comment_box_33On this week's episode of "What Do You Think?" let's talk about something that really grinds my gears. Push alerts: they're one of the best things to come of smartphones in general. You don't even have to look back very far to remember the dark ages before push alerts, when you actually had to do things like load up Twitter or Facebook and actively refresh your feeds to see what's up.

We almost take it all for granted now, I mean, of course your phone should buzz if someone tweets at you, right? Some apps even use push alerts in ways that flat-out feels like the future. Dark Sky, for instance, monitors where you are constantly and will send an alert your way if it's going to rain. In the gaming world, push alerts are the cornerstone or asynchronous multiplayer, and it similarly feels pretty futuristic when your phone beeps after a friend of yours on the other side of the world finished their turn in some board game port that only a few years ago you'd need to be sitting in the same room to play.

Unfortunately, with the good also comes a heaping hefty helping of bad. In a world where dozens of noteworthy games are released every week, with some or most of them requiring zero financial obligation to download, developers have needed to come up with a way to remind you to keep coming back.

photoThe success of the free to play world in particular hinges on the ever-important "daily active user" statistic which is a fancy way of saying "the number of people who launch my game worldwide inside of 24 hours." All sorts of cross-promotion shenanigans and other monetization schemes all depend on having a high DAU (a lil' industry lingo for ya') and the best way to do that is by making your phone beep at random points throughout the day to nag you to come back.

The worst part about these style of alerts is that they typically use iOS's local notification service which looks just like a typical push notification, buzz and all, with the incredibly important distinction in that users do not need to grant these apps permission to send you alerts- Just by having an app installed it's assumed that you're opting in to local alerts on a system level. Some apps use these local alerts in great ways, but those sorts of apps are quickly fading into obscurity. Instead, even games you've paid for are falling into this hole of pestering you to keep playing them.

Personally, I've adopted an instant delete policy for any game that blasts out these spammy unprompted alerts with very rare exception. Unless I am playing a game, I have my phone on vibrate 100% of the time. Additionally, I really don't like pulling my phone out of my pocket when I'm out with friends so I keep my push alerts pruned back to the absolute minimum. This way, when my phone buzzes, I know it's important enough that I should try to find a time that isn't rude to see what's up. Being nagged to play a game I downloaded a day ago breaks this system of mine.

I'm curious where our readers stand on this. If you let these alerts run amok your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is going to be beeping 24/7. Alternatively, if you've got a ton of games on your device, maybe you like being reminded that there's some daily challenge you could complete in a game you'd otherwise forgotten about? What do you think?

NOTE: A point of clarification as it seems to being initially misunderstood in the comments. We're referring to notifications that sneak in via the local system alerts without asking your permission, and not notifications that you can hit yes or no to on the first launch of an app.

  • Flynn Taggart

    I don't care how good a game is, the second I get one of those I delete it. There are too many games on this phone I haven't played anyway.

    • bigrand1

      Gotta agree with that! Same here!

    • Tony

      Same here, and I avoid any future games from the same developer.

    • anabolicMike

      Brilliant man this Flynn. I do the same. As soon as I get a notification that I didn't expressly say I wanted.... The app gets removed with extreme prejudice. Then I give it a bum rating. It the worst when it's a game you PAID for and it sends you one. Heck I just received one from that deep dungeons of doom game I downloading asking me if I was going to come back. I came back alright. Went back and removed it from my phone. All these are is popups of the worst kind. That's it that's all. Popups.

    • cell-gfx

      Totally agree. First one I receive, instant uninstall. Usually you can tell it's coming by the request for push notifications the first time you start the game, when there doesn't seem to be any need for it by the type of game. Make your game good enough to make me want to come back voluntarily, without "subtle" prompting.

  • Reignmaker

    I disable them for almost every app I own with a few exceptions.

    • john360

      Same here i disabled them due to the fact that i still play most of them i really dont need them notifying ME! If i ever want to come back to play it again, most of it i do go back and see whats new, but thats just about it.

  • Bruce Morrison

    The developer just need to be smarter. Don't nag the player to return like that. Send them a Push because something cool happened. If every Push had something worthwhile behind it, nobody would compalin.

    • whitestatic

      Agreed; haven't seen anyone doing this well (at least on the gaming side). The TA app works for me for game watch alerts or sales.

    • JJE McManus

      I'm against alerts that tell you "the world needs my mighty sword" or spam the same IAP "sale" over and over. That said, I am a big fan of notifications and I'm afraid I get numerous ones every day. Its just I wish there was a switch to go from DAU to UHET (User Had Enough of This). Besides deleting that is.

    • anabolicMike

      For me you have to have an option to enable or disable ANY push notifications. I don't care if I win 1,000 dollars. If I have that option set to no.... Don't bother me!

  • samness

    I received this story as a push alert.

    • Smartbomb

      You won the Internet today 🙂

  • defunct32

    Wut? You can turn it off in the settings, most of the games I downloaded is able to do that.

  • ArmoredArtichoke

    I hate that...

    • pauldavidmerritt

      It's terrible. Just terrible.

  • Jerutix

    I often delete games that do this, but that's usually only because I wasn't digging the game anyway. If I like the game enough, I wade into the settings swamp to turn off notifications. I usually turn all games to where they are allowed to pop up a banner, but they can't leave an alert or have a badge.

  • Christopher Wiley

    I've not reached the level of smashing my phone in rage when I receive a bump alert, but the feature has been abused recently. Yes, if there's a new challenge or update, a notification (that I can disable if I prefer) is welcome. If I'm notified of something along the lines of "Your Utopians Need You!", there's a good chance I'll consider removing the game from my device.

  • yetanotherapp

    Normally I disable them, but games like fifa annoy me, you need them to use the auction part of the game but then you always get the annoying crap, If only you could get one and not the other

  • Tizz986

    Games that don't suck don't use nags. Good early sign to delete if I start getting "come play me" messages.

    • Cause007

      Deus Ex uses pointless push alerts (really, really pointless alerts)

  • toxiccheese

    I just disable the notifications for the app. Problem solved.

    • defunct32

      This. Also, why is your cheese toxic?

  • Eseres

    If you get anoyed that much by push notifications, then go to settings and disable them. Making a "story" on it is just plain stupid...

    • Mojo

      No, it isn't. Developers need to be aware that people are annoyed by this. Yes, you can disable it manually, but that's annoying as well, especially if you install a lot of applications.

    • Scot D

      I assume you used quotation on story because you know this isn't a story. It's feedback. Connecting with the readers. Perhaps giving us some kind of voice. Think before you comment.

    • themostunclean

      Hope that comment has you feeling appropriately superior.

      You do understand that it's a weekly article that gets the opinion of readers on different little aspects of iOS gaming. Right? If you don't like it you have the option to not read it. Or just stop visiting the site.

      • Chester_Copperpot

        Preferably the latter.

      • Protoman

        Takes one to know one doesn't uncleany. I see your game now. Good on you sir. lol Good on you. I'll never fall again. lmao

    • VeganTnT

      And what if you want to play a game online with friends? Does that mean you have to constantly check the app to see if it's your turn or give permission to be bombarded with every notification the developer sees fit to send you?

      It's YOUR device! You should make the rules on how or why you are notified. Leaving the rules in the hands of the people that benefit from annoying you with notifications leads to more apps doing it... not less.

      Imagine using your iPhone with absolutely no push notifications because every developer suddenly realized they could push ads right to your device. Suddenly the thought of "just turn off push notifications" seems much less attractive when you realize how much we use them and how your device would lose it's usefulness in the process.

  • gpr

    It's a right pain in the ass
    Doesn't make me play any more than I would have

  • C. Stubb

    Props to whoever out there is sporting the supercool SB:S&S wallpaper.

  • Shadowking2214

    I deleted Order and Chaos cause of the push notifications. I stopped playing a ton and I only returned every so often but the notifications were annoying so I got rid of it

  • keith81891

    It's definitely annoying, the ones that bug me the most are The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Family Feud. The Touch Arcade app at least has useful alerts. Tapped Out sends me alerts constantly and I haven't played in months. Also you get some stares when the more unique alerts go off

  • Arch Deluxe

    Joe Danger sends banner alerts that can't be turned off. They need to stop that crap, cause I'm thisclose to deleting it.

  • johnnyv

    I hate those. They are the reason I delete most my apps

  • Michael Wootton

    I hate them, and disable them right away for most apps. It just sucks when there's an online game you really like and need notifications on for when people play you back, and then the app continues sending you additional reminders. 100% of the time I would rather pay $0.99 or more (depends on the app) in a free app to disable adds and any constant "reminders" (*COUGH* Pvs.Z2 *COUGH*), and I will usually stop supporting future releases of a company who chooses to do that in a paid app without a disabling option/notice beforehand.

  • StraightlineBoy

    Unless it's an alert for a game that I'm actively playing saying it's now my turn or some timer has passed then it usually means deletion from my iPhone too.
    I had a radio app that got deleted recently for telling me about the new royal was bizarre cos the app had never notified about anything before that it in all the time it had been installed. I want to leave alerts on just in case an app wants to tell me something useful - although to be fair I don't know what radio app could tell me that might be useful, zombie invasion perhaps?

  • RickyBrooke

    An I missing the point of this article or has the writer not understood how to use iOS?

    When you first start a game it ASKS you if you want push alerts, if you say no it never alerts you, if you say yes then you have CHOSEN to receive them. You can always turn them OFF again in your iOS settings, it is not complicated.

    Why is the writer of this article so annoyed about something that they have OPTED in to receive?

    Personally I love them and find they generally contain funny, witty messages that make me wang to play the game - and it's generally a game I really like to receive push info from that I switch them on for...

    • Eli Hodapp

      Local notifications do not invoke that prompt, hence the whole point of this article.

    • Scot D

      Not exactly. They apparently bypass it by using the system notifications. I get notifications from games a lot even when saying no to receiving them.

    • Panzerbush

      Bingo. This post should replace this "article".

      • Eli Hodapp

        If you "read" the "article" you will see I'm not referring to remote push notifications that invoke the initial yes/no prompt.

      • Scot D

        I assume you never learned to read? It's a pity. The internet is FULL of words. Of course I'm wasting my time replying I suppose.

      • Eli Hodapp

        *fist pound*

    • witedahlia

      Not all apps ask you. And some don't stop even when you turn them off in settings. I hate that. Thanks for writing this article, TA, because developers need to know how many of us will delete their games if they do this.

    • Adams Immersive

      In my experience (varies per game) they almost NEVER ask me. They just do it. And some of those (EA Scrabble for one, at one point) are not listed in Notification settings even. Not sure how it's done, but it's not rare.

      But I even object to opt-IN reminders: if a game offers push notifications, I want to know it's for useful purposes: match invitations, critical patches, even timers. But not just "haven't played in a while" or "check out our other title" or something non-functional like that. Ads, basically. Unless the game clearly says that's all it is--in which case I can opt out. But I can't opt out without the facts, and they never tell you the pushes will be useless.

      A pet peeve is when notifications ARE vital (like turn notifications) but you can't escape ad-popups unless you turn of ALL the game's notifications. (I'm thinking of EA again!)

    • defmad

      Opting out of push notifications when an App asks you only stops it from sending banner alerts. It does not stop pop-up alerts and a notice in notification centre. You have to actually go in to the settings to turn every type of notification off, even when you choose to opt out the first time an App asks. I had this problem until I googled the solution. I just wish Apple would get the picture, that 'no' means 'no'.

  • Jason

    Games that annoy me with push notifications reminding me to play get deleted.

  • GamerGuy

    There's usually a prompt that asks if you want to allow those messages at the beginning of playing a game. Don't allow, Then again, if you get those messages you are probably playing a 'freemium' game and that's what you get for playing those. Delete.

    • Bool Zero

      Nope, they happen even in paid games and even with notifications disabled. I really think some folks just don't download apps often if they haven't encountered this yet, because it is fair rampant if you are an active app downloader. These messages to return to a game won't show up in any notification bar or banner, yet pop like one regardless of having the app disabled in notification center. All one simply has to do is play the offending game and these alerts will pop up independently.

  • b7718

    I am a Universal exceptions.

  • jeffyg3

    I don't see why people delete those games that notify you to keep playing, you can just turn them all off on the notification center anyways. I only have very few apps turned on in there anyways

  • jweevil

    I think we all know the answer here


    Multiplayer bug in Worms 3.... ohhhhhhhhhhh mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ggggggggggggaaaaaahhhhhhd
    count all those letters and that's how many notifications I get in one day.

  • Dave Metzener

    The readers seem to have misunderstood what the article is about. Eli is talking about messages that appear wether you have told iOS that you do or don't want push alerts for a game.

    Myself, like Eli, the second an alert pops up for a game that I explicitly tell iOS I don't want push notification for, I delete the game it's associated with.

    I have absolutely no tolerance for that kind of SPAM. Especially since they usually pop up for games that are freemium anyway. However, if I have paid for a game and it does this, I write a very nasty email to the developer and see if they are willing to change the program not to do it anymore. If they are not, the game goes away too and I never buy a game from that developer again.

    • defmad

      Thanks for clearing it up for all those people who don't understand what this article is about. I guess people are confused because they haven't experienced this phenomena. Those of us who have either know how to fully disable all the notifications for an App, or are scratching their heads wondering why they're still getting notifications when they've specifically opted out already. I really hope Apple fixes this in iOS 7.

  • adam234

    I never, ever let games do push notifications because of this.

  • svan11

    I don't understand why people would delete a decent app because of notifications, or allow themselves to be tortured. There's a simple fix: Settings>Notifications>find the app your looking for, and set everything to off. The only one I keep on is the badge. Doing this for all apps will help with battery life as well as reduce your daily stress. Just randomly look for the red number at your leisure during your own time, not when the app wants you too. That way you are in control and the games don't control you

    • Adams Immersive

      That's true, but some games that do not appear in Settings to allow that change, still deliver notifications. (Something Apple would fix or ban, I'd hope. iOS 7?)

    • lordyokomoto

      Ultima: perfect example ..... I'm sure it asked if I wanted messages and I said no but low an behold every couple so hours.......please come back and play.....

  • ineptidude

    I turn them on for any app that requests it. As soon as I get as stupid one like 'we're bored come play with us!' I disable notifications completely for that game. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 sent out one the other day that their coin doubler was 80% off. Definitely something I was interested in and wouldn't have known otherwise.

  • Phatnightmares

    I tend to delete them. I find it very bothersome that companies rather than let people casually play games remind you daily. If the game is good, and free to play as well, they won't have to remind you to play daily. Just a sign of the companies insecurities if you ask me.

  • Lostpop21

    Hate 'em. I do use notifications that say things like "Hey idiot, your building is finished".

  • Boris Nguetie

    What i think is you can disable them if u dont like. Like i do.

  • metalmandave83

    I find my email notifications more annoying.

  • Pray For Death

    I always read these notifications as "Please delete me!"

  • Bool Zero

    I am assuming the people who are saying "just disable it in notification center" must not have read the article. What is being talked about here is independent of accepted and denied notifications, as these alerts happen without ones approval or input. You can't disable them. You get them and are opted in with no opt out option other than to delete the offending app. And lastly, while more frequently seem they are not limited freemium as I have personally encountered them in paid games as well!

  • Bone16

    A lot of games that I tell not to give me push notifications come on whether I say no or not. This has always baffled me. Still have to go into settings and shut them down. I hope on one of Apple's future updates this will finally be corrected. Could be worse i guess though, Android is far worse in this scenario.

    • Bool Zero

      Yeah, they should call them AdDroid with the amount of solicitation notices and spam alerts one there!

  • Squatch2000

    It's pretty embarrassing when you are in a business meeting and your phone lets everyone in the room know that the game Hairy Balls misses you....

    • Adams Immersive

      Meetings? Even better, how about presentations you give via video mirroring!

  • JBizNES

    I also instantly delete a game when it does that. Very annoying. I'd love the option to disable it, but currently the only way is to delete the game, so that's what I do.

  • Intendro

    "You didn't play for a day!"
    "Play with us!"
    "You probably have a lot of other games you're playing but we're gonna beg you to play our game immediately anyway!"
    "The enemy mocks you! You died to it! Come get revenge- *deleted*"

    Stop that. Only notify for actual important things. And if I turn off the "come back and play" notifications for a game, it turns off important ones too! That, and it's annoying.

    And they can use notifications that can't turn off? Seriously? No. If I can't turn off the nagging, your game is deleted. Boom, it is off.

  • Adams Immersive

    I know you can disable them, but I'm glad they're enabled by default. They should be, because I'm sure most people, like me, really like them. Typically, no matter what the time of day or what I'm doing, I already wanted to play that game--that game more than any other thing--but I just didn't know it. That's quite a serious lapse of self-awareness! With a simple push notification from a server that knows me better than I know myself, my problem is solved, and I'm off and grinding! The only thing I like better is push-ads for the developer's other products. Heavenly!

  • Steven Lewis

    It seems like most Chillingo games will pester you to keep playing. Unless I absolutely love a game, I delete them when they do this.

  • bobehm

    Even ones that play fair and go through notification properly are crap. Pointless, useless, annoying. I got beeped at f'n midnight by Beemo after I let my kids play with my phone. Why does Beemo need to notify me at midnight? That's some seriously not well thought out bs.

    • Bool Zero

      Maybe BMO was feeling a little vulnerable and lonely at that dark hour? Poor little guy...

  • SpikeGuy

    Instant delete. If you didn't ask me for permission and you make my phone make noise for something so stupid I'm not wasting my time on your game. There are too many games to play as it is.

  • JohnnyJ301

    I can't stand push alerts. When I want to play the game I will. I don't need a reminder saying UNoobz has beaten my score every 3 hours.

    • Doctorossi

      UNoobz beat your score!?!


      u R Laaaaaaaam3zzorzzz!

      • Johnny101

        What ? That was sarcasm dude, lol. It's a fictitious user name, lame o

  • VeganTnT

    Unless it's changed recently the developer guidelines state you can only use notifications to remind users that an event has occurred requiring immediate attention.

    Alarms for timers (ala real racing 3), messages, turns, and things like that are acceptable because the game is telling you that something is available and requires feedback from you.

    Reminders to play, connect to Facebook, and check out their newest release are violations of the guidelines.

    I've actually spoken to developers while beta testing that said they know they can't do it but would consider doing it anyways. Why? Because it's guaranteed viewership. You must see the ad in order to use your device and it only leaves the notification center when you purposely dismiss it. It's like an annoying flyer left under your windshield wiper, you have to deal with it at some point and dealing with it means looking at the ad.

    The real problem is that Apple rarely enforces those guidelines and make developers change things. However, if you just bought a game and you notice this behavior you can absolutely ask for a refund. I've yet to be denied one.

    • visualplayer

      Yes, but these developers clearly don't get advert principles. You want a positive association with your ad or notification, right? A negative ohhowannoying ad/note becomes a deterrent from playing or purchasing.

  • Remote_

    They annoy me, which is why I disable them in every game.

    Doesn't everyone do that? I assumed they did.

  • FuZion

    They annoy me.

  • tinkie277

    Hard not to swear about how annoying they are.

  • Jawjimo

    Went to unlock my iPod and the notification for this post was directly underneath Ultima Forever nagging me to play. Lovely.

  • ineptidude

    I don't understand. I download a lot of games There has not been one app that persists in bothering me after I've completely disabled it via Settings>Notifications>AppName>Everything Off. Nothing can get around that. That's one good thing about iOS being locked down. Of course if someone was unable to figure that out and just deleted the game then I guess they weren't going to play it anyway.

    • SpikeGuy

      Just because we're deleting a game that insists on using this obnoxious behavior does not mean we don't know how to turn it off. If I wasn't asked for permission to send push alerts then I do not want an app making my phone make noise for something so ridiculous. It shows a complete lack of respect from the developer.

  • ImJPaul

    Just make it stop. It's not a deal breaker as far as keeping a game but it definitely doesn't help if I was already on the fence with an app. There's nothing worse then scrolling down from the top for your notification center and seeing multiple "We miss you! Play Candy Crush Saga" over and over with other equally appalling notifications to the point where there is nothing but game notifications because they just get ignored. Haha

  • wigzisonfire

    Great article Eli. I'm 100% with you on this one, I will not spare a second for the games that unwillingly spam my phone with alerts!

  • TrencH

    Most of the alerts are stupid reminders about playing the game. I usually turn them off in the notification settings in the phone.

    Watch list in Touch Arcade does the job for me.

  • Seniku Moonjewel

    I hate them and tend to simple delete the game..

  • Ivan

    I agree with this article; the moment I get a notification that my wax is ready to make candles or whatever, it gets deleted. If its an app that didn't ask for permission to notify me of a "Mega huge Horse Coin Sale!!!!", it gets deleted with extreme prejudice and a review is left on iTunes telling others about that crap. I don't need any more stinking Horse Coins!!!!!

  • The_Boulder

    My phone is also my alarm clock and there is nothing like being woken up at 3 AM because some asshole developer decided to try and manipulate me into playing their game. Instant delete if this happens, plus an incredibly negative review.

    • Max C

      I play a lot of async games, so I'm used to getting notifications at odd times.

      The breaking point came when my partner was performing a certain sex act on me, and carcassonne piped up with 'Its your turn now!'. I've never been cock blocked by a game so effectivly.

      Needless to say I set my ipad to 'do not disturb' and close the cover when I'm ready to go to sleep now

      • visualplayer

        TMI but a great story!

  • DemoEvolved

    Obviously alerts that bypass the permissions you have granted the app are an exploit.

    That said I am for alerts that notify me it is my turn or contain timely info such as touch arcade articles. An app can get a few reminders to return out of me, but if the game needs to remind me to play, they have a bigger problem than annoying me with an alert...

    In many ways this just goes to the nature of the game's design. I can think of lots of timelimited ways to request the players attention for pretty much any genre

  • chadwerd

    I am the exact same way. My phone is always silent 'cept for playing games. I disable push alerts for all of games, and only have them activated for important apps.

  • Gurney Halleck

    I am with those who like useful notifications, and wish they could safely leave notifications on without being solicited to play a game we usually have already paid for.

    It makes it appear as though the financial interest of the developer is in the frequency of use. Makes me wonder what other information and data on my iOS device is being actively monitored and analyzed...

  • rewyan

    I think notifications are great, when they aren't excessive. I also like when there is an option to only receive notifications for certain things.

    I get the most notifications for ScoreCenter (by ESPN), but that's because I chose specifically what I wanted them to notify me about. That's the style I like.

  • vic_viper_001

    Of course it pisses me off when some game starts to send nagging push alerts without asking my permission first, but I don't see why anyone would just instantly delete a game for doing so. You can completely disable alerts for each individual game... and keep them from befouling your phone with very minimal effort.

    • Morgan01

      I have come across a few games that don't have the option to turn of notifications either in game or in the device settings. If I can't turn off the notification of a particular game, I just ignore it, then delete it when I get tired of seeing notifications for it.

  • Cilo

    This used to happen in Halfbrick games, I sware it would piss me off especially since they would push badges to the app advertising a game I already had installed. Big wtf moment, checking a badge in Fruit Ninja asking you to download Monster Dash when Monster Dash is sitting in the same folder right next to Fruit Ninja.

    I guess they must have fixed that nonsense because it drove me crazy and I deleted every Halfbrick app I owned (about 4 titles), then tried out Fish Out of Water, and it has never pushed any ads to my phone.

  • Björn Larsson

    Excessive notifications is the refuge for the marketer or developer with no ideas left. If Push alerts are needed to keep users coming back, it's probably not a very memorable game to begin with. Limited alerts are fine though; for example to inform on new content becoming available. Also, if there's such a thing as alerts that are a good genre fit, that's not bad either (multiplayer chess springs to mind, although Game Center probably handles next turn alerts).

    • pdSlooper


      I can't think of any iOS games offhand where push alerts would be a good "genre fit". I imagine that Suda51's Contact, a DS game, would have had interesting uses for them. But you'd really have to have played the game (watched an LP, read a fully spoilered review) to get that.

  • Urgou

    I hate those notifications!!!

  • Taclys

    Terrible: "your castle needs you, come and play!"

    Good: "come play today for a 15 gem bonus!"

    How it should be: "x has happened, come and deal with it"

    Perfect world: make a game good enough you don't have to bug me, because you will have grabbed my attention anyways.

    • Dr. Woodenstein

      I agree completely. In fact, the games that I actually play on a daily basis don't send me push notifications.

  • sabbato753

    I insta-delete these titles. I did that to Deep Dungeons of Despair, for this very reason. A good game, but those nags ruined it for me. Worse was that the game had iap on top of it - I'm glad I didn't pay it.

  • voxinator

    I think I shut them off.

  • handhoney

    "Allow push notifications for ________?" :/

    Nope. I never regret hitting the "no" button, but most of the time regret hitting its lateral companion.

  • Cause007

    Absolutely hate them. Pointless, annoying [insert whatever explicit content you prefer here]. First time any occur, push notifications are turned off.

  • Dai Lion

    Always desactive push notifications in all games. I hate it.

  • bigjack66

    What really annoys me is when an alert interrupts a game I'm already playing which pauses the game usually at the most inconvenient moment like coming into a corner in a racing game! Mind you the 20% battery alert does that as well which is equally annoying!

  • Zepfhyr

    To my knowledge, going into Settings and turning off applies to local notifications, as well. I've never had any app sneak in a local notification after I'd expressly said no to push notifications.

    • visualplayer

      I have.

  • pdSlooper

    There needs to be a VERY good reason that you're sending me unblockable messages. I won't even take that nonsense from human beings...your app doesn't stand a chance.

  • pointaken47

    I hate them. There are even some games which ask you to allow or reject notifications and yet STILL send you alerts. But whatever, all I do is turn off all the notifications manually. It's not troublesome cos I do that all the time.

  • diaskeaus


  • piichan

    It's annoying. Especially for the games which I choose no to sending me notifications but still do. So when i go to settings to shut them up, I make sure to turn off every option on there to make sure they don't do any more sneak attacks. (I discovered that just pressing on no notifications still gives me those lock screen banners so put all the options to none)

  • Lamar Taylor

    Anytime I install a new app I go to the settings, then notifications, and then turn off notification center. You then must turn off alert styles, badge app icon, and then lock screen. This process takes about 30 seconds and you are set and alert free for good.

    I carry the iPhone 5 for personal use and the Galaxy Note 2 for my business and my Galaxy Note 2 even with notifications turned off will still send alerts from time to time.

  • habitablejam3

    Very annoying

  • Haanden

    Post modern interpretation of Faust:
    Accepting push notifications is like a deal with Mephistopheles!

  • Nakor

    Yeah they are complete BS. Delete + boycott.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Alerts can be extremely useful. I turn on the ones I need and turn off those I don't want. Common sense.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Games shouldn't annoy me. My phone is a serious tool that has game apps, I don't want it to become mostly a game tool that has serious apps.

    Think IOS is the greatest w/UI design? Try setting lots if custom Notification settings for lots of apps!!! Yeesh!!!

    I was surprised Apple abandoned its own design rules (a simple edit button & drag apps to enable or disable Notifications, or at least some standard 'on/off' toggles) and instead requires us to drill way down to tweak each app!!! (Is this Andoid??? Ha)

    Well, Apple tends to improve slowly with iterations. Hopefully an engineer will fix this soon. For instance, I'd like to have all games have Notifications off by default. So its on Apple...

  • SpacePenguinBot

    I don't like them. I either go make sure to turn off their notifications, or I delete the game (thanks for reminding me that I don't play your game anymore).

  • DannyWalkman

    To me it seems too agressive to remove a game just for that. I just disable all the unwanted notifications from settings and all is well. Except, there's a lot to improve in the notification settings. It needs to be one button ON/OFF for each app, not FOUR.

  • Andreas101

    I don't like the useless notifications, but you can usually just disable.
    I play Simpsons: Tapped Out, and it has both kinds: sometimes it tells me when some 'job' is done (good), but mostly it's just Homer shouting (bad). So I haven't disabled...
    I woke up one night to the phrase "Hey, HEY COME PLAY WITH ME!", and I was shocked for the split second before I recognized his voice...
    Recently I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing on my 3ds. Spookily, this made Homer go "Are you cheating on me with another game?" Well, yes, Homer, I am! Maybe if you could give me some discounts on premium-donuts, or not make everything into premium items that cost crazy amounts, I'd consider coming back...

  • syntheticvoid

    What is with these 'what do you think' posts...?

    • syntheticvoid

      Sorry... This was more of a post to find out if I had been unbanned from the front page... WOOT! Only took a year, but I'm back... Thanks guys!

  • Sven Van de Perre

    I agree with all the "the second I get one of those I delete the game" opinions here, but as and indie dev, might I add that putting all your money into a game, and then seeing it under perform because bigger companies have basically bought all top slots in the App Store charts, can be a frightening thing. At that point, lots of smaller devs panic, and resort to this type of stuff. I still think it's wrong. Even the "you'll get tripple coins if you play the next 24 hours" ones and all that are crossing a line.

    The sad thing is, it works. Lots of occasional gamers are triggered by that stuff. At Monkube, we spend a lot of time deciding what the best approach is. For now, it's "download free, play part of the game for free and either look at the occasional add, or purchase the rest of the game and disable the ads immediately.

    • pdSlooper

      The TA community has its preferences, which a number of devs seem to respect, but we're still a niche of the App Store market, and the AS isn't really set up to handle niche gaming, is it? IMO, that's a big problem. I bought my iPod for gaming, it's a gaming device to me (with some very well-implemented extra features). I don't mind the app equivalents of "Brain Age" and "Sudoke game #4173284" (stuff made for the masses), but when I want an RPG, roguelike, platformer, music game, etc., that's just right for me? The AS doesn't help me at all, and no review sites can possibly handle the entirety of the store's uncurated output.

      • Sven Van de Perre

        True. The Genius feature should point you in the right direction, but if you download too many apps you actually didn't like, Genius, well, it's not that genius anymore. I've talked to a few big indie devs, about forming an "Indie" group, making our own "indie store", with some decent rules on who can join. Like the old Nintendo Seal of Approval. But for iOS games. Too bad I don't have more time to actually work in that stuff (got some games to finish as well, you see)

  • visualplayer

    I've experienced the confusing frustration of refusing notifications, then getting some anyway.

    Like others here, I instantly delete that game or app (it's more than just games.)

    I'm a gamer with a full time job and two part time jobs. I play when I can and it doesn't take time away from family and work.

    When I get unwanted notifications, it just slowly turns me off towards the game or app. I develop a negative association, not a positive relaxation vibe.

    I don't mind being asked-but when I choose no, I mean no, and sneaky system notifications make me check out the developer and avoid them.

  • Tomtomp44632

    SO DAMN ANNOYING! Why would i care if my game misses me?!

  • iLLcAtTiViSsiMo

    I don't mind the ones that are functional with game such as "the rifle you built is now ready". but I could't agree more with this article. The games that nag you to simply play annoy the crap outta me! My most recent one is Maze of Darkness. Cool little game to kill a few minutes but its been pending on my "delete list" and is ranked very high on that list.

  • somedumbgamer

    Why wouldn't you just deactivate notifications in the settings?

  • curtneedsaride

    Great article. But all I want to know is where you got that background, and how can I get it?! I love all S&S artwork, and can't get enough.

  • praxcelis

    How about any app that throws a full screen ad at you every so often? Not cool.

  • ivansodi

    I disable them as soon as i can.

  • tommet

    As soon as I get one of those I uninstall the game.

  • rubendepedro

    annoying. disappointing. frustrating. deserves to be removed

  • XCool

    Plants vs Zombies 2 just did that: local timed push notification asking me to go back now and play the game. How many of you will delete the game? 😛

  • HisDivineOrder

    Can't you disable this in the a section in the Settings Menu on an app by app basis? I like to go in and "weed" 99% of the apps I have from time to time.

  • daniel schroeder

    Late to the party, but I'm definitely turned off by this, and it seems like more and more games/apps are doing it. It's especially annoying when the notification is delayed for a long time, and you've basically forgotten about the game.

    I generally say "no" to the regular notifications, but I wonder how bad they get if you opt in on those as well.

  • Gaius Baltar

    Saw this article after wondering if others don't like the notifications.

    On notifications in general. I can't stand them. I don't need to be interrupted. What could possibly be so important that it warrants taking me away from what I am presently doing to find out that someone has just texted me, a game has a new level, someone just replied to my email, or any other routine activity? The only time my phone should bother me is if my house is on fire.