844203_largerFlight Unlimited Las Vegas [$2.99] got a big old content update a couple of hours ago, and it's certainly an interesting one. Most notably, missions involving a mob boss were added to the core game, expanding the simulation to include, for example, bombing runs. I had to read that twice before I believed it.

Also, new planes were added: an "aerobatic bi-plane" dubbed The Pitts, the A10 Tank Killer and the P40 Warbird. The former is completely free, while the latter two have been rolled into a new 99¢ "Military Plane Package." It's probably of note that users who bought the F18 get access to this package for free.


Various enhancements on the model and the visuals were added in this update, too. Also, the usual bug fixes and tweaks.

Flight Unlimited Vegas is a pretty cool game, especially if you're tired of X-Plane. We played it well before it received a bunch of updates and had a bunch of fun, at least.

  • objectiveC

    This game sucks, get aerofly fs. It got updated yesterday with 8 new aircraft and a new SUPER detailed 3d airport. Aerofly fs blows this game out of the water

  • miumius

    Is this game better than X-Plane HDEF 4G? I've been using that one for a really long time and I'm curious if there's a better one.

    • JJE McManus

      It's fun if you are an aficionado of flight sims but it does come in a distant third to xPlane and Aero.

      • Howard

        Try Infinite Flight on the iPhone or iPad. It is a very realistic flight simulator.