The PC release of The Cave has some high and low points of the game, with an average settling around 68. The iOS port isn't that great either, with some confusing touch interface elements and an oddly low frame rate on my iPad 4. Who knows if that will (or can) be fixed with updates, but if you were waiting for an iOS version of The Cave, here it is.

The Cave should be available shortly, at 11:00 PM Eastern. For more on the game, check out the thread in our forums.

International App Store Link: The Cave, $4.99

  • Lazer Kat

    Wrong video

    • darnoc703

      Ya I noticed that too... Wtf?

    • Eli Hodapp


      • darnoc703

        Now it's fixed lol

  • The Gamer Dude

    Guys you might want to link this video to the right article, or get the right video you nutters.

    Lol wankers

  • lewsheff

    This game is awesome, touch controls Are not perfect but it adds to the challenge for me. The frame rate is fine, a stutter nown again but not a issue, it's nice to see a game with decent aliasing tbh.

    • toxiccheese

      Touch controls aren't great but it adds to the challenge? Really? Who wants to fight the controls in a game? That's not a challenge, it's poor execution by the dev.

      • PresidentZer0

        Why just don't to virtual buttons and mfi support? Why do so many have to be fancy in terms of touch controls? Most of the time it doesn't work. Especially on platformers....

      • lewsheff

        But the controls aren't poor, what I mean is I like how it takes skill to execute jumps, like limbo and prince of Persia for ios. Just takes practice. Virtual controls look like shit in my opinion.

  • toxiccheese

    Played this on my Mac (steam). It's awesome.

  • JPhilipp

    The PC version was lovely, with only the controls and running around a minus (e.g. jumping onto a platform was unfortunately more of a chore than anything in this game). Still, absolute gold to play.