roviologoOne big thing that has held iOS gaming back compared to dedicated handheld game systems is a lack of a way to manage save game files. Sure, a great deal of mobile games are fairly disposable experiences that don't require tracking progress, but plenty of others are full, robust games that can take many hours to complete.

If you're an app addict like most of us here then chances are you'll need to play the make-space-on-your-device shuffle from time to time, meaning you might have to delete a hefty game and potentially all the progress you've made in it, never to get it back again.

Apple's iCloud has been a decent solution… when it works, that is. Sadly that seems to be a pretty rare occurrence. Admittedly it's getting better, but iCloud does not feel reliable enough yet to put my precious, precious game saves in its hands just yet.

Rovio is concerned with this problem as well, and as iMore reports they're working on their own save game solution to work in their stable of games. Using the new Rovio Account feature, which requires just an email to sign up for, game progress will be uploaded and saved on Rovio's end and can be transferred across devices, Rovio explains on their blog.


What's still not clear is just what devices this will work for. Since just about every Rovio game has a separate iPhone and iPad version, will my iPhone Angry Birds progress sync up with Angry Birds HD on the iPad? Will this work cross-platform for Android versions of the game?

I'm sure we'll find out all the details soon enough. Currently, Rovio Account is available in globally in Rovio's The Croods [Free] and regionally in Poland and Finland for the original Angry Birds on iOS. The service will roll out gradually to other regions and titles, and I'm actually pretty curious to see how it ends up panning out.


  • felipe

    Too late. Fuckn hate angry birds save. Ifunbox works to transfer save between devices without jb, but its a pain in the *ss.

    Better late then forever.. But angry birds is not fun anymore.

  • OneBagTravel

    I'm shocked at the number of games that still don't offer proper cloud syncing of save files. Especially with iCloud being free. Plants vs Zombies is a huge one for me.

    A stellar game like Rayman is a perfect example of cloud saving done right.

    • Jerutix

      So true! I deleted that game for 4 months, then got interested again. I was super happy when all my progress was still there!

  • Adams Immersive

    It supports multiple users, and the combining of pre-existing progress across multiple devices. Sounds good to me.

    • MidianGTX

      Sounds to me that with any system like this the deal would either be restricted to the games of a single developer (how exciting...) or available to all developers and we have another OpenFeint on our hands. Apple improve iCloud later on and suddenly hundreds of games are using outdated and unpopular save systems.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Too late, nobody cares about it. Also i have Rovio BTW

  • swarmster

    Well I've complained about Rovio enough that I'll tip my hat. Although that it seriously took one of the most successful iOS game companies this long to realize gamers value their data will always leave me with some doubts about how much they care about their users. And now that they've farmed their own, what happens when they pull an ngmoco and disappear and/or get bought out? Will the janitor unplug the server in the basement storing all my games?

    But anyway, I'll at least take note now of whatever they release next.

    Although I swear, if they did this only to end up going all free-to-play Facebook like their latest game I'll be like Twilight Zone glasses guy: 'It's not fair! I had saves now!'

  • Caesar-Édouard Perrin Esturco

    Rovio isn't the only company that should consider iCloud saves. Games with particularly harsh IAPs should offer iCloud support, particularly for people who bite the bullet and actually buy a fair amount of in-game currency.

    I just recently offloaded 2,500 kilotons of gems to purchase the Megalodon unlockable character in FGOL's Hungry Shark Evolution. Why? Because fucking giant sharks, that's why. This was on my iPad, by the way, and because the game employs a UDID check, I couldn't use iExplorer or iFunBox to port my savegame over to my iPhone. Sad, I know.

    I love me a little HSE now and then, and the experience is amplified on an iPad because of its comparatively larger screen against other iDevices... but there are times when a smaller device's portability makes for a more practical gaming experience, particularly when you're on the go. Subway, bus, church, in the can, pocket gaming is the answer. The iPad is better, say, at a café, perhaps. Or while skiing. If you're insane.

    Two large companies that employ the sort of IAPs that tighten the sphincter would be Glu and Gameloft. In fact, their application portfolios are similar enough that they should just absorb each other and call themselves Glumeloft. Then later transition to Glutton. Because they bloody well are.

    The main difference between the two companies is that Glu, at least, supports iCloud for most of their newer freemium titles. Gameloft, on the other hand, either expects you to do it the manual way, or pay in blood through the scrotum.

    To this day, I think iCloud will at least solve part of the conundrum that arises from playing games with IAPs. I still think play-to-win is a sublimely idiotic concept, but regardless of whether IAP is implemented correctly or otherwise, I feel that iCloud saves should mitigate the pain of spending on currency, upgrades and powerups, making the consumer's purchases more financially sensible to a considerable degree.

  • sweetdiss

    Even though I've never been that into Angry Birds, I'm psyched to see any game company take cloud syncing seriously. I hope this forces Apple to improve iCloud, because when it DOES work it feels like the future.