Surprise! Shenandoah Studio is working on a follow-up to its fantastic TBS Battle of the Bulge [$9.99 / Free]. And it's coming pretty soon, too.

Drive on Moscow, as the new title's called, lets players play as either the Germans or Soviets in the Battle of Moscow in 1941-1942. The word is that it'll support multiple scenarios ranging from "full conflict to smaller operations" and will include various updates over its predecessor including new units and defensive fortifications. And the best part, maybe? Ted Raicer is behind the helm.

Pocket Tactics recently spoke with Shenandoah Studio about this announcement, and got a little bit more about what to expect from the campaign component. There'll be an interesting offensive versus defensive trade-off mechanic in the game. Shenandoah Studio explains, via Pocket Tactics:

“We’re implementing a campaign mode to the game that covers the 1st of July through October [of 1942],” said Cummings. “Each week, either side has the option to either start an offensive, or hold position and lay minefields and take on reinforcements. If you choose to go on the offensive, you get fewer reinforcements, but you gain the advantage of initiative.”

Drive on Moscow is expected to ship soon. By the way, if you haven't tried Battle of the Bulge yet, you totally should. That game is incredible.

  • defunct32

    What kind of bulge?

    • Reignmaker

      I experience a battle of the bulge whenever riding at the back of a bus.

      • Jet_Black

        Grow up children. Have some respect for the thousands of soldiers that fought & died in the 2nd world war...

      • Reignmaker

        I cook hamburgers on the memorial day holiday with everyone else. Relax.

      • defunct32


  • Bloodangel

    Wish battle of the bulge would come out on iPhone... Thought someone said it was.
    Also be great if this was iPhone too.... Would really like a proper war game on iPhone

    • armilla

      Pockettactics reported a month or so ago that Bulge was going universal, so hopefully that happens soon.

  • subshell001

    I never knew a turn based strategy game could be an RTS, that's just crazy!

  • toxiccheese

    I've been playing battle of the bulge for years... ha!

  • vogelmann

    The quote from Pocket Tactics is about the game El Alamein and not Drive to Moscow. The battles of El Alamein took place from july to november in 1942. The battle of Moscow happend in 1941!