209611_largerBridgy Jones [$2.99] catches my imagination in subtly complex yet playfully joyous ways that few apps can. Published by Chillingo and developed by Grow App, Jones is a splendid blend of self-deprecating fun with an impeccable amount of eccentricity. Perfection is in the details and Jones makes them intrinsic enough to grasp and simultaneously intricate for limitless evolution of gameplay.

I engross myself in the oddity of this construction puzzler. Players take conductor Bridgy Jones on a bizarre ride; in hopes of bringing cross-species love together. This seemingly juvenile plot is absolutely half the fun. Jones’ meticulous uses, or lack thereof, of speech and motivations for characters paints a clear, Pollock-like picture, recognizing how knowingly absurd this adventure will be.

The presentation is superb with minimal but gorgeous level design. Colors pop without being overwhelming and preserve the Dust Bowl-like aura. When running the app, I immediately notice how quickly menus and touch gestures respond to the tiniest of taps and swipes. The sheer appearance of Bridgy Jones is so laissez-faire that I’m in immediate dichotomy to the mental joust of the bridge-builder.


The destination is shown but the path is not. The goal of each stage is to traverse the uneven terrain by engineering the most effective and efficient bridge, chugging my train across its shaky structure.

I am left with an assortment of building materials, and the limitations of my mind, to get my ‘engine that could’ across mammoth gaps that separate me from the finish line. Any miscalculation of support truss or spacing of rails continually leads to failed attempts. In these failures, I am able to adjust strategies to make awkward and unique structures that still fail, but only after I cross them. Using the large quantities of ropes, boards, rails, and more, my ability to create is a never-ending pleasure.

Again, Bridgy Jones is brilliant because of its attention to detail. Starting a bridge scenario for instance, I can move the train with one finger while utilizing multi-touch to zoom in/out and see the next obstacle. During the construction phase, the ability to undo moves as necessary or swiftly scrap the entire production is available and greatly used.

Adding to the easy editing is a Fruit Ninja-like saw to cut down my wooden masterpieces, furthering the satisfaction of Jones' build-test-destroy-rebuild process.

The introduction to each level shows 4 optional challenges that can be completed in succession or in one trial. And, you can play simple chords with the challenge icons as each makes beautiful music, just because. By completing enough of these optional tasks, Jones’ special challenge levels are unlocked. These stages are unnerving in their creepy design and still amusing by way of the mindless chatter spewing from Jones’ mouth. Each detail is focused on player enjoyment and I appreciate the summation of options at my disposal.

Bridgy Jones provides laid-back humor and hours of gameplay, making it an unparallelled classic in the bridge building physics puzzler genre. I am thoroughly impressed and excited to see what else Grow App has on the horizon for the conductor and his mongrel. Hit the forums and see what others think about Chillingo's instant vintage app.

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  • Andy C83

    Too many good games. Stop it.

    • Andy C83

      Although I already bought this one. 🙂

  • Ben Norvell

    Definitely agree with the review

  • Aventador

    Game is very polished and it can be seen from start and in any part in game how much labour of love has been put into it ;Charming and inventing in a way bridge building game, not a little game considering size though ; kinda sad it got tossed on side in favor of playing KOTOR and now X-com

    • memphis12

      AAA Titles will always come first friend 😉

      Plus KOTOR (currently playing) & Xcom (I got 1000/1000 on my Xbox) are 2 of my favourite games of all time. Bring Fallout 2, FF7 & Lost Odyssey and I'm set! (BG 2 already on app)

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    thanks for post

  • Hawaii Jeff

    "The sheer appearance of Bridgy Jones is so laissez-faire that I’m in immediate dichotomy to the mental joust of the bridge-builder."

    Extremely poor word choices. This makes no sense.

    • Nate

      This is exactly the sentence I was going to pull out! Using "fancy" vocabulary but using it completely incorrectly makes a writer look far more foolish than using simple, straightforward language. I hope this guy is still young, and just learning to write . . .

  • Doc Robby

    I'm probably going to get crap for this, but the wording of this review reminds me of the way some of my African American friends talk. I always call them out on it as it's simply their attempt to appear educated when they're feeling a bit insecure. The irony is that they're really smart and it isn't necessary which is why I call them out on it. The really funny T.V. show, In Living Color, often did a spoof of this quirk of culture by the actors who were AA's themselves. Interesting enough, my friends from Africa don't do this. My AA friends do have a good laugh though once I point this out and yes, they point out my cultural quirks which can be as funny as hell!

    • Torque2k

      HAH! My thoughts exactly... Prison skit with Damon Wayans!

      "It's time to get down to the crux of my venereal infection". Classic.

  • lestrade


  • habitablejam3

    Well I'm trying this out, for just a buck i won't really be let down...Downloading now

  • KhizarMalik

    Man, Bridgy Jones is the BEST simulation game after Minecraft!

    • Papa Deuce

      You must mean Survivalcraft. 😉

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