653564_largerCavern [$2.99] is a pretty traditional, top-down rogue-like. You might recall the name. It made an impression on folks back when it was released in 2011. Frustrating, game-ending bugs ultimately held it back, though, despite its neat ideas, great touch interface, and hip combat. Most of those issues have now been fixed. A flurry of recent updates, including a big 2.0 update, have made it pretty playable. We've been enjoying it so much, in fact, that we thought we'd share a run in the game with you.

Earlier this afternoon, I decided to school Jared in the art of perma-death in Cavern, which, in hindsight, was a pretty easy thing to do because all I had to do was die. But it sure was nice to walk around in the randomized dungeons of this game again and grab all sorts of loot. Poison, on the other hand, not so much fun.

If you're in the market for an iOS rogue-like game, you need to grab this. Just check out that video and see if it clicks with you.

  • Seth Howard

    Might I suggest that, if you're a fan of rogues, you try Brogue for your iPad. It's under active development with frequent updates and its free to boot!

    • ThisIsAUsername

      What about for iPhone/iTouch? Any suggestions?

  • Josh Dombro

    If only you could beat up the mage... Not a huge fan of rogue-likes, but this looks okay. Quality video as always

  • grits

    That was truly epic. You cannot plan that better.

  • MonkeyChunks

    My favorite Roguelike is Sword of Fargoal, but could anyone tell us whether this is worth $2? $1? Less? More?

    • Jeff McCord

      Thanks MonkeyChunks! You are our favorite fan!! (we like Cavern too though).

  • Sami Sierla / Cavern developer

    Thanks for TA Play - love the epic ending!

    Couple notes : yes, ghosts are actually pulled from highscore ladder - names are not random. There are also some unique items named after active forum posters and testers πŸ™‚

    Cavern is normally $2.99 but now on $1.99 sale until end of the week. Maybe I'm a bit biased but I think it is worth the $1.99 if you like classic roguelikes.

  • wigzisonfire

    Thanks for bringing this game to my attention Touch Arcade.

    I just bought the game and can say its worth every penny. Tis a most excellent addition to my rogue collection! In enjoying it more than sword of fargoal so far!

    Also the game has a very active forum and very active dev!

    • MonkeyChunks

      I actually also just bought the game. Indeed it is very good. Unlike some games, I play this one and feel like it is worth $2 or more. I realize it is a particular category of gamers who understand value of a game like this, so I think someone will think $2 is too much, but man is this game fun!

      Simplicity of graphics works great with Cavern. The menus, the ease of switching between inventory and other features feels natural. It is also really cool to see unique things like the certain follower you get in the dungeon (no spoiler), occasional text suggesting what is what. Very nice overall!

    • _Jc_

      I bought the game and enjoyed it at first...

      But the utter lack of abilities and lack of algorithm checks to avoid unbeatable death make it sub-par.

  • Michal Hochmajer

    "Beware!Snakes!"...great...ooou snakes...sssss...i've been poisoned... :)))

  • schuim

    The ending cracked me up haha.. Bought!

  • UnSurreal

    lol amazing...

  • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave Metzener

    Why are games like this iOS 6.0+! I have other apps that are more graphic intensive than this one and it's iOS 5+!

    My poor iPad (1st gen) can't do iOS 6! I wish I had seen that when purchasing the game. At least I can play it on my iPhone, but still...

    • MonkeyChunks

      You mean this game is not compatible with less than 6.0 version of iOS. That's pretty strange. Feels unfair to exclude owners of older devices. I wonder if there is some unknown features that require 6.0 version.
      Game is pretty good.

      • Seth Howard

        The requirement for iOS 6+ is to ensure iPad 1 is not included as valid device for download generally because of performance and lack of dual core to drive game logic and view. iPad 1s were awesome and ground breaking but like any first gen device just not enough staying power to keep up with games.

      • Sami Sierla / Cavern developer

        iPad hardware is capable of running Cavern but I decided to require iOS 6 since I don't have iOS 5 devices to test with. Will check out if iOS 5 support is easily enabled and possibly add it in future update.

      • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave Metzener

        I would be more than willing to help out with testing on a 1st Gen iPad. I'm an unemployed QA Engineer with plenty of time on my hands and need the practice to keep up with my profession. Let me know if I can be of any help.

      • http://twitter.com/monkeyrotica monkeyrotica

        Seriously, requiring the latest OS in order to run a game that's decades old makes no sense. They want me to update in order to run Broguelike? Pass.

    • _Jc_

      It has nothing to do with the graphics and everything to do with the tools that were used to create and compile the code.

  • http://www.y8u.org/ Y8

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  • ThisIsAUsername

    Found a secret door. May I have a dollar?

  • SmugPugD

    I love Cavern! Thanks for letting me know about the update...it's great to play it again!

  • Flynn Taggart

    Holy crap this game is amazeballs. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Morgan01

    So, how does one get rid of parasites before they kill you?

    • Sami Sierla / Cavern developer

      Antidote potion gets rid of parasites.

      • http://twitter.com/brunoscheele Bruno Scheele

        Taking off my armor neutralizes them because requirements are not met. And then I can sell them for 0 gold πŸ˜€

        Or did I file a bug report? πŸ˜‰

      • Sami Sierla / Cavern developer

        Oh πŸ™‚ Will fix this in next update.