At the start of this video for Infinity Blade III [$6.99] we laid out all sorts of spoiler alert warnings, thinking we might play through a few different cut scenes or other vital plot elements. Turns out, we manage to avoid all that and instead just go through a cursory overview of all the game's different elements and progression systems.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, being a huge idiot, I had the mute switch of my iPad toggled for this nearly 40-minute play session. Since we're talking over it pretty much constantly it's not that big of a deal. If you feel like you're missing out on the game sounds, just make some sword swishing and clanging noises while you watch. We're still trying to capture an actual dragon fight on video, so, this might not be the last Infinity Blade III TA Plays that you see.

  • hourglass

    It's a good game, but Siris is possibly the post pathetic character ever. He doesn't seem to respond to commands as well as Isa does.

    • baudoinjulian

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      I didn't watch this review but it's not him beating the game in 40 minutes is it?


    I snickered at the end of the post, though I admittedly did actually try making sword-swishing noises during the video. FAIL xD

  • Mr. Grizzly

    The dragon came, I saw him, and he conquered. I thought it was the typical cut scene before a battle commences - no, it was just him roasting me! 😉

    • Eli Hodapp

      Haha, yeah, the first time I saw the dragon I was like "Oh this is neat" and then I was dead.

  • christopherrocs

    I didn't watch this review but it's not him beating the game in 40 minutes is it?

  • defunct32

    Is it just me or is everyone's cousin earning money or something? And I'm just here to hear Eli talk, smokin' speaking voice!

  • lepke

    Never played one of these, shhh... But watching your review, I guess I have to.

  • SerapisB


  • dabuddhist803

    Clashmob doesn't appear on my map for some reason. Is anyone having this problem? Do I have to pass a certain point or beat the game to unlock it?