If you've played through The Walking Dead [Free], chances are you're more than excited for any whiff of anything new that Telltale is putting out. (And, if you haven't played The Walking Dead, you should fix that immediately.) Well, the first episode of The Wolf Among Us is going to be featured at the upcoming PAX Prime, and Telltale has a new trailer to whet your appetite:

Based on the Fables series of comics by Bill Willingham, The Wolf Among Us looks really rad. However, there is some bad news for iOS gamers- iOS devices aren't listed among the platforms that the game is going to be initially available on. Buuuut... Telltale has shown they're super-interested in releasing their games on iOS devices in the past, so, this morning's tea leaves are telling me The Wolf Among Us on iOS devices is likely more a matter of when, not if.

If you're in to adding things to your TouchArcade app watch list, here's your chance. We might be in for a long wait on this one, but, still, you'll get push alerts as we post subsequent articles about The Wolf Among Us coming (or not coming) to the App Store.

  • Eseres

    That looks cool.

  • JohnnyJ301

    Art work and graphics are excellent.

  • loophole

    This look freaking sweet. Does anyone know the release?

  • Alex

    Looks cool. I will definitely add this to my watch list.

    Side note: Fix the damn TA app. The watch list notifies me days after an app is released. Once it was a week.

  • Taclys


    That art style is amazing. I'm glad to see The Walking Dead wont be alone with it.

  • Reignmaker

    If you're unfamiliar with the Fables series by Bill Willingham, you should really check it out. Most public libraries have the first few graphic novels in his series and Amazon is selling them for cheap. Whether you're normally into comics or not, Fables is smart storytelling at its best.

    • Kedens

      The series sounds interesting but I wonder if it will make the game less interesting to have read the graphic novels. Does anyone know if the game follows the novels or is just based in their world?

      • Reignmaker

        Telltale's stories are usually unique to the game. If anything, I would think exploring the graphic novels would just give you a deeper appreciation for the world. I suppose you could wait and see though.

  • Lomyr

    As a massive Fables fan, I am both thrilled and worried by this... At least it's in good hands, so I'm optimistic!

  • WheelieUK

    If this game is as addictive as The Walking Dead then we are in for a real treat.