bialogoAs we found out earlier this week, Gameloft's WWII-themed shooter series Brothers in Arms is readying its first new entry since 2011's Global Front [Free] with Brothers in Arms 3, and we had a chance to check it out here at E3. As was hinted at in the reveal on Gameloft's blog, Brothers in Arms 3 isn't a traditional shooter but more of an on-rails affair, though not a strictly guided one. You'll be able to swipe between cover points and utilize different touch-based mechanics to take out your Nazi opponents. It actually works pretty darn well, as you can see in this demo of an extremely early version.

I was skeptical about Brothers in Arms 3's mechanics when I first heard about them, but seeing them in action has me feeling a lot more positive. Gameloft has the full-blown shooter genre covered with the Modern Combat games, so I'm down for them to be trying something a bit different here. Even in its early state you could tell the cover mechanics and touch controls work pretty well. Brothers in Arms 3 is slated for release late this year or possibly early next year, so toss it on your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to get alerts when more news hits as development on it continues.

  • Klonis


  • ODMay

    Frontline Commando: Brothers in Arms Edition

  • B3nlok

    So In addition to the whole collection of console-based cloned franchises Gameloft is now cloning games from a Mobile company which is also known for cloning games. Ok

  • Aventador

    Oh well at least I had hopes for one that one day when it was announced, even though it was already pretty clear with every image featuring cover shooting.
    How can you make shooter even more approaching to casual crowd ?
    Make it on rails or make it cover based.
    Either way we all got screwed again...

  • Himmat Singh

    So, can this win the award for the most dumbed down shooter ever? It's on-rails, cover based and has some sort of auto-aim functionality.

  • phonecats

    Gameloft doesn't make games for you.
    They're all about that guy that spends $100 on IAP repeatedly.
    You are no longer needed.

  • GameIoft

    We may not add this game to gameloft because of all the bad ratings sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

  • GameIoft

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  • maskedviper

    This looks like a good game. It might be a bit on rails but it looks like a third person cover based shooter with great graphics. This mc5 blackout and telltales borderlands will defiantly be benchmark ipad games