonkeyChunks

        iPhone 5s