The first game of tonight's onslaught that we checked out is Mega Dead Pixel, a free to play avoidance game of sorts from Chillingo. The premise is a little weird, as you play as a pixel sliding down the screen and you've got to graze black pixel art to color it. After doing this enough times in a row, you turn into a mega pixel and can blast away loads of the dark pixels. It's a little basic at first, but maybe it improves as you get unlocking things.

Mega Dead Pixel was released this morning in New Zealand and is rolling out across iTunes regions before it inevitably hits the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern. For more about the game, check out our forums.

International App Store Link: Mega Dead Pixel, Free

  • Scorpion008

    Crappy gameplay, in app purchases, minimal effort art. Pass.

    • wiinwinn

      no in-app purchased and the game is great 🙂

      • Scorpion008

        I thought I spotted them in the demo. Oh well, I still hold to tho other points.