October_08__2013_at_0103AM (1)If you wind the clocks back to the days before the App Store, the closest thing we had to any kind of game (Assuming you weren't in the super-early jailbreaking scene) were very basic HTML-driven browser games. They weren't pretty, but, they worked.

This is what makes Dominic Szablewski's X-Type noteworthy, as it is pretty. Surprisingly so, especially for a browser game. All you need to do to play it is mash this link on your iPhone, and you're good to go. Gameplay is a little simple, and basically consists of destroying increasingly elaborate bosses, but it's really neat when you consider that this is all being rendered inside of your browser using HTML 5.

Dominic has a whole bunch of other cool stuff on his web site, including his Oculus Rift port of Quake, game engines, and a few other HTML 5 games to fiddle with. Be sure to check it out.

  • TarePlays


    • TechUser2011

      I played this on my desktop browser. You can use the keyboard and mouse, which is so much easier than the twin sticks.

    • sherryscott44

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      • Th3R3n3gad3

        Shut up spammer.

  • the fish

    Looks really good.

  • ngajoe

    Wow, that is cool!
    The wheels are turning now...

  • dogface

    Added to home screen. Sweet!

  • Zepfhyr

    It's also available in the App Store.

    • Royce

      Yeah I really don't get this story. Basically this says to me "A game we didn't think was noteworthy when released on the AppStore is now playable in your browser! OMG the novelty of technology that predates the AppStore."

      • Yukari

        Yeah I really don't get this post. Basically it says to me "OMG I don't understand the relevance of this post so I will belittle it to make myself seem superior OMG" dumbass.

      • Royce

        What is the relevance then?

      • Zepfhyr

        Actually, it was released on the website back in 2012 and it just now started gaining attention. It was released for the App Store in February.

  • err404

    This really shows the diference between the Safari JavaScript engine and the public available one. On my iPad 3 it's the difference between 2 FPS in Chrome vs 20 FPS in Safari. I'll need to try this on my n7 later.

  • Nekku


  • mudd

    It's a little cramped for my awkward monkey paws and a 4s, but I can't put it down. (Partially due to being cramped up, but whatever)

  • mclifford82

    Damn I hope they keep fleshing this game out. I would love to make something so pretty.