I didn't really even need to play this game to know it was going to be awesome, as I'm really not sure the alliance between Pik Pok and Adult Swim are capable of producing something bad... But, I digress. Giant Boulder of Death is super fun. They basically combine endless iOS behind-the-back runner with a very evil version of Katamari Damacy. Check out the video, this game owns.

Giant Boulder of Death should be available in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, in the meantime, you can swing by the forum thread to see what our community is saying about the game.

International App Store Link: Giant Boulder of Death, Free (Universal)

  • lepke

    That soundtrack... Lol not a dev but as a user, I hat Facebook and forcing connectivity through it. Heck, I be happy if apple let me remove the option for Facebook in settings.

  • ineptidude

    I usually connect with Facebook but it tends to be a waste. None of my friends are into games that take more effort than draw something or scrabble.

  • cofunguy

    Cool...been looking for an iOS equivalent to katamari. Hope this fits the bill!

  • Xissoric

    Looks really fun, I'll definitely check it out if it runs on an iPod 4G.

  • ImJPaul

    Reminds me of a less humorous rock of ages. Should be fun!!!

  • http://ascii.textfiles.com/ iPadCary

    Based on the Phong graphics alone, I'm getting this.
    Hurry up, 11 o'clock!

  • moshgra

    Am I missing a save button or something? I've walked away from the game a couple times and had to start over.

  • Tatiana

    Adult Swim is an INSTADOWNLOAD every time!