rymdkapselIndie developer Grapefrukt released their minimalist strategy title Rymdkapsel on PlayStation Network just last week, and today they've revealed on Twitter that their game will also be hitting iOS and Android devices in July. IndieGames has a nice write-up of Rymdkapsel, and in a subsequent Twitter conversation an editor inquired about a possible iOS or PC port to which Grapefrukt replied "iOS and Android in July! No promises for PC." If you follow Grapefrukt's blog Prototyprally then you are probably already aware of the impending iOS version. Check out the trailer for Rymdkapsel to see what it's all about.

Back at GDC in March, Rymdkapsel was nominated for an IGF award in Excellence in Design, and while it didn't win it did receive an honorable mention. Grapefrukt has been making many interesting Flash games for a while now, and Rymdkapsel is their first title to be sold and available on a platform like PSN. A week after release and people really seem to be digging it, so if you're liking the look of things then throw Rymdkapsel on your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List and get ready for the iOS version this summer.

[Twitter, IndieGames]

  • Taeles

    plays very well on my vita, cant wait to see it on my ipad 🙂

  • Josh Dombro

    Never seen this game, and the trailer didn't really show how to play. Can anyone help? Award nominations got my attention, but I'd like to know what kind of game to actually expect...

  • renegade826

    It's surprisingly good. Love it on my vita.

  • Gamer1st

    It's a damn good game. I thought the minimalist approach would be a turnoff but it may actually help you focus. I've found quite a few really good games on the PS Mobile section of my Vita.

  • Kamakazie

    It is very good but very easy.