GamevilNews is just coming out of the East that the two South Korean mobile gaming giants, Gamevil and Com2uS are now one. Per Livedoor [Translated], Gamevil has bought a majority stake in Com2uS to the tune of 70 billion South Korean won, which is the US equivalent of a little over $65 million.

Gamevil and Com2uS have been directly competing in the mobile world basically forever, with the App Store serving as their latest game development battlefield. It's easy to get super speculative as to what's going to happen with popular Com2uS games, how the Com2uS IP and online services will merge with what Gamevil is offering, and more... But, all we know right now is that Gamevil has tossed out a whole ton of cash, and the power that be at Com2uS responded with a "Sure, let's do this."

How about a Zenonia and Inotia crossover?!

  • lr1919

    Freemium Crap * Freemium Crap = Freemium Crap^2

    • alex98909

      gameloft and com2us was fine

    • Theifokit

      Usually a negative times a negative equals a positive but math and video games usually don't mix.

    • iTester


  • Rejera

    Hmm.. This could be a good thing or, since dominate the ARPG field, could make their games horribly infested with IAP's. More so then they are now.

    • B30

      "More so then they are now."

      Is this even possible?

      • defunct32

        You better believe it!

  • defunct32

    IAPs galore!

  • VeganTnT

    Baseball superstars and Homerun battle 3D crossover game!

  • Raka Mahesa

    Oh my god, ZenoniaXInotia?! 0.o

    • darkfyra

      that really does sound great even if Gamevil became money hungry

  • B30

    That's their new name: EvenmoregamEvil4us

  • metalmandave83

    ...and no one cared

    • Eli Hodapp

      ...Which is exactly why this is our most popular story of the morning.

      *golf clap*

      • Onikage725

        11 comments (12 now). Slow morning.

      • Eli Hodapp

        I meant traffic-wise. Not everyone who reads a story feels compelled to leave a comment. 🙂

  • ngajoe

    Yo dawg, I heard you like IAPs...

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    I always confused these two anyway ... seems like it would be good synergy and cross-pollination of ideas and stuff.

  • bleeps

    I can't unsee the evil in Gamevil.

  • Deixa

    Gamevil new developer name, iAPunstopable

  • Amenbrother

    Where is Inotia 5!

  • homosaur

    Gamevil was pretty bad 2 years ago but I tried the new Baseball Superstars and Zenonia 5 mad thought they were far less egregious with the abuse of IAP than their predecessor.

    • darkfyra


  • imuddy

    Hurry up EA and buy Gameloft already. Gamevil is starting to climb on the poll of greedy,useless, pay2win company.

  • worldcitizen1919

    9 innings and their golf game are already full of IAP .

  • ODMay

    G▲MEVIL... see what I did there?

    • defunct32

      Illuminaughties! Stop!

  • 21tigermike

    Isn't competition a great th----oh wait.. :'(

  • Kedens

    Gamevil was pretty good in the days of Zenonia 1 & 2 but when freemium took off they went all in and I won't even look at their garbage now.

    • darkfyra

      the sad thing is their games still look great and have better gameplay than most of what we see on mobile but all of them are pay2win.What's weird is that those two specific companies own great games ruined by iaps with wasted potential

  • iTester

    Freemium crap collaboration

  • CDRwasabi

    They can pay $65m for com2us but they can't effin update any of the good zenonias with iPhone 5 resolution??? Talk about cheap....

  • Mullet Guy

    I played and completed Zenonia 1 and Zenonia 2, I had an attempt at Zenonia 3 but the amount of crap that they put in their games eventually made it unplayable. It's a shame, the games were good until they were trying to shoehorn money-making outlets into their games.

  • epik5

    how much fun i had with caligo chasers by com2us i cant wait to see the next gen zenonia/inotia

  • epik5