If you're not into the whole game streaming scene, here's the gist- You can hit up Twitch.TV, basically any time, day or night, and watch someone (usually at or near the "pro" level) playing... Almost any video game you could imagine. Why so many people seem to prefer watching someone else play video games instead of just playing those games yourself is a bit of a mystery to me, but, I digress. A recent update to the Twitch app [Free] significantly upped the amount of content mobile devices now have access to.


Up from the previous 200, streamers will now have access to 750 different channels. Additionally, if you'd like to delve into the cesspool that is the Twitch chat, you can argue with fellow gamers in a completely redesigned chat interface. Last, but certainly not least, is even more options for streaming quality- Complete with toggles to flip between desktop and mobile optimized streams.

Oh, and if Blizzard games are more your speed, be sure to check out last week's news about the Blizzard WCS app [Free]

  • hourglass

    Am I the only one who would rather play games than watch them be played?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp


      • toxiccheese

        Is there a search function?

      • PallaZ

        In twitch? Yes

    • PallaZ

      There are a lot if reasons to watch a stream:
      1. Events and cups like evo
      2. You want to see blind gameplays (amnesia or dark souls p.e.) where people mess up
      3. Speed runs
      4. You are curious about a game you don't own
      5. A friend wants so show you something
      6. You can't play at the moment (because of any reason) but you want to see some gaming stuff

      • androsynth

        I agree with every argument on your list. I like watching streams while eating for example :p

    • LearnIIBurn

      I enjoy watching people speed run games. I'm terrible at it, but find it really fun to see how people rush through games that usually take large amount is time.

  • Jason Flor Flook

    It depends. I would never ever watch someone play a single player game. But they held the Dota 2 Championships over the weekend, and I caught bits and pieces. These are actual pro players, with the winning team taking home 1.4 million dollars. They had around 250k viewers, and LoL pulls in over 1 million for their championships. Other games like Black Ops 2, Starcraft 2, CS:GO, also attract viewership and prize money.

  • Goat76

    I feel ya.

  • bearded

    Still no access to archives. That's really all I want. I never watch live. It's much better for things like fighting game tournaments to be able to scrub through all the b.s. in between matches.

  • TarePlays

    When dinner time comes around, Twitch.Tv replaces normal TV for me. I just don't like normal TV anymore.

  • http://endekks.tumblr.com endekks

    PallaZ nailed it. I watch them for two reasons… So I can see if a game I am curious about is worth purchasing - as I will glean what the gameplay is actually like - and techniques on how to better play myself - if I get stuck on something or just want to learn some tips on efficiency.

    Besides, asking why people like watching other play games is a bit of a preposterous question by Eli in the first place. On one hand people want video games to be treated like traditional sports, but then laugh at the actions typically associated with them. Considering The Superbowl is the most watched televised event of the year, and realise that you're just watching people play sports, then you may understand why people like watching other people do something they could just do themselves.

    Clearly you agree that watching other people play games is a good idea, considering your regular posting of extended gameplay trailers and, I dunno, the TA PLAYS videos which you produce. 😉

  • kurzz

    I dunno...there's just something oddly addictive with watching someone play your favorite games...nostalgia maybe...

  • rshkhsee

    That chat mode can really compliment the xBox Twitch app, which has no features at all..maybe what they had in mind