613679_largerFolks looking for some Minecraft on the go have found solace in a game called Survivalcraft [$3.99]. A labor of love from a solo developer, Survivalcraft adds a significantly more robust experience than Mojang's actual Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99 / Free], an experience that we thoroughly enjoyed in our review of the game. Minecraft: PE has its own set of strengths and is definitely on its way to becoming closer to its desktop counterpart, but in the meantime Survivalcraft keeps expanding at a rapid pace, giving Mojang a run for their money.

The latest Survivalcraft update landed over the weekend, and it's quite a doozy. One of the biggest new additions is boats which let you set sail on the vast oceans in the game. Careful though, as if you damage your boat then you can take on water, and if it gets really messed up you can actually sink.

Another big addition is farming and you can now plant seeds and grow rye, with I'm sure many more types of crops coming in the future. There's also flour now so you can make some bread, which is good because your character is now affected by hunger as well as things like fatigue, sleep deprivation and drowning.

Finally, some tweaks have been made to world generation so there should be more interesting terrain, and there's now islands out in the ocean to discover. A handful of new animal types, animal pathfinding, and animals going after food round out the major new additions in this update.

There's a few other minor changes too, so check out the App Store description for the full lowdown, but if you've missed Survivalcraft previously and want some Minecraftin' while out and about then definitely give this one a look and keep up to date with all the latest happenings in the Survivalcraft thread in our forums.

  • Louis Ace

    Update is great

  • BillyOceansBlues

    deleted my old worlds to start fresh with the new update. i died in some pretty awesome ways! i definitely feel like im earning the right to survive in this game.

  • elmazzer

    Needs an option to turn off wolves transforming to monsters! Its really pisses me off and i dont like that coz i liked to play this game with realistic mobs >:( and these monsters will spawn in skyblock too!!! Ahhhhh!!! I hate this feature... But the other features of this update are just out standing!

  • anabolicMike

    Great game. I agree there should be a mode where there's no werewolves lol. I like playing survivor like too. It's more fun to play in adventure mode as well. Simply because you can't mine stone with your hands. I kinda wish there was a way to use cacti as tools/weapons or maybe something to get water from. (In the desert a cactus can save your life!). I grabbed a community map called survivor island with story. So much fun! I put it into adventure mode! I like this! More biomes and cacti tools are all I care to add :). It's a sweet game!

    • anabolicMike

      It's kinda strange that one guy can make infinite worlds but Mojang won't. I wonder if it has something to so with multiplayer???

  • jimmyhazard

    Loving this game. I put it on my 9 year old daughters iPod and she creates amazing houses. Great fun.

  • greatnoob

    Wow, just one developer! Very impressive, i can't even be bothered making a level editor for my latest 2D game and then you have this amazing dev juxtaposed to myself and other lazy devs. Inspirational guy!


    If Mojang really wanted to, they could have this pulled in an instant surely? I like the idea it hasn't been though.

  • qman316

    Mojang could have this pulled instantly? Of course not... Block building worlds are a genre at this point, Mojang wasn't even the first to do it, they just perfected it. SurvivalCraft has a different and refreshing approach and this game far outshines minecraft pe at this point. Caves, infinite worlds, a true crafting interface as opposed to the mess minecraft pe crafting is... SurvivalCraft is my "go to" block building survival game at this point. Kaalus is an incredible dev, and his website updates every few days with what he's working on. This type of dedication should be celebrated as we all benefit from it! Thank you Kaalus!!

  • Press2Play

    Mojang is busy playing survivalcraft so no update at this moment.