The weekly video game release ritual is beginning. Starting on the island nation of New Zealand, iOS games pop up there then slowly filter out to other iTunes regions before making appearing like clockwork on the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern. Here's what's catching our eyes so far-

New games can (and usually do) appear randomly throughout the day, so, if we see any other noteworthy titles we'll update this post.

  • Peter Bohanna

    Is Buddy & Me out this week? How abt PVZ 2?

    • Eseres

      Yeah! Where IS PvZ2?

      • ImJPaul

        If pvZ2 doesn't release in the States today I am gonna be like the fat kid in their first teaser.

    • Nick

      This is becoming quite rote.

      We get it, everyone wants the games. Constantly, every week, asking about them isn't going to make it happen any faster.

      Trust me when PvZ launches, everyone and their second cousin twice removed will know.

      I'll totally give you a pass on Buddy & Me though, it's one of those Fetch style sleepers that could knock the lot of us on our keisters. That reminds me I need to contact the devs for a status update!

    • InkyTheGhost

      According to the PVZ 2 facebook, it's coming tonight.

  • deepblueocean84

    Let me guess another week of endless runners and puzzle games.

    • defunct32

      Lol! We can never get enough of them and those IAPs, PTW, PTP.

  • Franko

    Where is Asphalt 8 ???

    • themostunclean

      Delay was announced last week.

    • thecool111

      August 22nd.

  • Jaylewl

    Which are worth to get?

    • Jaylewl

      Which games are worth to get?**

      • wigzisonfire

        Which games are worth getting?***

      • Nick

        Which, of this extraordinarily extensive and exhaustive list, would be appropriate to spend our weekly, or possibly bi-weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly stipend on?***

      • TarePlays

        No. You tried to hard. And you killed it.

  • anada

    Which game is the one pictured?

    • Pitch_Blak

      I think it's Telekinesis Kyle.

      • michaelfields

        Every time I see that name it just makes me think of Southpark and I hear Cartman saying it.

  • somedumbgamer

    Was really hoping to see Shadowrun Returns on this list. Maybe next week

    • speedyph

      Rite real games

  • wigzisonfire

    Looks like a junk week. Meh!

    • Zerol3onheart

      Like the last 3 weeks. I'm probably the only one not impressed with Mikey Hooks.

  • defunct32

    Are there any good turn based RPGs other than those from Square? Something that lasts for hours.

    • InkyTheGhost

      Did you check out Gurk III from last week? It's fantastic.

      • defunct32

        I did but doesn't look appealing to me, sadly.

      • InkyTheGhost

        Because of the design? Sanuku has a video up, gives a hint of how much depth there actually is in the game.

      • defunct32

        I like old school RPGs but GURK III just doesn't strike my fancy for some reasons. The last iOS RPG that I enjoy was Vay which is a port of a Sega Genesis game, no? I love it!!

      • defunct32

        How is Dragon Fantasy? Is it good?

      • InkyTheGhost

        Haven't played either of those, but they look cool.

      • defunct32

        I may settle with Dragon Fantasy but I'll look around some more!

      • InkyTheGhost

        Final Fantasy 1 is a good port. I also really liked Cthulhu Saves The World, and Knights of Pen & Paper, but they are pretty goofy.

      • defunct32

        I have Cthulu Saves the World, funny game, played FF1 to death back on the days, haha, seems like we have similar taste!

      • defunct32

        Knight of Pen & Paper seems to be IAP driven.

      • InkyTheGhost

        The only IAP is gold, and I never had to buy any. It can be grindy for XP though. Tons of character customization.

      • defunct32

        I love grinding, I never shy away. I will consider KOP&P! 😉 thank you!

      • defunct32

        Wow! Enjoying KOP&P tremendously! I should have bought this sooner, you convinced me, thanks, InkyGhost!

      • InkyTheGhost

        Awesome! Glad you're enjoying it!

      • defunct32

        Yep! ;P funny game to boot! Well worth every penny.

      • Zerol3onheart

        I agree. KOP&P is fantastic.

      • Nick

        Wait what the elephant toenails, Vay is on iOS?!?

      • defunct32

        Yep, the same Vay from 93 was ported to iOS. It's fun and only cost $1.

    • gNades

      Am i the only one that like Crimson Gem Saga?

      • defunct32

        Nope, I love it back on the PSP; even wrote a guide for it on GameFAQs (omg shameless promo lol) but iOS crashes a lot on iOS 6. Terrible.

  • Gamistry

    Our game Gold Diggers just hit NZ store as well

  • Nick

    I saw Maniac Manors and thought I saw Maniac Mansion.

    I'm much less happy now. Sigh.

    • The Gamer Dude

      Lol that would have been awesome! And still no asphalt 8 🙁

      • defunct32

        Pushed back to 22nd Aug I heard.

    • renatpl

      me too! I miss that game!

    • The Gamer Dude

      Yeah it's almost like they named it like that on porpoise 😉

  • Rasec Noir

    Thanks for the info. Will check it out when it comes out.

  • sweetdiss

    PVZ 2 Ya'll! Check their facebook!! 😀

  • TREE_exorcist

    Any new storyline based games comin'? Hope there is.

  • Flare_TM

    Thanks for the post TA

  • lordyokomoto

    Oh just what we needed another endless runner and another TD game ....... Blurrgggh

  • lordyokomoto

    Btw PVZ2 spotted in Aussie store

  • Jake7905

    Another boring week for new releases, my only instabuy is PvZ2, which happens to be a freemium TD game. Which is why this is a bad week for new releases.

  • E_7

    You fellas are missing two decent-looking iPad games:
    Solar Flux HD
    Cognition Episode 2

    Check out the iPad forums.

  • ellis lamai

    PVZ 2 will be out August 15th

  • iamthekiller

    This is the worst pile of games ever to be dumped in one week.