Alright, I'll come clean, when I first heard about Star Wars Pinball [$1.99] I was super skeptical, largely thanks to the "movie games and tie-ins are traditionally bad" universal law of gaming. However, at this point, Zen Studios has proven me wrong about a dozen times over, as Star Wars Pinball is not only a great game, but their commitment to continually releasing new content is awesome.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Darth Vader table:

According to Zen Studios, this new table will allow players to "Experience the power of the Dark Side as you flip your way through the biggest moments in Lord Vader’s life, packed with his most memorable quotes and scenes from the beloved Star Wars films." It'll be available next week, presumably for the same $1.99 IAP as the other fantastic tables they've released.

  • otakuzod

    The only prequel moment I'd actually want to see in here is the duel with Kenobi from Episode III. I'll still buy this table regardless though.

  • Sean Crotty

    If I were to buy just one of the existing Zen Star Wars tables, which would you recommend?

  • Arnaud_B

    The first one is far more the best

    • Sean Crotty

      Thanks, Arnaud! You're referring to the "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" table?

      • Arnaud_B

        Yes ! The one with Boba Fett. But If you're a big Vader fan you can wait until tonight 😉

      • JCman7

        Tables come out next week

  • Taclys

    Is it just me, or does Star Wars get more games and merchandise than it deserves? Seriously, if it exists, there's a Star Wars version of it somewhere. I would consider Lord of the Rings another excellent movie series, yet you don't see LOTR whoring itself as much.

    • toxiccheese

      I remember watching the original ep4 Star Wars in a theater in 1977... That's 36 years of building up a strong fan base. Maybe in another 30 years LOTR will have just as strong of a following and we will continue seeing games and merchandising for the brand.

      • Taclys

        Lord of the Rings has had a book-cult since the thing was published. The fan base didn't grow out of nowhere when Fellowship of the Ring was announced. But, the movies did give it a lot of popularity. I hope LOTR doesn't throw licenses around so freely though.