Here's another Video Game Release Update: Mode 7 has revealed that Frozen Synapse is set to hit iPad this coming May 16. No price has been set, though Mode 7 is saying in a chat with Eurogamer that it'll be "competitive," whatever that means. An Android version will launch shortly after Synapse makes it to the App Store first.

Probably best described as a "turn-based tactics" game, Frozen Synapse has you assigning a squad of soldiers orders in an effort that basically boils down blasting everything in your path. This video from last summer should give you a solid heads up on what to expect:

The PC and Mac versions of Synapse have been received well, so I'm psyched to give my build of the game a go in the near future here. I'll get back to ya, though from all appearances it's also pretty good. Yay!

[via Eurogamer]

  • Tim Cant

    This is going kick everyone's monkey asses, I can't wait

  • Bool Zero

    About time! I was wondering when this was going to come and was about to give up hope! Now to hunker down for the final wait...

  • MidianGTX

    I always loved the idea behind the game, but felt it was a little cumbersome in practice on the PC. I wonder if it's been simplified at all for iOS?

    • subshell001

      what do you wish was simplified? the UI has been optimized for touch, but the game itself is a total port of the pc/mac version. the gameplay and what you do is not simplified at all.

      • MidianGTX

        To be honest, it's ages since I played and I barely remember it. I think it might have been the UI. All of the timeline-style set up for each maneuver confused me a bit. I think the reason I actually stopped playing was because I heard of an iPad version being a possibility, so I figured I'd rather learn on touchscreen. I'm ready to give it more of a chance this time around.

  • famousringo

    Finally a release date. It's been in development for so long, I'm sure it's perfect by now. 😉

  • Maniacfive

    Whatever price they ask, I will pay.

    • Morgan01

      Gameplay video missing

  • hopy

    it is one of my favorite games, I usually play it with my friends

  • Y8

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  • Y8

    what is the most important point to make the Frozen Synapse become the heading to ipad? good image? may be the funny activities which make players excited ith the game.

  • ryditya909

    very exciting

  • Minecraft Jugar