mzl.kisxkiwo.175x175-75The studio behind Sunny Hillride, Headup Games, has a new title coming tonight: Way To Go! In a nutshell, it's a 2D, tile-based puzzle game that tasks you with maneuvering or re-directing a variety of avatars through hundreds of surprisingly devilish puzzles. It plays a little bit like Cuboid, if you're familiar with that, except this game has you laying down tiles to indicate where your avatar goes.

And it keeps mixing things up. The first avatar, for instance, is a robot that'll do whatever the tile you put in front of him says. The second one is a red dragon-thing that steals the arrow tiles you put down, forcing you to kinda do a mental 180.

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It's of note that Way To Go! is really shooting for the whole family-friendly thing. The game is wicked inviting artistically and mechanically, and it dishes out praise, advice, and reassurance often, even if you screw up.

We'll keep plugging away at because we've got a lot more to see. There are 350 puzzles in total, in fact, so we expect to be on the case here for a bit. You can grab it tonight, though, if you don't want to wait. International link below:

International App Store Link: Way to Go!, .99¢ (Universal)

  • Garzhod

    Family friendly apps. Just what every toucharcade user wants.

    • nini

      Right now, all I know what TA users wants seems to fall into strategy, shooters and RPGs, we're not exactly a diverse bunch (or so the vocal elements of the hive would have you believe).

    • Happy W

      Hey, not *every* TouchArcade reader is interested in family-friendly apps. For example, some of us are supercilious, sneering trolls, and *we* only want stuff that panders to our brittle sense of self-esteem, stuff that we can somehow use to buttress the teetering house of cards that is our identity. You know? Don't forget about us, is what I'm saying.