We've been following Mines of Mars since its announcement in April of this year, and even though it's taking forever we're still pretty stoked for it. This Terrarria-like game seems to be shaping up nicely, as evident from the new teaser they just released:

Details are few and far between outside of the developer's campaign to also get the game on Steam Greenlight, but, if you were wondering if anything new is up with Mines of Mars since the last teaser we saw... This trailer is your answer.

  • Scot D

    Oh damn this game looks friggin saweet! Except the narrator. He sounded like he was talking in his sleep, mumbling the entire time. I couldn't understand what the heck he was saying!

  • sleb

    This game is looking great!!

  • Bool Zero

    *Insert gratuitous instant buy comment here!*

    Want... Want... Want... Want....

  • Solarclipse

    This is looking like it could be the answer to those metroid cravings—while still preserving some originality. Yay!