One of the coolest releases on the App Store this year has been Frogmind's Badland [$0.99], an atmospheric, physics-heavy cave-flyer that was as simple as pie to play and chock full of fun. The game was spread across 40 distinct levels that were grouped together as "Day I" with more levels always part of the plan for future updates. This week, Badland saw its first big content update which introduces "Day II" and 10 brand-new levels.

The new levels are right in line with the previous ones, full of surprising hazards and cleverly designed terrain. There's room for more levels too, and it sounds like those will be coming at a pretty swift pace, likely in 10-level chunks like this latest update. So, there's more Badland coming in due time, but be sure to check out these new levels and give 'em a spin, or our original review or TA Plays video of Badland, as this is one iOS title you don't want to let slip by.

  • Taclys

    Probably my favorite game released this year, very excited for day 2.

  • TheFrost

    Best release of 2013 so far, and that says a lot...

  • nymadwe

    Give us more multi lvls pls:)

    • Juhana Myllys

      There will be new multiplayer levels in the future updates 🙂

  • Russell Mckee

    Awesome game! Endless scrollers are my favorite. Like it more than Rayman which was game of year last year.

  • quinndom

    Fantastic game, ive played a couple of the levels so far, the steem is awesome by the way.
    Also, the article didnt mention that this update is completely free, which is awesome