551961_largerDonut Games knows how to make a killer casual experience. And with 36 iOS games now under their belt, they seem to be doing something right. Beach Games [$1.99] is no exception.

Like all of their past titles, Beach Games is incredibly simple and pick up and play. At your leisure, you'll have the opportunity to engage on relatively straight-forward events of frisbee throwing, balloon throwing, roller skating, water skiing, and hang gliding. All of these operate under their own simple control schemes, such as tapping to jump in roller skating, or swiping on the screen to change directions while water skiing. As always, the controls are lag-free, and I didn't encounter any crashes whatsoever during my extended period with the game. Personally, I think it's a testament to Donut Games' strong design and experience.

Upon starting my first few events, I immediately got flashbacks of California Games for the NES, and that's a good thing. It's almost like it's a collection of how to do iOS games right, utilizing multiple control schemes that all seem to work within the confines of each exercise. The only minigame that was slightly finicky control wise was the skiing event, but it's been improved upon in a very swift 1.01 update that's now live on the App Store.


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Although it isn't typical of the developer to eschew achievements, the leaderboard support and the sheer amount of different games in this single package more than makes up for it (also, no IAPs of any kind is a big plus). Donut Games has stated that they will add achievements at a later date however -- just not in the build at the time of this writing.

After all is said and done, Beach Games is one of Donut's best offerings yet. It has a ton of different events built-in to help cut down on the monotony, and they're all fun in their own way. I wouldn't say that any individual event is as strong as some of their best standalone games, but as a total package, they all come together to form a worthwhile purchase. If you haven't had a chance to check out their vast catalog yet, this is a great start.

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  • kaibosh

    Donut Games should just change their name to 'Insta-Buy Games'. Even their most simple offerings have been worth the .99 cents, and I still firmly believe that 'Bubble Pig' is one of the best games ever put out for iOS. I didn't even read the review, clicked 'buy' as soon as I saw who made it.

    • shadax

      The "Rat on a blank" games were kind of getting cookie cut, but they were fun. Especially Rat on a Skateboard.

      Lucky coins was one of my remorseful purchases. It was way more luck based than I would have imagined; in turn, it was more frustrating than fun.

      My only disappointment in beach games is that they didn't include achievements. I know it's silly, but its fun to have something that tracks all my games and tallies my little mobile gaming accomplishments. Also, I have competitive friends.

    • renaldogaccione

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      Been playing for a few days, great game to pick up for a short time.

  • shaver

    They ported California Games to the NES?

    (Get off my lawn.)

    • Chester_Copperpot

      I thought the same when I saw the screens. Buying for nostalgia.

    • shadax

      No half pipe though 🙁

      • shadax

        Aw man, or surfing! That game would play that wipe out song from the 50s and you got eaten by sharks.

      • shadax

        Is there no way to edit or delete posts?

  • B4rl3y

    Been playing for a few days, great game to pick up for a short time.
    Love Frisbee.

    • shadax

      I am terrible at frisbee. I can't even get past the second flag for some reason.

  • the fish

    Love it! 12th at balloon throwing but the leaderboards are kind of weird. Impossible scores at the top...

    • toxiccheese

      The top score at balloon throwing has to be a hacked score... I refuse to believe that someone could score that high so quickly.

      • RoundPiplup

        Yeah that's true... I've seen lots of people hacking their scores so high from other game's LeaderBoards. It's so annoying it makes me mad if its my favorite game. Also, I bought all of the Rat games except the Scooter, I read the reviews saying there is no challenges, so I decided to make it as one of my last games I will buy. Right now I bought 20 games made by Donut Games. So many.

  • Jeremicci

    Am I the only one who got tired of this simple gameplay 5 minutes after starting it?
    Most of their games are simple, yes, but keep you engaged. Not this one.
    3/5 at best

    • http://www.mozzarellashop.it MasviL

      I agree with you. My post in official thread:
      Too simple controls and poor gameplay for me, deleted.

      ATM the only Donut games I like are Gold Miner (maybe they just ported it), Action Driver (great with iCade), Bubble Pig.

      • Jeremicci

        I love lucky coins, monkey ninja, and both of the rats on a...
        Hmmm...there's others too. Most of their games are simple but addictive.
        Beach games isn't addictive...

  • http://www.kortesalo.com/ i-kari

    Ah yes! California Games!

  • http://www.ebog.me/ Ebog

    Games on the beach is pretty interesting, I really want to try and play next game. It's rather good one

  • tranceforma

    It is too simple but frustratingly difficult too.

    Can't say I'm as smitten as others on this one - don't imagine it'll stay downloaded for long

Beach Games Reviewed by Chris Carter on . Rating: 4.5