I've got no idea why these "Four Pics One Whatever" games are so popular, but, it's the world we live in. The latest and, well, greatest, I guess seems to be Four Pictures One Movie which has you guessing a movie title based on four screen grabs of the movie itself. These aren't my cup of tea, but you can't deny the stupid success other incredibly similar games have seen.

Four Pictures One Movie should be available in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, in the meantime, you can swing by the forum thread to see what our community is saying about the game.

International App Store Link: Four Pictures One Movie, Free (Universal)

  • khann

    Being a big movie fan, I might try it out.

  • Akiratech

    Why do you guys give attention to these games, while there are small indie games and devs that don't get talked about? Case in point, I just released a game (chroma dyadic) and with no adverts or budget we been pulling down triple digit numbers everyday. I love EA and other big game studios but it's all I'm seeing lately on this site and forums. Hey that's my two cents though.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      You haven't even bothered to create a thread for your game in our forums, engage our community at all, or email us a single thing and you're complaining that we're not covering your game?

      That makes sense.

      • iSupah

        Dear Akriatech,

        Please apply cold water to the burn area.


      • Akiratech

        Personally I've been following Touch Arcade for years and have constantly read the forums. The thing is a lot of small devs that I know get pushed aside for bigger well known studios or games on this site. That's the complain I'm having, some studios don't have budget to put adverts on the site, but you know I'm expressing myself and I'm guessing that's not allowed.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Ads have nothing to do with it. Eli is saying that you can't expect us to cover a game that we don't even know exists. 153 other games came out on the same day as yours, not even counting iPad only games, so how are we supposed to even know about yours in order to cover it if you don't make any sort of effort?

      • Akiratech

        Thanks Brad I feel like you explained it better. I'm representing a group of students. I personally have dabbled already in the game industry but in PC and consoles and usually emails and little posts on forums don't raise any attention.

      • geoelectric

        They do here. This is a forum site first and foremost. I learn about most of my games that way.

      • D. Bida

        Considering how much attention TouchArcade gives to indie devs, you're crying is really gonna fall on deaf ears. If you put out a quality product, they'll get the name out. If it wasn't for TouchArcade, there's a ton of small indie games I'd have never known about. Mikey Shorts/Hooks, Scurvy Scallywags just to name a few.

        What's even funnier is that you're complaining about TouchArcade only focusing on the big name studios yet if you bothered to look, this 4 Pics 1 Movie game is made by a small... You guessed it, independent developer!

      • lepke

        Post on the forums, if it is good people like myself will check it out and get excited. Maybe send me a free download and I promise to make the forum post myself with my opinion on it. Hope you don't get discouraged and I even boycott EA myself so don't give up and show us the goods.