The original Trace [Free] was released during a time in the history of the App Store where the concept of drawing a line to do something in a game was practically a mind-blowing thing- Especially when it came to actively modifying the world you interact with. So, understandably, Trace seemed to do pretty well. Here we have Trace 2 [$2.99] which is largely the same idea, but with way more content. I'm ridiculously curious to see how this does, as I feel like the App Store has moved on to a place beyond stick figures and line drawing, but, I am often very wrong on these things.

Our forum community seems really excited about the game, so, that's definitely a strike against my initial notions. Regardless, I'm very curious to see how this one plays out in the charts.

  • Taylor Calderone

    About the game mechanics - World 1 (shown here) is the introduction to the game and is exactly the same as Trace 1. Worlds 2-8 (not shown here) add new mechanics, one for each world.

  • cosmicrob

    I played the first Trace to the end and loved it. It was original, challenging, and the music was very chill. I'll be getting this one soon.

  • GiHubb

    There was a Kirby game for the Nintendo DS which was really great. Trace back in the day seemed like a fairly bland ripoff although it too had its moments, but nothing compared to Kirby. I'm surprised no one has tried to do a better job at it on iOS.

  • rewyan

    Lol, remember all of those stickman games? The App Store was full of them, because nobody had the exclusive rights to it, so anyone could use "stickman" in their game. I'm pretty sure that the only one that's still successful is Stickman Golf.