mzl.vjsasyrk.175x175-75The App Store is clotted with tower defense games, but you owe it to yourself as a fan of the genre to check this one out when it hits later tonight at 11PM EST. Super Hippo absolutely nails everything you could want out of a solid TD game. It's got an awesome art style, for one, and more importantly, it mechanically holds up.

Split across a ton of chapters, Pirate Legends TD tasks you with protecting a docked pirate ship with a handful of towers, including the standard gun and cannon towers and some interesting twists like a "voodoo" type that ignores enemy armor. Your ship isn't just something to be protected, though -- it's also a valid weapon choice, as it can launch dazzling barrages and generally fire upon creeps that come its way. There's also a variety of special abilities that absolutely wrecks bad guys. In the first level, for example, you can summon a kraken that swallows an entire wave whole. There's also a whirlwind power that lets you push enemies back.

If you want some numbers, Pirate Legends boasts seven environments, 20 towers, and even four boss confrontations. Each level also takes some decent time to complete.

We've got some video above, so definitely check that out, as it pretty much tells you everything you need to know initially. We're going to keep playing through the week, but our first impressions are definitely very good. Look out for some more on this one down the line.

International App Store Link: Way to Go!, 3.99 (Universal)

  • andrew9oh7

    Kingdom rush expect in water it seems

    • RegularStormy

      This is what I imagine a sequel to 7 Cities could have looked like

    • smes3817

      Why do people always say something is 'like Kingdom Rush' as if that's the only game in the genre and they pioneered TDs...?

      • andrew9oh7

        Well the art style and voice work IS very kr style,and some of the users interface is as well.not saying it's a bad thing

      • cookthroughtheages

        Kingdom Rush is one of the few TDs that is not a screensaver. Most other TDs only have fewer buildings and have a 100 waves in which, most of the time, you can already sleep on by wave 50. To this fact, KR is a beautifully done TD game compared to well know titles like Fieldrunners. Along with that, the sound and the feel is just like Kingdom Rush except for maybe a little graphic quality unless that's just in the video.

      • ptdshiznit818

        Believe me. Play the game and you'll see why it's being compared to kingdom rush. I mean, even the menus are very similar.

      • loox

        Because Kingdom Rush Frontiers has a pirate ship that can be used as a tower. It also has a Kraken. and it also has a whirlwind that pushes enemies back.

        How could you NOT compare it to Kingdom Rush???

        a whirlwind that pushes enemies back.
        A Kraken?!?!

        That's some coincidence.

        That said I am a huge KR fan so this information is why I a buying the app!

  • McBlink

    That Octopus at 0:56 sold me.

    • rewyan

      It was actually at 0:54 - 0:55.

  • Crimzzen

    I'm in!

  • B30

    Kingdom Rush Pirates

  • damagex

    Wilhelm scream! I love it!

  • ImJPaul

    This looks awesome but it looked quite leggy. I'm hoping that is just the poor video quality and not the actual gameplay. Otherwise, everything checks out and as a huge TD fan this looks super legit.

    • tootiegooch

      Hey, legs are the first thing I noticed on the GF and we're still together after 15 years!

    • ptdshiznit818

      So far it's been running very smoothly on my iPhone 4S even during some pretty hectic encounters.

  • Peter Bohanna

    Maybe a TA plays video on this soon?

  • Pocketnova

    Wrong iTunes link (or just labeled wrong)

  • RamazAdelphos

    Ill get it if it's free lol

    • metalcasket

      It's posts like this that make me wish I could be a moderator outside the forums too. I'd abuse my powers in an instant.

    • ImJPaul

      I hope you get mugged soon. Then you'll wish you spent your money on quality iOS games and not gas gift cards and cartons of cigarettes.

      • RamazAdelphos

        Whoah Whoah Whoah u guys are so quick to assume and jerks lol. 1) I don't have any money sorry I'm not rich or have a credit card. 2) the game does look like I wanna play It so stfu plz

  • pavarotti2007

    Just wish there was more than 12 levels

  • Jake7905

    One thing's for sure, there's never a shortage of good TD games on the App Store. And here's another one to add to it.

  • SEVEN341

    Touch arcade nailed it! I am sold! This looks freaking awesome! Anyone catch that octopus and shark attacking! OMG!

  • Dai Lion

    4 $ for a tower defense, + IAPS. I will go to armorgames or kongregate

    • Stustaff

      AND only 12 levels!?

  • mr_wexer

    This looks beautiful...want!!

  • Scape3d

    Rough time to release your TD game at the same moment Plants vs Zombies 2 is coming.

  • jeffyg3

    Looks good, might have been a go, but IAP tends to shove me away from that "buy" button

  • Flare_TM

    Love the look of this, especially the naval side of it.

    Disappointed in the shallow amount of levels (pun intended!)

  • RangerInfantry

    Yea, not too sold on the $4 plus IAP. Looks good though. Just not THAT good. Hopefully the IAP aren't that necessary.

  • sakara214ever

    Nice looking full of iaps game.

  • araczynski

    The single currency gives me hope, but at $4+IAP, i will never know.

  • Illuminerdy

    Racist voodoo trope.

    • arakasi

      The way the "natives" are drawn is going to raise some eyebrows too, at the very least.

  • wigzisonfire

    IAPs!!! Will add this straight into my appshopper wish list and download this in two weeks time when the price inevitably drops to free or 69p thanks!!!

  • Newb

    Wow it really does look a lot like ironhide would of made this and I'm in

  • xtrgrvyplz

    Do you know why it always compared to kingdom rush ill tell you why and i bought the game to back this up

    First us youll start to choose on 4 basic towers which is a rifle bombardier voodoo and chemical towers that can be upgraded to more powerful towers with skills as well

    Theres also some mercenaries found that can be both by gold or toes as game currency that you earn after completing each level

    Theres also an upgrade level tree that is very similar to KR

    In KR you have mercenaries and fire spell to aid you in the game well here you have a tortoise with a cannon and a barrage of cannonball with cooldowns too

    Theres a free and IAP heroes that levels up on each game

    Now tell me why it is not compared to KR when the game mechanics is almost the same

    Im not saying that game is not cool im loving it to be honest and im easily adapted to it since im playing KR and Frontiers

    Unlike other awesome td games out there like fieldrunners and bloons td 5 which has their own unique gameplay as a td game..

    Overall if you love KR this is an addition to your collection of td games

  • xtrgrvyplz

    It also has the equivalent of goblin shop of KR where you can purchase spells like the kracken using toes as one of game currency

  • extol4000

    @Scape3D: I bet this is 100 times better than PvZ2!

  • Protoman

    I wish Defenders Quest would come to iOS. Kingdom Rush is garbage compared to that game.

  • Houndskull

    Played it for a while and... It's alright. Not bad but not great either.