In a day and where where asking "Where the hell is Oceanhorn?" is practically becoming a meme in our TouchArcade behind the scenes chat, I'm not sure it's possible for us to be more excited for this game. I'm not sure where to even start summing this game up, as we've been teased by it for close to two years now. It could very well be the Zelda of iOS, especially with legendary composers Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito onboard to craft the soundtrack.

The new trailer today looks amazing, and we can't wait, neither can our forum users. The mysterious "Fall 2013" release date cannot come soon enough.

  • Smaug

    A good question to ask- how large will the game be? 1 GB 2 GB?

    • Rusothil

      Just make room for it, doesn't matter.

    • klouud

      Ummm... who cares?

      • daniel5457

        Anyone like me who has a 16 gb iPad??

      • Future777

        Everything in the game is rendered real time, the filesize will be no issue for you.

      • Cyber_Akuma

        You have no idea what that means do you? If you did, you would have known that realtime rendering requires textures which can take up a lot of space, unless they are procedurally generated, which no game does nor are iOS devices powerful enough to do at this level.

      • Future777

        It seems you're not aware that I'm from FDG, the publishing party of Oceanhorn. I have a pretty good idea because the game is installed on my device πŸ™‚ I just can't reveal the final size yet but we're not talking about GBs here. What I tried to say is we don't use videos for cutscenes and without getting too technical - the game engine of Oceanhorn is based on some pretty smart 3D tile mechanic.

      • Cyber_Akuma

        Why such the obscure name then? Not that I am saying I don't believe you, but some proof would be nice.

        Reagrdless, my point was that the lack of FMV doesn't always mean a small filesize, based on the resolution of the textures and how many there are. (Granted, in most cases FMV and audio take up the majority of a game's size)

        Also, don't the vast majority of 3D games use tiled textures? IIRC, one of RAGE's biggest selling points was that it's textures weren't tiled.... which is why the game is a massive 20 or so gigs despite being no longer than most other games far far smaller.

        Realtime rendering and tiling of textures are standard in practically every 3D game aren't they?

      • Future777

        You can check me out in the forum. πŸ˜‰ Future is part of FDG company name: Future Design Group

      • Protoman

        LMAO TOLD!

      • Desparobo


      • iPadCary

        Just what, precisely, does that even mean?!?

      • iPadCary

        I do.
        16 gig iPad 2.
        Solid as a rock, but I have to juggle big apps -- like this & "Modern Combat", for example -- and movie rentals a lot! lol

  • iPadCary

    I bet this & "The Witness" come out before "Faraway" does ....

  • wolfie9090

    I can barely wait for this AAA quality ios game! I am glad they put so much heart into this! I wonder if it will have some type of online duel multiplayer?

    • wolfie9090

      Or quest to find something first

    • daniel5457

      Lol I hope it's freemium.

      • raulriera

        I hope you are wrong

  • tzuptzop

    can't wait to see it on my i5
    really nice lookin'

  • PresidentZer0

    Looking forward to this but the world looks kinda blocky/limited

    • magus269

      Totally understand what you mean and agree. The blockiness makes it feel less organic. I'll still get this but it's a bit of a turn off.

  • D4rgolf

    When I first heard that those two famous composers were coming on board, I thought this would be a chip gimmick. I couldn't imagine their music would be able to add anything substantial to the game.

    Boy, was I wrong! When I heard the jingle at 0:07, I shivered in deep chills. Sweet Zelda-memories!

    Come, oh treasured "FALL 2013"!

  • Fablalous

    2 months later..Gameloft releases Zelda-like game Legend of Landhorn.Don't forget it's IAP dominance!

    • Fablalous


    • speedyph
    • Karzay

      They kinda already did that, but I don't remember the IAP being so bad in it. (Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden)

  • eventide

    That music at the beginning....mercy. Nobuo gonna Nobuo.

  • lepeos

    Doesn't look like it has any of Zelda's charm or style. The fact it's infringing on Zynga levels of plagiarism and that no-one has mentioned it is also pretty funny. Pretty cool double standards.

    • Taclys

      Calm down. Do you see any zelda games for iOS? There is Swordigo, and that one mediocre Gameloft game, and that's...mostly it. I'm very welcome to a total copycat of the Zelda franchise for iOS.

      • ImJPaul

        Gameloft made a Zelda-like?

      • Karzay

        Sacred odyssey: rise of ayden. It's a weak cloning attempt at Twilight Princess.

      • sbnewsom

        How dare you say that about Swordigo. That game took a lot of work and lots of love by a small indie group by no means related to gameloft. Stfu please.

      • sbnewsom

        I am so sorry. I just woke up and misread your comment. I believe I can't remove my comment. This account was create on the app so I can't login on the desktop with it sadly to see if I can delete it there. So sorry.

      • Taclys

        I was about to say, I didn't bash Swordigo at all. One of my all time favorite iOS games.

      • daniel5457

        Yeah, swordigo is probably my favourite iOS game.

    • themostunclean

      Man. All the flaming between Xbox and PS, people forget that the worst fanboys are the Nintendo douches.

      Anything even slightly inspired by one of their precious franchises must undoubtably be trash.

      • lepeos

        'Slightly' inspired? I'd like you to point out one thing in that trailer that you couldn't replicate in pretty much any Zelda game. Apart of course from the main character's propensity to only slightly (occasionally) move his arms. I hold no allegiance to Nintendo, I'm simply stating fact.

    • Karzay

      Plagiarism is too strong a word, as this game copies the art style (not exact art) and gameplay of Wind Waker. Copy or clone is a better description. Nearly every game created today is in some way a clone of something else that came before it, if you really think about it.

      Also Zynga clones current top selling games in the AppStore to infringe on profits, which is far worse than being inspired by a decade old game, and to which Nintendo has stated that they will never release a game for iOS.

      Zynga's profiteering is not the same as a fan(s) of Zelda making a game inspired by it.

    • Deter Pinklage

      iOS game developers have no shame. Has Gameloft come out with anything original at all?

      • merdera

        So what? As long as games are fun. That is the reason i play games, for fun.

      • iPadCary

        They have not.
        Nor will they.

  • Lyra

    I will join you in squealing -squeal-

  • Eseres

    This looks like its worth waiting for πŸ™‚

    • Karzay

      September equinox was yesterday, so Fall has just begun. It can't be too much longer.

  • Tarzerix

    I hope they can live up to the high expectations and the ongoing Zelda comparison. Please revise "Link's" walk animation...his arm motion looks just weird. Somehow I was more excited after the very first trailer...still cant wait to play it though.

    • Wizard_Mike

      Yeah, his walking animation stuck out like a sore thumb throughout the entire trailer. Hopefully that's just because it wasn't polished up at the time they put this trailer together.

      Other than that, this game looks pretty awesome. Even with the goofy/stiff walking animation, this game is a day one download.

  • bikstok

    If you've played wind waker, this looks like a smaller and uglier version. And of course you'll be dissappointed if you expect anything half as good as nintendos masterpiece
    But i am still interested in this game, and looking forward to the release date, where ill give it a spin, and hopefully be pleasantly surprised

  • fransoccer

    I can't wait for this masterpiece, I love Zelda and this looks like the closest copy for ios!

  • Pivi

    Hope it'll have "touch to go" controls. I can't stand virtual sticks.

    Otherwise, looks great, looking forward to it.

  • ImJPaul

    Damn....I really wanted to see what was in that cave.

  • borntodie007

    Day 1

  • sakara214ever

    Wow! Looks amazing. Wow! Looks amazing. Wow! Looks amazing. Wow! Looks amazing.
    Wow! Looks amazing. Wow! Looks amazing. Wow! Looks amazing. Wow! Looks amazing.

  • Shellcore

    Yea, too much like Zelda I'm afraid. Even down to the icons on the gravestone. Sure it will be bought by many, but I can't support this.

    • Karzay

      How do you know where to draw that line?

      Maybe you will change your mind and give the game a fair chance. Nearly everything created in life is inspired by something else. Everything from the breakfast you eat in the morning, down to the bed you sleep in every night. The computer you are using now was inspired by computers that came before it.

      • Shellcore

        I can see where you are coming from, but try and see the other side. I would love something in the same vein as Zelda, but this is too much. It is basically Zelda with a lower budget, and for me that is nothing to be excited about. As a keen iOS gamer, I expect more. We should not accept ripoffs and make excuses for a lack of creativity. Why stand up for them? They are obviously capable programmers. Why can't they hire equally capable game designers?

  • Karzay

    Looks amazing. Funny how music and lighting can really change a person's mood. It felt less "Zelda" this time around even though the inspiration is still obvious.

  • webman2k

    I'm cautiously optimistic. All the comparisons to Zelda... Those are VERY big shoes to fill.

  • cobbyco

    I'm curious about the frame rate. Will it be 30fps, 60fps or maybe even different fps for different devices?

    • Future777

      The team is still optimizing - but I can say that iPhone 5 runs Oceanhorn with silky smooth 60fps

  • Alexythimia23

    This looks great but i hope the scenery changes a bit more then what we just previewed, dont get me wrong looks great, but after the really long development process i thought we would have a fast paced trailer of all these crazy environments, but it kind of all seems the same?? I really hope thats not the case as a great music score is not enough to save a game from tedium, but i will await with baited breath and hope it knocks me for a loop, fingers and toes crossed lol

  • Tim

    I don't understand the first sentence of this article. What does this mean: "In a day and where where asking..."

    • heresandypandy

      Day and "age". I'm sure it wouldn't take too much thinking to work that out.

  • Tanc24

    Wonder how much the game will cost???

    • The Gamer Dude

      I'm guessing at least 5 dollars or more, probably more.

      • CooleTeeps

        I'd go with the gamer dude probably $4.99 or $6.99.

  • The Gamer Dude

    So there's this beauty, the PS4 launching and GTA5 coming this fall. What a great time of year for us gamers. Squeeeeellllll ! Lol

  • Opinion

    I'm disappointed

  • dribblejam

    Maybe it'll have support for the MFI controllers.

  • CooleTeeps

    What devices will it be on? I hope iPod Touch 4G.

  • deepblueocean84

    Where is all the enemies and cutesy characters? Haha. I hope the villages have a bit more life walking about, I love a crowded environment. It is looking great though!
    Also one of my favorites on iOS that resembled Zelda was Queens Crown. Wish they did a sequel to it!

  • Samuel Strickland


  • iPhallex

    This trailer is full of SHUT UP
    AND TAKE MY MONEY. I would pre-order this right now if it was an option.

  • jertone

    It looks like th legend of zelda

  • Cyber_Akuma

    Ok, I know some people will claim that it's not fair to call this a clone of another game because of same genres that will obviously play similar and fantasy games having similar elements all that.... but when the first 3 seconds of the trailer make me think "That's Wind Waker" and every 5 seconds in the trailer makes me think "Now it looks even MORE like Wind Waker than it did before!"...

    • Shellcore

      Completely agree.

  • Ozzy111

    This game is cool but the place looks quiet small and the character looks big for the world but this an awesome game I love it the first bit reminded me of wind waker then the next bit reminded me of twilight princess then it reminded me of skyward sword then the and then the gameplay was AWESOME and the items were flipin cool!!!!

  • Deter Pinklage

    Why is the walking cycle animation so janky?

    • wafflestirrup

      They have mentioned on their website that this has already been fixed.

  • chanandler

    Seems like the developers have been threatening to release this game for ages! Come on, hurry up and share it with us πŸ™‚