The thing that sort of stinks about the current state of the Apple product release scene is that leaks are getting so good that there's rarely many surprises left anymore. We knew about this date weeks ago, but, Apple confirmed that they're doing a keynote on the 10th via the following colorful invitation:


Usually, these invitations hold all sorts of little clues for what they're revealing... But, the iPhone 5C is almost entirely out of the bag... So, there's that. The exciting thing that we are expecting, however, is some demonstrations of iOS 7 game controllers that we've been talking about quite a bit lately.

For the skinny on everything we know about what is going to be at the keynote, head over to our sister site, MacRumors.

  • defunct32

    I want that controller!! I don't care how colorful iOS 7 is!

  • Scot D

    I expect to see a ton of iPhone 5c models; especially if they're sporting similar iPhone 5 internal hardware. That would make an affordable option for anyone sporting older devices that want to upgrade but still be able to play newer games.

    • themostunclean

      5c will more likely be an iPod touch 5 with a phone. The processor may be a slight upgrade (maybe the A5X) but considering its supposed to be a budget model, not likely to have the same internal hardware as the iPhone 5.

      • Scot D

        Yeah I was thinking that too until I read the article. They're now saying iPhone 5 internals or similar like I said above, not iPod 5th gen. Remember they're saving cost with the casing too. But we'll see in a week from today.

      • Scot D

        I still expect a lot of iPhone 5c models around if for only the color options. I personally couldn't care less for various color options.

  • B30

    iPad5 announcement, please.

    • RoundPiplup

      I wished there was a iPad 5 coming sooner. But right now we have to wait... Maybe for 2 years? If only I could time travel to the future, then maybe I can see the new iPad.

      • raulriera

        Are you high? There is a new iPhone and iPad every year

    • iPadCary

      Don't be silly.
      iPad's Apple's #2 cashcow, right behind iPhone.
      Something that stature will have,
      nay: DESERVE, it's own seperate event in October.
      Now, new iPod announcement on September 10th?
      There ya got your wish.

      • Matthew Rossman

        I would actually be really excited about a new iPod Touch since that's my main platform but chances of that being announced are slim, they seem to upgrade the Touch every 2 years so probably not until next year.

      • D-Vader

        The iPod touch devices are always subpar specs wise in comparison to the iPhones. We're paying about the same price as on contract to get useless features like a special loop. I just want Apple to announce an iPod touch that's on par with the iPhone specs wise. Same camera, same processor, same RAM. I'd pay more than $300 for one.

      • REkzkaRZ

        I would've liked that loop on the iPhone. But it's hard to call something 'dinky' like that a 'feature'. heh

    • Tomate Diseño

      Yeah, kinda hoping for that too, my iPad took an accidental trip through the first wash cycle last week and is currently awaiting a prognosis at the mac repair shop - if it's not looking good I'll have to decide on wether to wait for a new model. Ridiculous that I was stupid enough to dump 500USD of electronics into the wash with my socks and reward my idiocy with a shiny new one.

      • lanights

        Please do tell how one can dump an iPad into the washer unknowingly.

      • iammane

        Yeah uh... I mean, it's.. It's pretty big 🙁

      • Tomate Diseño

        Well for a start you have to be at least 70% easily distracted idiot. Secondly you need bag of dirty laundry when leaving the office (it's my own business and I go for a two hour gym break each day so have a collection of clothes to take home every Friday), along with an unruly dog, a folder of print samples and a collection of tupperware holding the remnants of the the weeks salad/lunch items. So to make a bit of hand room for setting the alarm I tucked my iPad into the laundry bag which an hour later was emptied as always into our ludicrously oversized top-loading washer.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Assuming this is true, I'm proud of your for outing yourself in TA.
        Let me say -- ooooh, $500 fail. That's gotta hurt. Sorry about that. Sounds like you've got $$$ for a replacement, so it could have been worse.

        Now, allow me to laugh at your epic FAIL. HA HA HA

  • SherlockEB

    I didn't know macrumors is sister site, nice 🙂

    • Karzay

      Don't get too excited. I'm pretty sure she is taken...

  • Ramychan

    Please, please, PLEASE make a MacRumors app just like the toucharcade app! I desperately want iOS push notifications of new articles on MacRumors, as well as a lovely app GUI to peruse MacRumors in! 🙂

    • lepke

      Already other apps for that, no need. But OT, this touch arcade app is fucking fantastic.

  • Ergo Me Smart

    Now begins the hoping for a new iPod Touch...

  • Gamer1st

    I just want controller and OS news. I bought my ipad to game on and just picked up a Shield a week and a half ago.
    The Shields controller makes a massive difference in every game that's set up to work with it.

  • lepke

    Well, I look forward to the ios7, will be nice. Still not sure what to think about controller or not.

  • iPadCary

    And now I'm hearing that AppleTV 3 will also be announced.
    Put that together with all the iController news from WDC13
    and you have the inevitable: the ability to download games on it
    then play 'em on your TV like an iOS version of OUYA.
    Can't wait ....

  • Kane

    What if the controller is pink?

    • iPadCary

      If, if ....
      If my grandmother had balls, she'd be king.
      And ....?

      • Kane

        Well nobody like pink gamepad. People will call you Barbie boy

  • REkzkaRZ

    I don't give a rat's ass about controllers, or a new iPad.
    My wishlist includes -- an Oculus Rift that works with iPhone, an iPad/iPhone that is powerful enough to run iOS / XCode Dev Environment to make iOS apps, compile & prototype & playtest, and lastly -- the 'Ghost' app that was described incredibly well in 'Diamond Age' by Neil Stephenson (Ghost listens to the user's conversations & questions, is location aware, and secretly whispers relevant facts non-stop into the user's ear, arguably similar in spirit to 'Google Glass').